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Dairyu by Snowy
 Title: Forked Lightning, Best New Look 2022
 Gender: Femalesque
 Height: 5'5" - varies
 Created: July 11th, 2019
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A creation kami of air who has abandoned their title and has taken on a human form. They currently teach swordsmanship and self-defensive martial arts in the Misty Oasis of the Void Lands and takes on "odd jobs" when requested.

-While I will personally be making comics while she is impregnated, feel free to either make comics before or after this event.
-Please do not give Yamato a human form if you are drawing him as a baby/infant.



Introverted and impulsive, she relies more on her instincts than long, thought out tactics. While she can seem cold and distant to people who aren't familiar with her, she's friendly and protective of people she knows. Decisive yet fickle, if she's not fond of someone, her opinion will change as quickly and drastically as the winds do but will rarely change once she's decided that she likes someone. She will often shower the people she cares for with gifts of food, or trinkets that she finds that reminds her of them.

She has hang-ups on her past of not being able to help the ones closest to her and can get caught up in her own head, and betrayal of her friends cuts deeply for her. Anger is the key to manipulating her - She has difficulty controlling her rage, especially when her loved ones are used against her, and will find a twisted joy in enacting vengeance against the ones who do attempt such tactics.



Physical prowess: She is skilled with various curved blades of different sizes, though she specializes in assassination techniques and Iaijutsu. Stronger than she looks, but only because she can lift heavy objects with the assistance of wind. She is physically weak otherwise. Her reaction time and agility are extraordinary in comparison, with air itself warning her of danger.

Immortality & Regen: Death is not permanent! While her physical body can die, it will reform quickly after destruction due to the ichor blood running through her body, which will stitch together missing limbs and lacerations. Enough damage to her physical body will result in disintegration of her body, reformation of a physical form can take anywhere from days to years, depending on the method used to destroy her.

Sovereign of air: Changing the atmosphere's composition, creating supercells of tornadoes and lightning (or other weather-based disasters), or causing poisonous gases to fill the area are simple, and even simpler matters for her god form. She has intricate knowledge over her domain, and it will do anything to follow her wishes. *Note: The laws of nature do not apply to her use of air! You can get as creative as you'd like with her use of the element.

Airborne immunity: Immunity to any form of magic involving air/wind. Air-borne toxins and pollutants are immediately purified within her vicinity. This also means she's unable to smell anything other than the purified air (she can still taste just fine)!



Binding/sealing magic: As long as the spell is powerful enough, binding can impede her abilities greatly, especially when used in conjunction with the seal she's used upon herself to bind her to her human body. This isn't a true solution however, as she will eventually tear apart any magic used on her.

Self-sacrificing: At her base instincts, she is still a protector of humans/humanoids, and will do everything in her power to protect the ones she's allied with. This includes letting her physical body die or going through extensive torture and pain to prevent harm from coming to them.



- Rae and Blue are her closest friends in Void City. Other allies include Nagore (student), Rantu (tenuous friend), and Croi (business partner).
- She is in a relationship with Rickter. Her personality toward him is much more light-hearted and playful than with strangers or acquaintances.
- She uses specific language, and flat out refuses to use certain vulgarities, please ask if you need clarification!
- The golden ichor running through her body is highly toxic and acidic if touched or consumed. Vampires and flesh eaters beware!

Playlist of music that represents either her personality or is symbolic of her in some way can be found here!

Updated canon list can be found here NOTE: If a comic isn't in this playlist, then I do not consider it canon to her story. Please read the notes within the playlist for any additional canon discrepancies.

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