The Super V-Cup 2021

The Super V-Cup 2021

The Super V-Cup 2021

by Cab

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This wasn't fully what I had planned, but I am happy with it none the less, frankly I am glad I am able to finish it with as much as I did as my IRL has been a bit chaotic lately, I like to thank all the talented artists who made this event possible, Thank you.

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I g0t really sick and couldn't finish. theres at least 8 pages missing from round 2 and 3

by Footini

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Not even a category 4 hurricane could keep me from finishing this comic!
Though granted some of it got rushed to beat the blackouts I was still able to pretty much get the comic finished in time.
Still this was a fun event cab and plat put on and I got to battle a bunch of my friends and favorite artists during it.
tags: bob & gus, Dan, jaja, kaisho ponbiki, la estrellita demonica, sovereign greece, sugar daddy, super vcup 2021, the hurricane cut, Virtua, werewolves are just gateway furries, woof spirit inside, wrasslin

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by Heathen

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I will be submitting a finished beyond battle to make up for this.

Critiques & Comments
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# 18   Posted: Sep 22 2021, 08:33 PM
oh I almost forgot to comments!

Cab: Yours was the exact amount of pages I knew it was going to be. I liked Millie.

Shen: yours had great drama

footini: i liked the way you gave Greece just one page of drama and it was still enough to hook me, GIVEN i knew what comic he was flashing back to.

fluff: I liked where yours was going with the kidnapped SO rout

ponbiki: i liked your drawings and the cartoonish humor. I am new to the character so this was a nice introduction . i think you deserved the win

all yall: I feel like i could mix all these stories together and boil them down into some similar themes:
- greece's willingness to hit a child
- ponbiki and virtua's inherent chemistry, which was strange because i was in the wrestle discord and never saw this romance bloom there? hive mind next level?
- blowing up the moon to stop greece's werewolfism (lycanthropy )

and: I have mentioned this in the discord, but i'd like to advertise: I took Heathen's rejected art-of book and tried to par some of it down into a story. I've been told to only put it on the forums when its done. but yeah.

this whole event was fun and i think it fostered a lot of healthy community interaction in ways we don't get to see often. hope we have another v cup next year, so i can reuse the jokes i only sent to people in private.

# 17   Posted: Sep 22 2021, 02:14 PM
Spoiler: Cab • show
As always, your speed is impressive! I know your life has been busier as of late, so extra kudos for that. I will say however, your lack of line width variation has made for some very crowded and confusing panels in this comic. It becomes especially confusing when you're drawing characters in complicated wrestling poses. The middle of page 6 is an excellent example of that. Something I really respect about this comic is how you included so many characters who didn't make it into this battle royale. It was fun to see them even if they weren't in the main event. That said, in a comic with so many characters already, taking the time to focus on Milly O'Nare and other side characters must have made it even harder to give each of your opponents enough love and attention. Honestly, my overall impression of your comic is that more attention was given to side characters (mainly the announcers) than the fighters themselves. It kind of works because the commentary helps explain what's happening from shot to shot, but I would have rather seen more focus on the action itself, with dialogue reserved for wrestler banter. You could still have commentators, I just would have liked to see less of their text bubbles and more of the fight itself. I enjoyed the mysterious twist at the end. I feel a little let down that we didn't get to see what happened even just a little, but I get that you were intending it to be mysterious, so I'll just have to keep an eye out for what happens next!

