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Talon | Characters

Talon by Badger
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'6
 Created: August 12th, 2017
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Summary- A tired necromancer trying to lift his curse.

Talon is an apprentice necromancer. He was born with a curse that causes him to sap strength from other people through skin contact; direct contact can quickly cause fatigue or unconsciousness, but in most cases is fatal. He has a phobia of being touched and almost always wears gloves and long sleeves. He is also convinced that he can find a way to remove the curse through necromancy.

Personality: He's fairly introverted and needs a lot of space; he dislikes conflict and will generally avoid fighting. He often panics under pressure and is terrible at improvising, preferring to have everything planned out beforehand; although he is very disorganized and any notes will likely end up lost forever, though he does have very good memorization skills. He has an obsession with studying and practicing necromancy and can get very invested in his studies; he's almost always tired from staying up late. He also absolutely hates his real name and always goes by the nickname "Talon", since he wears a necklace with a talon on it.

Powers: He can summon and control the dead, able to quickly reanimate non-intelligent zombies or skeletons. Larger groups of undead can be exhausting to maintain. Full resurrections are difficult and highly dangerous; he is capable of performing them, but will often refuse unless extremely necessary.
However, he specializes in spirit-related work. He has a passive ability to see ghosts, though a ritual usually must be performed in order to communicate with them (or contain them).
In case of emergency, his curse will kill any living thing nearly instantly through skin contact. He will not use it unless his life is in danger.

Vs. Invyn and Jasper: Talon is now being mentored by Invyn in magic related studies.
Magic Mayhem: A reaction between Talon’s necromancy and Marie’s rune magic caused him to temporarily lose his powers. Also, he was arrested.
Ghosts: Talon attempts to restore his powers. It doesn't exactly go as planned.
Raise the Dead (vs. Lilyfeather): Talon's arms were clawed by a horde of zombies trying to drag him down into the river of death.
Community Necromancy: Talon starts working at the Void City Morgue for his probation after being arrested.
Graveyard Smash: Talon obtains a dead crow as a familiar. His name is Dante.

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