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 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'10"
 Created: October 25th, 2022
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Once there was a legendary bowler who never missed a strike. He was so confident in his abilities that he hosted a world tournament do decide the king of bowling. While the match was fierce he came out victorious. He was only crowned for a few seconds when a sudden stumble cost him his head. Brought back to life by the mysterious Royal Bowling Ball he has a second chance at life so long as he manages to defeat his majesties' enemies.

Bo has the ability to dismantle anything that his bowling ball head comes into contact with. When the ball hits something just right it will split into ten pieces. The ball has to be rolled in order to work this way. This can be used on his own body as well.

Personality wise the king is very standoffish and will act indifferent to most people unless they're in the bowling scene. He's conniving and downright detestable at times and will do whatever it takes to cement himself as a winner.

The Royal Bowling ball that serves as Bo's head can communicate with him though he usually just talks about getting revenge/justice. The markings on the bowling ball are moveable and changeable.

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