Spoiler: Shen • show
As always, you deliver a spectacular story, based around interpersonal relationships and individual struggles. I love how you made this sort of a sequel to your collab with Skulls—Greece continuing to struggle with his past behavior that's keeping them apart, Xia still caring for him and wanting him to be okay. I love how you portrayed each character, how their fighting style reflected their personality and history, and all the relationships they formed together even in such a short time frame. Absolutely loved the Greece/JaJa stuff with Raven shipping it and Xia jealous of it. I'd say your anatomy seemed a bit inconsistent, but given the time frame and how much you did, I think you did great! Everything was clear and easy to follow, which is huge when everything is fighting. I can tell you really know your stuff here ;)

Spoiler: Fluff • show
I cackled at the end of page 1 XD. Already off to a great start. Ancelin demanding blood... so far the most in-character representation of her. It's a shame that you weren't able to finish this comic, because every page was absolute gold. Just incredibly entertaining with great character writing, hilarious gags and references, and very cute Dairyus. I approve. But also please get some rest I'm begging you 🙏

Spoiler: Footini • show
You delivered another fun, wacky comic. I absolutely love the colors you chose, it makes this feel like a major special event. And I think the way you did all the lights in the background was a top notch trick so that you could make everything feel cohesive without having to draw a bunch of crowd shots. There was just a lot of glitz and glam to this comic, which I'm so here for. My main criticism of this comic is just that I'm noticing a lot of inconsistency with how you draw these characters. It's most prominent in how big all of the characters are, which seems to change from panel to panel. It seems like some of that is for effect, which is super valid, but some of it just seems like you were rushing to draw everything and didn't bother paying attention to proportions. Obviously I'm a fan of your inclusion of Ancelin XD and I thought this undercover mission to capture Greece was a really fun idea. I love how you had Xia show up at the end to leave it ambiguous whether they succeeded or not. And I love how you used those old school characters to bring everything together with such a sweet message. As an old school VOIDer, that ending definitely hit home. It's cool to see people come and go on VOID, and see older VOIDers influence new generations of amazing artists. I loved that ending 😊

Spoiler: Ponbiki • show
As always, your inks are 😩👌 delicious. The gritty vibe and all the old school VOID references were super nostalgic for me. I love how you draw all of the characters; they all have such unique vibes to them the way you've stylized everything. The lighthearted nature of the comic with Ponbiki's upbeat attitude made it super fun to read. I like that you focused your energy on giving your opponents roles that fit an interesting story rather than trying to give all of them equal attention; it's really easy to lose sight of that. I didn't totally get what happened with Smile in the ring, but I got enough of it to just enjoy the overall story. I swear, action is just like your natural genre, because you rock those action lines, exaggerated poses, sound effects—everything that goes into a good fight scene. I'm inspired by the way you really focused your efforts on the most important things, letting unimportant details go by the wayside when they weren't needed. That's something I want to incorporate into my own work if I can. Just really well done all-around, I have no complaints! So glad you came back to join this!

# 16   Posted: Sep 22 2021, 01:57 PM
First off, nice work everyone! This was such a fun event!

Cab - You put out a ridiculous amount of pages out for this, I'm interested in how you continue Estrellita's story after this (if you plan to).  

Shen - I adored your comic, from Xia watching Greece on the TV despite her mixed feelings, to how much of a show Greece puts on (and the rest of thee wrestlers). It felt like it was a real wrestling match, with an intricate storyline taking place.

Fluff - I really want to see what else you had planned, I loved what you submitted! Your expressions are always so lively while staying in character and your lines are always nice to look at. It also just makes me wanna do more shenanigans with Rickter.

Footini  - I liked how ambitious you were with the angles and fight sequence, and how you continued from the prologue you had done for the V-Cup. Werewolf Jaja is also a neat twist, and builds up for her eventual place in Bark vs. Bite!

Ponbiki - This comment is wholly biased but I love how you draw Rickter, he's so handsome. On a less biased note, I love how smooth your action is and how exciting your comic was to read.

Darius Corry
# 15   Posted: Sep 22 2021, 06:56 AM
My wrestling heart is full. Thank you all for your work in this!

Now to work on my super green wrestler. .

