Kurdis | Characters

Kurdis | Characters

Kurdis by snager
 Gender: Glam Rock
 Height: 6'7 (200cm)
 Created: August 4th, 2020
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Space Rodeo Clown

-Pandora Station https://www.pandora.com/station/play/3328876873225155954
-Youtube feel list https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLimb6-dINrarQb6wfGAh5UwdmLfvnI0Vp
-Tumblr tag https://snagerdragon.tumblr.com/tagged/kdog

tl;dr version:
Kurdis is an immigrant from space seeking political asylum from a fascist space conquering dictatorship which forced him to weaponize his musical talents. Or maybe that’s just his stage persona and he’s actually good ol’ boy from Texas. He plays drums and rhythm piano.

He likes kids and wishes to be a math teacher or television host. Or a Texas Ranger. But he came to void to find work as a stunt coordinator: not everyone in Void City does all their own stunts.

1) Kurdis can become any version of himself from across the multiverse, but his human self and purple alien self are his two main avatars. Think of how Barbie can be Anything. He remembers everything from the alien life (and every version of that life) but the memories are like watching a VHS recording of old TV programing. He most identifies with being human, but he can switch back and forth as easily as changing a radio from AM to FM.

2) Any version of himself may have a unique ability or quirk that no other version has. Any version of him may look slightly off-model from the character sheet or look like any combination of human and alien.

3) The mind of every Kurdis is interconnected across the multiverse but they tend to ignore each other. He cannot physically travel to other dimensions, but with some planning, may be able to move similar objects across causality.

4) Alien Kurdis can turn up the volume on another person's abilities or turn them off. He needs to touch them to do this OR be performing music with them. (get it because the music touches you?)

Some fun AU ideas:
The one you can probably guess, Startrek, vampires, rick and morty, worm, blob, demon eater, cryptid, creepy pasta, musical, toons, mad max, barbarians, western

Special skills, knowledge and interests:
Ballet and modern dance, martial arts, marksmanship, astrophysics, theoretical physics, crisis de-escalation, stand up / comedy, analog media, music, anime, staying woke, switching over to an AU version of himself seamlessly

Special un-talents and lack of skill:
Romance, dressing himself, setting boundaries, remembering to go outside, remembering to eat, scheduling sleep, mitigating intrusive thoughts

Favorite things:
Cats and big cats, seals and sea lions and walruses, sacred geometry, the number four, the color purple, vampire novels and movies, the warrior women from 80s rock album art

Least favorite things:
DM for shitlist of dirtbags

Sometimes might smoke or drink. Sometimes might sleep with complete strangers.

Design stuff:
Only his hands and neck show his age, unless someone just said something that makes him Tired. Feel free to redesign the outfit/hair. But know this following:
- He has a pair of boots that, when you stomp them right, release a spring-loaded dagger from the toe
- He also has a pair of non-cowboy, steel-toed boots that he knick-named his ‘Curb Stomping Boots.’
- The studs on his gloves are attached to brass knuckles
- Special move where he puts the heel spike of his shoe through someone’s eye socket
- The 4 spikes on his shoulders aren’t razor sharp, but could peirce something if it were to land on one
- Coat is genuine leather lined with silk, because we heard silk can stop arrows. The bottom half is detachable because of reasons

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