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Rantu by RanZombie
 Title: Wackiest Racer Duo
 Gender: Zombie Bro
 Height: 5'11
 Created: October 1st, 2020
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Short Intro:

Rantu only remembers waking up, surrounded by fellow undead, not knowing who he was or how he even died. In time, he chose never to go looking for those answers. Instead he seeks to make the most out of his undeath. Whether by helping others or challenging fearsome foes, he seeks nothing more than to experience everything this new life has to offer.

In Depth:

Rantus can be best described as careless but well meaning, as he tries to interact with others without really knowing how to approach them. This in turn might make up for disastrous first impressions, or surprisingly great encounters. All as he tries his best to find common ground. Evidently, he has a much easier time connecting with fellow undead, whos struggle he understands.

Unsure of how he came to be, Rantu makes the best use possible out of his zombie state. He enjoys endless stamina without needing to eat, drink or sleep. However, he still occasionally does so as there is some pleasure to derive from said activities. He doesn't grow old or decay either, perpetually stuck in the state in which he died. This however, means he can't naturally regenerate back damaged tissue. Fortunately, the fellow undead with which he rose taught him various skills. Among them, being able to treat his own wounds and even how to create medicinal salves that help with the mending of tissue. Nevertheless, there's a limit to what can be healed with these methods before specialized help is required.

Rantu has a somewhat varied set of skills which he mainly uses to get around life while keeping it interesting. Talking a lot of shit is definitely up there, but he's also a capable fighter, for when his previous perk inevitably lands him in trouble. His fighting style can best be described as chaotic dance between guitar swings, punches, and kicks, all the while making use of anything in the environment that can give him an edge over his opponent. Not very elegant, but certainly very unpredictable. Aside from also being able to patch himself up on the go, and being a more than capable guitar and bass player, he's also quite skilled driving his junk motorcycle. Ironically enough, he crashes it often as he's always way too eager to push it over its limit.

Rantu doesn't carry much on him, as he would rather not have to worry about more than a couple of possessions. His two most precious ones being his reinforced bass guitar and junk motorcycle, the former also being his weapon of choice. Reinforced with some dull steel plates, and inscribed with magic runes, its proven to be sturdy enough to endure the punishment it dishes out. (The runes are only visible when sustaining a huge amount of force). Additionally, he carries basic first aid supplies needed to patch himself up at a moments notice.

-Angra - No Pain for the Dead: As an undead, he hardly feels any form of pain or thermal sensation. This in turns makes him highly resilient to any and all kinds of damage. Nevertheless, that doesn't prevent the body from failing if the sustained damage is too gruesome. Making sure he doesn't cross that threshold is something he still hasn't mastered.
-Superior - Not With Me: While every undead had their own means of defying death, it seems that it was through sheer force of will that Rantu refused to die. That spiritual defiance is core to his very being and helps against any type of attack that tries to force control over him. Be it a magical spell or mind manipulation, wrestling with his soul will prove difficult, and probably not worth the effort.
-Evergrey - A Touch of Blessing: Unbeknownst to him, Rantu was gifted in undeath with the ability to see spirits, both of the living and dead. Spirits of the dead will seem to have their own shape and form, while the souls of the living will be perceived as auras surrounding the host. Subtle details in said auras can point to details like the strength of ones soul as well as its true nature. Whether he's is able to fully understand what he's seeing, is a whole other deal.
-Scar Symmetry - Ghost Prototype I: Along with being able to see the spirits of others, Rantu also gained the ability to channel his soul into his touch. Allowing him to physically interact with spirits. This can also be used offensively, attacking at ones soul directly. However, he currently only knows how to channel into his right hand. But could potentially apply it to every part of his body.
-Scar Symmetry - Ghost Prototype II: While interacting with spirits, he's able to allow willing souls to merge with him in order to amplify his own abilities and strengths. Alternatively, he can serve as a catalyst for spirits to momentarily have the strength needed to interact with the world of the living. This exercise demands that both parties are in agreement, as any wavering intentions will trigger a separation.

-Playing his bass guitar
-Riding his scrapped motorcycle (ref image soon)
-Conversing with spirits (they tend to have really good stories)
-Jumping into fights
-All genres of punk/rock/metal music
-Getting paid after a job well done
-Talking shit

-Beings with a God complex
-Disrespecting the Dead

Extra Details:
-He has terrible aim with a gun.
-He's self conscious about his missing nose.
-He knows Spanish but uses it almost exclusively to curse.
-Most animals tend to be hostile towards him for no reason.

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