# 14   Posted: Sep 22 2021, 02:52 AM
Shen - Ahh the writing here was great! I really liked that you showed Greece actually tiring and pacing himself. It can be easy to forget how physically demanding some Void events would be irl, so seeing him get whittled down made him feel that more human. In general I enjoyed his characterisation here, like when he said he didn't feel like being a villain anymore, and giving himself up? Holy shit, didn't see that coming, gonna be really interesting to see how he progresses from here. I'm also really glad you showed Xia's reactions throughout the whole thing, from the bristling at Greece's past exploits being mentioned to the shock of the big reveal, because she's basically the reason this is all happening.

PS What a sick way to avoid being thrown out the ring!

Fluff - Sorry you got sick, hope you're doing better now :( I really enjoyed the jokes in this, the zoom out to show Dairyu casually in the men's locker room was my personal fave!

Ponbiki - Ugh the inkwork in this is *chef's kiss*. I've had issues reading some of your comics in the past but I think you hit the sweet spot between heavy spot blacks and legibility here. Screentones combined with big heavy brush strokes made for a really pleasing aesthetic. The composition was great, I loved the dramatic shots of the ceiling This was also the most creative entry imo, the thumb war and Ponbiki punching Greece right out of his fur were fucking great. Congrats on the win, you definitely earned it!

# 13   Posted: Sep 21 2021, 07:39 PM
This was all so much fun to read. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to participate, but I'm also so glad that a good number of you let Milly in on the commentary. I'm honored by just that alone and I hope that next time I'll be able to throw down!

CAB: Yours gets points for showing off exactly how much of a mark you are. I loved all the mile-a-minute gags you threw in and you were able to throw in a pretty nifty twist at the end. I'm also flattered that you incorporated the titantrons I designed too. I know that circumstances meant you had to cut some content but it still felt like a complete read. I really want to see some future wrestle comics from you again, V-Cup or no V-Cup.

SHEN: You're clearly another wrestling fan and it shows, but what I like most about your comic is that we got to see a full character arc and new beginning for Greece. Consider me invested because now I want to see if Greece can make good on his promise and become a better man, (plus it gives me some story ideas as well.) The ship teases and character gags in the BG were also great!

FLUFF: I'm super sad that you weren't able to finish, but what you did have shows promise. The lines are clean, I like how you were able to at least get something from all the contestants in, and you seemed to have an interesting direction going with the twist prize. I'm curious to see how the rest would've looked and I hope to see them at some point.

FOOTINI: I gotta give props to you for turning all this in while you were literally getting bombarded by a hurricane. It's clear you went for wacky in yours and having the BB explain everything helped. Wolf-Jaja was an interesting direction and whether or not you actually do anything with that in the future will be fun to watch. You're really in the zone when you just let chaos break, and I hope to see more Jaja in the future.

PONBIKI: Never thought I'd see Toolio in this place ever again! This was a big nostalgia trip for me, and I rather liked how you kept everything looking like solid sharpie throughout the entire comic. Even with no context to any continuity, yours was fun to read and the switch between serious and ridiculousness is much appreciated.

To the other artists that came in I hope we get to see BBs of what could've been. I'm sure that you would've put up a good fight.

And overall it feels like everyone had a blast, which at the end of the day is all that really matters here. Let's hope we get more wrestling comics down the line and that we don't have to wait until another V-Cup to see some in ring action.

# 12   Posted: Sep 21 2021, 06:42 PM
These were so fantastic! I loved seeing all the hype art that was posted in the vcup server too. So much passion was put into this.
Hopefully I can get some of the unfinished pages polished up cause there was more to mine! I promise things happeend and oc's hit each other!

