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JaJa | Characters

JaJa by Footini
 Gender: female
 Height: 6ft 2in
 Created: May 20th, 2019
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In her time since arriving in Void City Jamilia has gained an eclectic reputation. Depending on who you ask she's either a hero of the people, a thief for hire, a humanoid disaster, or someone just trying to get by. Whatever role she fills on any given day, she approaches any situation with a focused and cool attitude.
JaJa often comes off as excitable and humorous to others. She's high energy and tries to keep an upbeat tone to interactions; for some she comes off as a bit "intense." Despite her "party girl" persona she's extremely empathetic to others and will aim to lift the spirits of those around her. She's highly intelligent, capable of thinking fast and improvising creative solutions to overcoming any challenge.

JaJa is a meta with the ability to manipulate,store, and control kinetic energy in her body through contact
She's able to release energy in order to deliver incredibly powerful strikes as well as move objects with speed and precision. She can even give herself limited flight capabilities.
With a touch she can absorb the kinetic energy from an object to stop it in its tracks instantly or alter its direction.
She's able to build up energy through regular movement or by sustaining damage. The harder she gets hit the harder she hits back. JaJa's clothing is fitted with limiters that help with regulate all the energy moving in and out of her body, without it she runs the risk of injury if to much energy is stored or released at once.
At max capacity JaJa has enough power to punch with the force of a meteor.

The story so far....
Invitationals: JaJa took a few low paying jobs as bodyguard and fists for hire to find her footing in the city.

Vs Bowen: Teaming up with the Animancer, Saal Darkmalice, she participated in an interdimensional prison break to rescue Bowen.

Going through to "HeavyWeight 2019" JaJa underwent secret missions in another world at the request of Saal. In Void City, proper she ran across the elf,Iain Mctavish, at the winter festival

Vs Kujo: She was arrested and put in Dog Jail after the demon dog manipulated the crowd into thinking she had punched an innocent dog.

During Arma 2020: JaJa easily broke out of Dog Jail and spent the duration of the Hellraiser event battling demons and criminals all the while having a quick team up with her new pals Gwen and Regi.

vs. Somadis: JaJa battled her favorite kaiju bad guy from the Johnny Cool show from when she was a kid and punched Somadis into the moon, breaking it to pieces.

Currently JaJa has her eyes on joining the new Super Vcup

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