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Dairyu | Characters

Dairyu by SnowyMoth
 Gender: None, Femalesque
 Height: 5'8"
 Created: July 11th, 2019
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"A mane full of clouds and eyes made of molten gold, the skies ever hunger for more."

A forgotten creation kami who has abandoned her title.

--Basic Info--

Species - Creation kami of air, currently using a human form.
Age - Appears mid-20's
Weight - Light
Occupation - Blademaster. Trains students in the arts of self-defense (and not so self-defense). Takes on “odd jobs” when requested.

God stats
Nature - Air
Alignment - War ; "Evil"
Belief - 0


Overall grumpy demeanor, though she can be quite amiable. Has a tendency toward reckless destructive behavior when angered or irritated. Can be a bit condescending and haughty to strangers, while a bit possessive and defensive of people that she knows. Charismatic when she tries to be. Always hungry. She'll do most anything for free food.


+Blade mastery - Highly skilled in using various blades, and can dual-wield shorter blades. She tends to use her weapons in misleading arcs and spins, or otherwise flowing forms to catch enemies off guard. Abandons defense for offense.
+Light-footed - Being a creature of air, she is exceptionally silent when moving around, and landing from higher distances is less strenuous.


+Air immunity - Magic based from air does no damage to Dairyu. Toxins that transmit through the air are immediately purified within her vicinity.
+Danger sense - Through air displacement, she is able to sense incoming attacks. While she can't avoid all attacks, this greatly increases her reaction time.
+Weapon summoning - Dairyu can summon swords within a 20 ft. radius. This is attributed to as forming a physical manifestation of her fangs when in human form. Can only summon 2 currently.
+Immortality - While her human form can die, it will reform shortly after “death” generally without scarring or wounds. Does not age.


- Due to her immortality, she's reckless when attacking, which leads to her not using defensive techniques.
- Being considered a war God has alligned her to "evil," holy weapons or weapons imbued with "good" are potent against her and can cause scarring, or permanent death of her current human form.
- Body parts take a while to reform.
- Due to the seal constantly draining her powers, she tires quickly. Extended battles leave more and more openings and will exhaust her.
- Joking with an utterly straight face. May not actually be joking?
- Tsundere-type, in a sadistic way. The more she likes someone, the more mean she tends to be.


+All of her teeth are sharp, like a shark.
+She doesn't bleed normally. Instead, she has golden ichor that evaporates shortly after being exposed to air. This ichor is what mends her wounds, the more she's damaged, the harder it is to "stitch" her body together. Too much damage and her body will distintegrate
+The closer to her godhood* she is, the more her eyes glow gold.
+She can consume however much food that she wants, both her kami and human forms have a void in lieu of innards. This makes her highly susceptible to bribes of food.

*Godhood relates directly to how attacks affect a physical body of a deity, and how effective the ichor in their body is. The more godhood one has attained, the more damage is absorbed, decreasing the total amount of godhood. It is increased by belief of others in the deity, and how true to their alignment they have been.

Battles / Story so far

+ David Birch
- Rae & Blue : Scar match. Taking an assassination job that didn't feel right to her, Dairyu gains a back scar after Blue attempted to possess her to protect Rae.

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