# 11   Posted: Sep 21 2021, 03:43 PM
Cab- thank you for including the intro songs where i meant to but couldnt lol! the video game fandom war in the audience signs was a nice touch too XD spectacular turnout considering the troubles you were having irl, great action but i do wish i could have SEEN Estrellita destroying everyone in the ring rather thn a blackout
Fluff- first of all, Dan ripping off his outfit to reveal the same outfit underneath is amazing A+++. You also draw an excellent Greece and it makes me happy! I know you got sick partway into this so I dont mind how incomplete it is, Im happy you were able to turn in anything at all. Simple but explosively colourful, love your art always!
Footini- WEREWOLF JAJA WEREWOLF JAJA!!!!! you treated all the characters with great respect, they all felt totally in character, from 'Bob' stealing his way in to Sugar daddy calling his daughter. I appreciate the respect you showed Greece, and how his last comic with Xia is affecting his mentality. The fight was excellent in showing the chaotic nature of a battle royale though i feel you could do a little better in use of action lines and hit sparks to show movement and impact. also: "The way you smell says otherwise" DONT MAKE ME START SHIPPING GREECE AND JAJA! XD Estrellita going fucking feral was amazing, exactly the sort of action i was hoping to see from Cab's story (sorry cab). Overall i think theres a bit more you can still do to improve your action and posing but your storytelling and characterization is like, PERFECT. great job!
BERTO: GOD, YOUR IIIIINKS HOWWWW????? Ponkibi is a fucking TREASURE i feel bad i did him so poorly in my comic but i LOVE him. His friendship with Dan and their silly game made me smile, I love to see their relationship commented on, even if its a tale older than most voiders around. The Sugar Daddy plot twist was cruel and shocking and i LOVED it, amazing work there. I love how you draw Greece, thank you for taking my boy seriously as a villain! You used the arena excellently, you could really feel the space allowed, from the ring to the audience. Its such an honor to face you! No crits, all praise!! (even tho you punched my man bald! XD)
'I think we can ALL agree the BEST thing to come out of this royale was the Virtua/Ponbiki ship.

# 10   Posted: Sep 21 2021, 09:56 AM
These were awesome!! Love all the choreography that went into them, and everyone did a great job making the fight MEAN something, like they weren't just kicking each other in the face for fun. Super impressed by all these entries!

Cab: Your little in-jokes and pop culture references are so rewarding to read. There were pages that looked like a bear to read, but by filling your dialogues with all these clever jokes, you made it very fun! It's like every sentence had a punchline, and I imagine that took a lot of research and work to pull off. The choreography was great, and the fights all felt continuous, meaty, and engaging. It actually felt longer than 25 pages because of all you packed in there, but I think in this case that's a very good thing.

Shen: The way you use spot blacks is so tasty! Greece's turn around was really good too, I wasn't expecting him to have an arc here. I think introducing this as a TV broadcast and having his ex tense up when he and his fans get cocky is so so good. Greece also deserves a good punch in the balls every now and then, and his reaction was utterly adorable. Fantastic work!

Fluff: Love what you started here, I hope we get to see more! I dig the opening choreography, and the way you played with depth on page 2 added to the chaos of the fight. Looking forward to seeing more wrestling stuff from you, this was great!

Footini: You made me love Sugar Daddy so much. He's such a sweetheart in your comic! You also set up Greece really well, like he  comes off conflicted while he's walking out, and then goes into full dickhead mode, just to get swatted down in the end. Love the clever use of color in the last section too!

Ponbiki: That opening shot left me breathless, and your composition shows so much passion for comic making! The way you made Kaisho so concerned for Sugar Daddy, and how clever and silly some of the fighting moves were, made me love this character.

Excellent work everyone! This was damn near impossible to vote on because y'all went superstar mode in this competition XD

# 9   Posted: Sep 20 2021, 10:57 AM
This goes for all of you guys, but wow. It is VERY CLEAR the lot of you have such a passion for this little tourney and the subject matter. Who knew wrestling was the key to a voiders heart? The content you all showed comic to comic was really stellar. Y’all should be proud of yourselves.

