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Ghost | Characters

Ghost by Shen
 Gender: M
 Height: 5'10
 Created: July 27th, 2018
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Theft, murder, smuggling, human trafficking, torture, body disposal- whatever dirty, sleazy, back-alley thing you need done, Ghost will do it and he won't even judge you. In the something-like 600 years he's been around, he's gone through periods of empathy and caring, but this is not one of those times. Right now he mostly just wants to be left quietly alone. Smug, self-interested and lazy, theres almost nothing he cares about right now, so doing the worst jobs presented to him have no effect on his conscious. He's a bit of a bastard.
Ghost is a vampire. He can walk in the sun, though it causes him discomfort and diminishes his abilities. He cannot look directly at the sunlight- to do so would cause his eyes to burn and may eventually blind him, hence the blindfold. He does not need to be invited into a home to enter it. He lives on a houseboat near the Old Docks and enjoys music and painting, particularly landscapes. His favorite subject is the ocean, and it causes him endless vexation that he cannot paint daytime scenes without photographic reference. Did I mention he can turn into a black rooster? Because he can. He CAN talk as a rooster. It's his only shapeshifting ability. His accent is muddled and inconsistent from years of travel, and his language is often peppered with out of date slang.
His vampire powers include increased senses, especially vision- he has nearly telescopic vision especially at night- and heightened strength and speed. These are diminished in the daytime. He is allergic to silver, and being staked through the heart would kill him- other wounds he can heal by consuming blood. He cannot eat or drink anything else. His sexual preference is "anyone with hot red blood".

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