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Rocío by PyrasTerran
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'3
 Created: October 22nd, 2018
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Rocío Sofîa Valencia
The fiery woman who battles the darkness around and within her

PERSONALITY: Rocío is passionate and assertive. She wears her emotions on her sleeves (cries when she is sad, fumes when she is angry) She has a very strong sense of justice, and strong opinions of what is fair/unfair and right/wrong. She is not afraid to let you know if you are doing something wrong. If you have been unfairly treated, there is no more loyal a friend who will fight for you, the kind of girl ready to jump in and defend you in an argument without hesitation.

HISTORY: Before studying and graduating from the Vanity Academy for Magical Girls and Boys, Rocío trained around the world from a young age as a battle cleric for the Light (the inherent capacity for good in all living beings and realms). She chose to stay and work in New Void City, the defacto hive of scum and villainy. After being kicked out of churches for her devil brand, she took a condo from Lady Vanity as her new home. Raven is her roommate. Rocío went missing during the events of Armageddon 2020 and was later found mysteriously on Titan Island.

SECRET HISTORY: Born in a satanic cult and raised to be one of Hell's earthly conduits for Antichrist babies, Rocio only knew kindness from the students and faculty at school she would attend to pretend to have a normal life, and the holy men the cult would capture and sacrifice. As she grew, she learned more about the outside world in secret. Before she could be used to conceive a new Antichrist, she exposed the cult to authorities and won her freedom. She sought out the holy warriors of the world to help others in need and fight against her cursed existence, even as the very use of holy magic causes her pain.

PHILOSOPHY: Rocío follows no specific religion or doctrine, following her own code of ethics based on the Light. This has at times put her at odds with other churches and religions, but the power of her divine magic is unquestioned. In order to protect others, Rocío will fight with every ounce of her being and will try to avoid killing all but the evilest of beings.

MAGIC: Rocío's powerful divine magic and magical girl henshin all require hard work and focus to maintain. Rocío must meditate every night before bed and reflect on the sins she has committed throughout the day to "cleanse" herself of darkness for the next day. The effectiveness of her holy abilities is thus based on her "karma" and focus. (Example: If she were to murder someone in cold blood it could end up locking away many divine abilities forever) Requiring focus is why she avoids drugs and alcohol (that and being a lightweight). Inebriation and intoxication cause her magic to go into flux until she is of sound mind and body once more.

HENSHIN: Rocío learned this special ability from Lady Vanity. The transformation ritual takes 10 seconds to complete, adorning Rocío with holy robes that heavily beef up her defenses and granting access to her most powerful spells, including summoning divine beasts of all shapes and sizes. While she's a force to be reckoned with in this state, its long setup and requisite of a witness to it makes it hard to activate in a pinch. In these instances, Rocio can flash-transform into a lesser form, about 30% as powerful as her full transformation with limited access to her spells. When the battle is concluded, Rocío can transform back in a flash of dissipating light feathers.

HAMMER OF BAHÁ'U'LLÁH: Rocío's signature weapon is a giant hammer linked to the universal fibers of karma. The more of a good person you are, the lighter the weapon is in your hands (Thanks to practice, Rocío can spin and swing it as quick as she can with a bo staff). Likewise, the hammer hurts less the better a person you are, and it practically harmlessly bounces off the pure of heart as well as animals (it doesn't bounce off tiny animals and insects but also doesn't injure them). Against evil, the hammer is just as heavy as it looks and gets heavier still the darker your heart is. Against most villains it's practically unliftable. Against inanimate objects and structures, the hammer hits with about 200 lbs of force, but it can be enhanced with holy magic.

SACHIEL: All dogs go to Heaven, and the best of boys and girls can choose to leave and serve new masters as celestial hounds (or reincarnate). Such is the case with Sachiel, who was summoned by battle clerics of the Light in hopes that he would adopt one of their warriors. Sachiel chose Rocío, and the two have been inseparable since. "Sachi" serves as Rocío's best friend in the worst of times and her moral compass when her own compass is lacking. He is invaluable in her work, distracting enemies in combat and using his feats of mobility to great utility. Sachiel is no stronger than the average dog, but he can teleport where he pleases and take colossal amounts of damage. To top it off, his dog kisses can act as a means of healing, blessing, or removing curses.

DEVIL BRAND: Rocio's devil brand came with her birth, and cannot be removed by any means. It taints her blood and body as infernal and eternally curses her as a conduit from which to conceive the children of devils, Antichrists. Because of this mark, Rocio cannot give birth to normal children. It causes her pain when she uses her holy magic, and the stronger the magic the more intense the pain. The mark causes acts of sin to give her a euphoric rush, tempting Rocio to go against the Light, and it allows her to pass through infernal zones and even Hell itself without injury.

CHACAL: Rocío is terrified of this demon who has appeared in Void City, known simply as "Chacal". Working as an enforcer for hire, Chacal also stalks Rocío's activities for unverified reasons. Chacal is a durable, dangerous, dirty fighter with an energy draining touch and hellfire tools/weapons that can be pulled from the holes on his body.

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