ANIMESHEN- This is like the mothership calling you home. What a way to make Greece shine! Everything from the wrestling moves to the posing show you are passionate about this subject matter. I especially dug your inclusion of the audience and TV viewers to not only further your plot (and that big finish announcement in the ring), but to show that this smackdown was so much bigger than the left and right hooks in the ring. It felt SO MUCH like Greece was fighting to an audience. To a whole city that was there to jeer or cheer him on. Way to world craft! You even afforded the announcers time enough to really have them enhance the action going on page to page. I admittedly only have a cursory knowledge of WWE based off the handful of smackdowns I’ve watched, but this really felt like an episode put to paper.
Also thank you for finally making Rickter hate kids and punch one, hfifids XDD

FLUFF- I dig the continuation of Rickter and Dairyu adventures bleeding into this big guy entering the ring. Also it was clear you had quite a bit planned- those chapter splash pages were really nice- especially dig the color. I think this is far and away some of your better inks yet- especially on that introductory Virtua page. I certainly hope you finish this.

FOOTINI- I honestly thought Shen took the cake when it came to who had the most passion for the game, but after reading your comic its clear you are coming in hot as a hungry challenger. The colors! The story! The down and dirty wrasslin! This was a romp from start to finish. Also freakin angry Chica has gotta be my ultimate fav XD the utilization of cameos in this comic was on point. I’d wondered who’d be the last man standing with Jaja in the final showdown and it just seems right to have it be Sovreign Greece. Jaja ACTUALLY turning into a werewolf? I didn’t see it coming and that twist utterly got me cheering. It made the final smackdown totally believable as it was a furry fight of equals. The last three pages really encapsulates how passionate you are about this community and the history and artists within it by affording each character their quiet post moment. I think that hit me harder than the math itself and was a pleasant surprise.

If there was one takeaway I’d hope you’d get from this is to really research your fav artists here and beyond for inspo on how to vary up your panel compositions. A good deal of your pages are straight on or side view shots. You’re wrestling! Get that angle from under someone’s thigh, or following the upside down flip of a thrown opponent. I think it’d really punch up your action

PONBIKI- What can be said that hasn’t already been said? You are a juggernaut among comickers. You know your strengths, you dance past your weaknesses and you aren’t afraid to get ugly. I especially dug the feature panel of Jaja’s punched out messed up face. ACTUAL wrasslin consequences- whoda thunkit? Your work stands in a class all its own and I freakin love to see it.

What a nostalgic throwback to a void vet like ponbiki BUT ALSO Toolio as announcer? SO GOOD. Despite having a mask on, Ponbiki never disappoints with their emoting and reactions. Also their commentary on the fighters left me chuckling. Utterly fantastic work

# 8   Posted: Sep 18 2021, 01:14 PM
I don't know where to start, these were really damn good! the quality overall was fantastic and the rounds were all fun and easy to follow. Wonderful job to everyone!
And for those who are gonna make a BB out of it, I'm looking forward to it!
thanks for the cameo!!

# 7   Posted: Sep 14 2021, 09:26 PM
btw my side has a prologue that came out like a month ago.
It helps put a few things into context for my round

# 6   Posted: Sep 14 2021, 07:56 AM
Two of the submissions failed to meet the requirements for a comic according to our rules and had to be force defaulted. According to the official rules at
2a. Entries must be 2 or more sequential images that tell a story. Single images are not acceptable. Images that are just text are not acceptable.

# 5   Posted: Sep 13 2021, 11:25 PM
uploaded. This isn't my best work and I know it; I'm sorry. I burnt out hard.

# 4   Posted: Aug 29 2021, 11:23 AM
Super pumped to see this!!

# 3   Posted: Aug 18 2021, 01:19 PM
if at least two stories aren't a bait and switch about this whole thing being a cover up for Greece's surprise birthday party, I'm going to go back in time and ruin the surprise for everyone, creating a fractured timeline in which actually none of the stories were about Greece's birthday

# 2   Posted: Aug 8 2021, 05:07 PM
I am very honored to massacre you all

# 1   Posted: Aug 8 2021, 03:35 PM
Let's get ready to RUUMMBLLLLLEEEE!!!

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