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Wendigo by kubo
 Title: Best New Character 2019
 Gender: N/A
 Height: 5'10
 Created: January 21st, 2019
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Docter Fowler began the Wendigo Project with one goal in mind; to produce the greatest fighter that New Void City has ever seen. Grown from the tissue and blood samples gathered from dozens of battle sites and installed with the data extracting from hundreds of hours of video footage, Wendigo is primed for violence. He is a bloodthirsty killer with a penchant for eating his victims. Wendigo is naive when it comes to human nature, however, having only been out in the world for a short time. He tends to see things at face value and doesn’t recognize most taboos. He is also impulsive and impatient, needing constant stimuli or else he becomes more irritable (if that’s even possible).

His heightened physical strength, durability, and stamina make him a powerhouse in a fight, but what makes Wendigo unique is his ability to produce homunculi. By ingesting a portion of a victim’s body, Wendigo can copy the abilities, sometimes even the memories and personality, of the victim and infuse it in a miniature version of them. It doesn’t have to be much, just a lick of blood or a nibble of flesh, and within seconds Wendigo is throwing up a new born homunculus. The larger the sample the stronger the resulting homunculus will be. A minor homunculus may have a weaker version of only one if its donor’s powers (a pyromancer may produce a fire resistant homunculus for example) while a major homunculus can have a complete copy of an ability, even two. A perfect homunculus is created when Wendigo kills and eat most or all of a victim. This version has all the memories of the victim along with all abilities they had in life. The Fowler homunculus is. Perfect example of this.

For Wendigo to use the powers of a homunculus he has to swallow it whole. Wendigo not only gains access to the homunculus’ abilities but any latent memories or personality quirks the donor passed on. He also takes on some of their physical attributes (skin and hair color, horns, etc.) he can ingest multiple homunculi but Wendigo doesn’t like to do that very often. The multiple personalities tend to mix in unexpected ways...

Since the fall of Void City, Wendigo has staked claim on the rubble now known as the Relic Ruins. With his horde of homunculi in toe, he has brought together beasts, demons, and mutants to take part in his fight club.

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