Dairyu | Characters

Dairyu | Characters

Dairyu by SnowyMoth
 Gender: Femalesque
 Height: 5'8 - varies
 Created: July 11th, 2019
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"A mane full of clouds and eyes made of molten gold, the skies ever hunger for more."

A creation kami of air who has abandoned their title, and has taken a human form. Loves food. They currently teach swordsmanship and self-defensive martial arts in Void City, and takes on "odd jobs" when requested.


Introverted and impulsive, relying more on her instincts than long, thought out tactics. Friendly and protective of people she knows, but dismissive of people she doesn't know or care about. It can be difficult to tell if she likes someone or not, but will usually shower the people she cares for with gifts of food.

She has hangups on her past of not being able to help the ones closest to her, and can get caught up in her own head.


+Skilled with swords of various shapes and sizes. She specializes in assassination techniques and iaijutsu.
+Immunity to any form of magic involving air/wind. Air-borne toxins and pollution are immediately purified within her vicinity.
+Immortal. While her physical body can die, it will reform gradually after destruction due to the ichor blood running through her body. This ichor also gives her extensive regeneration of her body.


-The majority of her true abilities have been sealed by her own volition.
-Due to her impulsive nature, she can be reckless when attacking, leaving herself open to attacks. She also fatigues easily due to the human form she uses.
-Binding magic is a weakness in any of her forms. It is especially powerful when used in conjunction with her own seal.


+The ichor running through her body is highly toxic and acidic if touched or consumed. However, it evaporates almost immediately when exposed to the air.
+Rae has become quite close to her, Dairyu considers her a dear friend. (https://entervoid.com/character/2657)

・Notes for drawing・

+Her teeth are all sharpened, like a shark's.
+The skin around the scar on her back is brittle, almost like porcelain.
+Her kami form can be any size, large or small - her most familiar length being 300 feet.


Updated canon list will be here: https://entervoid.com/index.php?action=playlists;id=277

If a comic isn't in this playlist, then I do not consider it canon to her story.

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