Roommates Round 1 / Kurdis and Nyasuu vs. Itami and Miranda Munroe

Roommates Round 1 — Kurdis and Nyasuu vs. Itami and Miranda Munroe

by snager and Julz

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Crit level: In-depth critique preferred
Julz: sorry we did Miranda so dirty, it was funny

by Rikun and Cab

This comic has been rated suitable for teens and up by its creator(s)

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Crit level: No critique desired, comments encouraged
Script Written by Cab and Rikun; Thumbs and lettering by Rikun and Inks by Cab

Critiques & Comments
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# 11   Posted: Jun 4 2022, 07:02 PM
I’m disappointed I missed the voting on this one, but man, Snager and Julz, that shit was hilarious. I want to see where both sets of characters go from here, and that’s about the highest praise a comic can get. And don’t feel bad for Miranda, she was my favorite part. This comic has no weaknesses that matter.

Rikun and Cab, you had a solid entry, but it felt contrived where your opponents managed to make every character feel like a real person with distinct personalities and motivations.

Good fight

# 10   Posted: Jun 4 2022, 03:15 PM
Trying to track down everything I missed commenting on.
Snager and Julz you two work really well together. I love seeing a continuation of the situation we were teased with back in speed date.

Rikun and Cab. All that vc teasing of these two as roommates finally happen. Really hope to see more roommate shenanigans in comics later on!

# 9   Posted: May 31 2022, 10:36 PM
Very sweet panels, the change between traditional and digital in the explanation bit was really nice! That Miranda tho Godamn

This might be weird to say, but those thumbnails look really good- loved them! I feel for Itami, hope Miranda behaves from now on. Fun angles and nice backgrounds!

# 8   Posted: May 28 2022, 03:11 PM
snager/julz i love the motion in your lines and how it pulls the eye across the page- the dialogue sounds natural and the colors are lovely- the setup for a baby on the way is an exciting roommate backstory and gets me excited for more rounds! i love the little details thruout of course like nyasuu in her little nightcap sleepin under some cardboard-- this is super good!

rikun/cab the broken bra joke is funny, that's bad roommate behavior. P4 could have been spread into two pages maybe but that's a small complaint, nice work! i love seeing these cab inks always

# 7   Posted: May 24 2022, 09:17 AM
:pensive: idk who set it to in-depth preferred, i want ALL the flippant comments :pensive:

# 6   Posted: May 24 2022, 06:55 AM
Snager and Julz: In-depth critique? How evil and cruel. I'm the worst critic precisely because I save most of my acerbic criticisms for myself only, so I defang everything I write for other people in a semi-formal environment into a wet fart. So please forgive me for the inevitable fuckups and oversights.

So the tone is goofy and whacky from start to finish and it is consistent and neat. Albeit I think that the story could have benefited from having a character that was sensible by the standards of the madness taking place in the comic, as even Itami was kind of nuts in an energetic way. The mixture of traditional and digital media for the mind worm pages was another of the comics strengths and it complimented the comedic insanity of this... Insane Comic about Immaculate Conception......

Super cerebral critiques of stories are very difficult, please forgive me and yet I hope my little and biased observations were still helpful to a point.

Cab and Rikun: This was more restrained but also had its own kind of comedy madness, it also touched on how annoying and fucking disgusting some roommates can be with all the stunts Miranda pulled and her oblivious sense of entitlement and gross quirks. Also touching upon the more ignoble side of recreational drug users for comedy. I liked the dynamics shown here.

# 5   Posted: May 24 2022, 06:34 AM
To Julz and Snager: this comic was funny and colorful! Nice work you guys! Can wait to see more of y’all’s baby’s! ☺️

To cab Rikun: I loved how this turned out!! How Itami let her stay at the end, very cute!! I noticed it said part one as well! 👀 and very nice kurdis chaps!

# 4   Posted: May 24 2022, 05:24 AM
Rikun/ Cab- I really liked yours!! Its was very well written, all the characters felt so organic and alive, I love every interaction! Good end, loved the finality of the door click at the end! Great work!!

# 3   Posted: May 23 2022, 09:33 AM
this is the best
shout out to Snager being a sponge at learning coloring and digital art, fantastic match up, couldn't be happier
Quote from: Julz
compliment i've ever gotten. shout out to julz for gasing me up at every opportunity

# 2   Posted: May 20 2022, 06:19 AM
I dedicate this battle to snoop dogg, scooty my cat, and um.. shout out to Snager being a sponge at learning coloring and digital art, fantastic match up, couldn't be happier

# 1   Posted: May 17 2022, 10:31 AM
this battle was brought to you by all the 'retrowave' streams on YouTube
and this very balanced and well thought through playlist
i asked pictomom for songs and among them she sent me a video called '10 hour chicken sounds'

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