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Scrumpy | Characters

Scrumpy by Rah
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'3"
 Created: October 24th, 2012
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Age: 28

Hailing from England, Scrumpy is a scruffy punk with years of drinking and partying under his belt. Despite his rather haggard appearance, he almost perpetually in a good mood and probably one of the most hopelessly optimistic people you could hope to meet in VOID. It can get quite annoying sometimes, but he’s hard to stay mad at for long and can talk himself out of most situations, often attempting that before anything else. Impatient and impulsive in nature, Scrumpy rarely sits still and doesn’t usually have time for other people’s indecisiveness, preferring to jump straight into things with little planning or forethought. Overall, Scrumpy leads a pretty carefree and fun-filled existence. With a LOT of booze.

There’s just one slight hiccup – the huge mouth that has somehow found its way onto the back of his head. Don’t ask him how he got it – he can’t remember.

The mouth itself is actually a demon that, on the brink of death, found hope in the form of its new host-body, Scrumpy. It’s now bound to him and has no choice but to stay until it’s strong enough to return to its original form. In order to do this, it needs to feed on people; anyone will do, but the demon has a particular liking for those with more troubled and tormented souls. That’s where VOID comes in: Scrumpy will tell you he came to have a good time, but he also needed a place where he might fit in a little better, while the mouth just wants to get its strength back so it can get as far away from Scrumpy and his frivolous lifestyle as possible.

The two have a love-hate relationship; the mouth is bitter about its situation and acts like a dick to everyone but Scrumpy generally tends to treat it like a bit of a novelty and this, along with Scrumpy’s almost complete lack of interest in its cause and flagrant disregard for his own well-being, infuriates it to no end. They’re stuck with each other though, so the demon has no choice but to begrudgingly go along with whatever Scrumpy wants to do. This doesn’t stop it from loudly and rudely expressing its disagreement, however.

Although the demon was only strong enough to latch onto a small part of Scrumpy, when he’s drunk too much, or otherwise incapacitated, the demon can “possess” his whole body and go on a feeding frenzy until Scrumpy comes to. When this happens the demon is able to speak out Scrumpy's mouth and his strength and fighting ability is increased. Scrumpy tends to be pretty oblivious to this happening though and just thinks his hangovers are getting worse as he gets older.

The mouth, however, cannot take alcohol and will feel very sick if fed even a little.

Random Facts:
-Talks a bit like a pirate
-Likes: music, alcohol, his friends, smoking and sewing patches on everything. Plays accordion, piano, a bit of guitar and “sings”
-He makes a little cash busking but has yet to find a job (though he hasn’t really been looking) Somehow seems to be endlessly broke despite the whole TTT 2013 outcome and no one is quite sure why.

Good friends with Roy and Wizzie Belles.

Friends with Mammon after their unlikely match-up in the 2013 Tag Team Tournament.

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