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by ItizJR

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Lots of experimentation with this one. My first time using watercolors for a project really. Also tried to push myself with my panels. Lots of new ways to work were discovered during this one which will hopefully help push the quality ahead in future comics. Hope you enjoy!

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# 9   Posted: Apr 16 2024, 02:19 PM
whole thing is very Very Cool, love the main character design.

# 8   Posted: Apr 5 2024, 09:04 PM
Meant to post a bit ago. These water colors are fuggin wonderful!!!

# 7   Posted: Mar 28 2024, 08:41 AM
Thanks for all the kind words everybody!

Petrichor: I really took a while with that first establishing shot! And yes, first time with the watercolors. I'm experimenting with a lot of stuff right now as I'm really into mixed media. But haven't got actual experience with the medias. So stay tuned haha. Glad you liked that close up on page 10. I really wanted that page to be the star of this comic. Really pleased with how it turned out!

Flytee: Energy and soul is what I'm going for so it's great that it's coming across. I'm looking to go even wilder with the visual choices in the future. Hopefully it still works then!

Juxta: Page 10 is awesome, right?! And see more you shall!

Bobert: Oh just you wait. Epic beatdowns are coming soon.

Snowy: I agree with the SFX, they looked good on the page, but when shrunk down to publish online you can't really see them that well. I'll have to learn how to make them pop more for sure. I really wanted to do the effect with the signs, but since it was my first time with watercolors, I wasn't really sure how hah. Oh well, maybe I should have just done that digitally...Future experiments! I actually did try a new lettering technique and have been practicing my lettering a lot after your comment on my last comic. It's like I'm back doing those writing exercises in 2nd grade XD

Gregly: Happy you think the watercolors go well with the energy. I was hoping the watercolors would fit well even with my inexperienced hands. And glad you like the whole flower shop direction I'm heading in.

Already know where I'm going next which I think will give a new badass direction to Theakon. So hopefully you'll all enjoy it!

# 6   Posted: Mar 27 2024, 04:39 PM
This is beautiful, the detail on the first page is amazing and the watercolors work well with the energy of your comic. I cant wait to read more of Theakon's adventures, i like the idea of him working in a flower shop, i think that's a great fit for him. His full page intimidating look on page ten is pretty intense and scary-- i like this guy! hope to see more soon

# 5   Posted: Mar 27 2024, 03:31 PM
Really nice work on this! I think it might help to either make the colors of the signs and sfx more saturated or thicken the outlines of them, the 'snif's at the beginning were a little hard for me to read. The different angles and clever panel layouts were really nice though, and the watercolors looked great! The text bubbles were a lot easier to read in this comic too, I'm glad you found a way to give them some breathing room!

# 4   Posted: Mar 26 2024, 09:56 PM
I am looking forward to more of Theakons battle romance story and for him to beat up some thugs!

# 3   Posted: Mar 24 2024, 07:29 PM
I'm blown away by the watercolor work! It's hard to believe that this is your first time with them; your handling of the medium is GREAT. Your art style is so fun and expressive. Page 10, in particular, is SUCH a standout. Not only an awesome shot but also a testament to your incredible sense of visual comedy. Keep going, I wanna see more!

Community Manager
# 2   Posted: Mar 24 2024, 09:32 AM
I loved this, your style has so much energy and soul. Great gestures, designs, and facial expressions. Lots of interesting angles and visual choices, this was a treat to read. Welcome back!

# 1   Posted: Mar 21 2024, 03:36 PM
Great job with this one ItizJR! That establishing shot on the first page looks so SICK!!
I like how you focus on some elements of the scene/ body language, instead of drawing the characters statically talking in front of one another. It keeps the story interesting while focusing on what really matters.
Oh and I can't believe this is the first time you have experimented with watercolor dude, they complement the lineart so well, and the way you shaded and gave it a hard light kind of lighting is honestly spot on, especially on that page with Theakon's closeup. That looked pro!
I'm really interested in where this is going.
Looking forward to reading more of your comics!

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