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Theakon by ItizJR
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'8"
 Created: February 12th, 2024
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- Theakon is a monk from the Monastery of Zacrine in the Void Lands. He has been battling depression ever since he was a young boy who was constantly being bullied. The monks took him in when they noticed him standing in front of the temple yelling.

Theakon loves nature, it calms him down and soothes his soul a bit. But something is missing from his life. He's just not able to fill the void that he has in his heart. All of the teachings of the monks have not been able to lift this sensation from him. He seeks purpose.

- Sees the world in black and white to the point of being not mentally well.
- Doesn't believe there is a "grey area". He believes everything is either right or wrong, left or right, good or bad. If someone is being "iffy", he will make a judgement call on where he believes that person is leaning towards the most and make his decision based on that judgement.

- Naïve – Lacking worldly experience and understanding, simple and guileless; showing or characterized by a lack of sophistication and critical judgment.
- He's spent most of his time in the monastery. Not leaving it much to explore the world. So he doesn't have much experience about how technology or society works. He is very knowledgeable about how nature works. Although, only the nature around where he lived.

- Remorseless – merciless; pitiless; relentless.
- He believes that if you have chosen violence, that you are ready to face the consequences.

- Fear of being oneself
- He is very aware of the fact that he doesn't have much life experience. So he tries to hide this fact by pretending that he knows how everything works. When he clearly doesn't. Which makes for potentially funny situations.

- Perpetually depressed; perpetually depressing.
- He originally became a monk to get rid of his depressed state. And although it did help somewhat. He still has that feeling in the pit of his being. He feels empty and seeks to find out a way to bring an end to this feeling. Most people have a hard time socializing with him because he's so depressing all the time. It's also why he's got that constant sad brow. He's had the expression for so long that it just became his natural face.

- Sacrifice
- He sacrificed everything he had originally to become a monk in order for him to achieve his goal of relieving his depression. He believes sacrifice is needed in order to move forward in life. When you make a choice, you sacrifice the other possibilities.

- Independence
- He doesn't ask for help. He'd rather learn from making mistakes than asking for help. Following his idea that you need to move forward with the choices you make. Even if they are the wrong ones.

- Being the best
- He seeks knowledge in the fields where he excels. Currently, he's become limited in his growth of his martial arts abilities by staying in his monastery. Which is one of the reasons he's decided to venture out into the world in search of growth in his fighting abilities. He wants to be tested so he can learn and grow.

- Persuasiveness
- He values the ability to persuade someone to make a decision. So that they can move on in life.

- Efficient
- He does not waste movements in his fighting style or in most other areas in his life. He learns from his mistakes and likes to make the most with the least effort.

- Life Coaching
- As most people have a hard time making decisions in life, he likes to think that he's very qualified in helping people make decisions and move forward with them.

- Container Gardening
- A habit of his that help him relax. His home is full of beautiful containers of flowers and vegetables.

- Feed his mind with uplifting thoughts.
- He likes to keep a book with uplifting quotes in them to help try and cheer himself up.

- Leaders
- Leaders are the people that make decisions in life. Theakon likes that. He respects them because of this ability.

- Contradictory people
- He doesn't like the fact that they are inconsistent.

- High-spirited people
- They make him a bit jealous. He wishes he was high-spirited as well.

- He fights only using his hands.

- "Karate" Chop
- Palm strike

- Extra-ordinary upper body striking power and technique.
- Extremely good defense as he's mastered the sticky hands technique. So if he grabs you, you're going to have a hard time escaping his grip.
- Incredible grip strength.

- Doesn't move around a lot. Easy target to locate.
- His legs are weak. But good luck trying to get to them.


- He has 8 rings on each forearm made of Zacrine metal. A special metal that is only found at the site of the Zacrine Monastery. These rings are used for training purposes as they weight a significant amount. The monks of Zacrine Monastery train using them starting from a young age. Graduating to heavier rings as they progress in their journey. Theakon has progressed to a level where each ring on his forearm weights 100lbs. So he is wearing 800lbs of rings on each forearm as a means of conditioning (think Goku's weighted clothes in Dragon Ball Z).

When he has his ring on, they can be used as defense mechanisms but it does affect his speed significantly. If he takes them off, his speed increases, which in turn increase the force behind his attacks. Each Ring taken off, having a slight impact. He's never had to take all rings off in a battle yet though.

- He has a very chill way of speaking. Sort of what you'd think the stereotypical surfer would talk. "Rad", "Gnarley", "Far out!".

- He's never had to deal with women since he was a pre-pubescent child. So needless to say he turns into a total idiot when faced with a woman he finds attractive. He doesn't want to fight them if possible and will try anything to not have to do it. He also tries to act like a gentleman around them (or at least, what he remembers a gentleman should be like from his childhood teachings.)

- He doesn't initiate attacks. So he always waits for his opponents to make the first move. He was taught his skills as primarily a means of defending what you hold dear and not as an ego boost.

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