Ajay Godwin | Characters

Ajay Godwin | Characters

Ajay Godwin by Chia
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5\'10
 Created: September 30th, 2006
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During childhood her body was forcefully manipulated in a series of illegal experiments. Because of that she can see in the dark perfectly, is extremely nimble, fast, and stronger than any normal human with enhanced muscles, tendons and bones. The foreign substances in her body from long ago have become stable, however her blood is still full of poisons compared to normal people. Therefore she must take a certain remedy every so often to counteract the poisons. In close range combat Ajay uses a self taught fighting style and prefers attacks to be delivered by legs rather than arms. The fighting style coupled along with her long powerful legs and nimble body makes her incredibly lethal. In long range combat, she throws needles and uses whatever else she can find.
Ajay doesn\'t particularly like talking about her past, but can\'t seem to escape from it either. Her personality is usually quite cold and frank with sarcastic undertones to people she doesn\'t know. (Although her persona sways depending on the time of day. ) Generally she likes to observe and think before acting. However when she is on missions, she will usually put herself into a \"role\" and proceed to \"act\" it out. When she\'s in these roles, she often times gets carried away until someone snaps her out of it. Ajay isn\'t shy at all. If she wants something, she\'ll do whatever it takes to get it.
As the last mission from of her adoptive father Stone Godwin, Ajay come to Void City to focus on her fighting skills and become an established fighter In order to take down \"Doom.\" The man who could possibly her biological father and responsible for various other atrocities in her life.

End of Bio, read on if you\'re curious about her background, likes/dislikes and other associated character only.
Her current family consists of Irie (12), Joel (17) and Stone.(36)

Stone works in the intelligence gathering business where he has many enemies and often times runs into trouble. In an agreement with Ajay, he makes her work in the shadows doing anything from assassinations, bombings, kidnapping, torture and thievery. When Ajay is not present, he does it himself or has his men take care of it.

Her birth name is Saara Ovadia, but was given the name Ajay when she got adopted by Stone.

Instead of red blood, her blood is a dark maroon-ish color.

Poisons will have little to no effect on her. However, she is highly vulnerable to alcohol because she has no resistance to it. A few other substances also seem to be highly effective on her.

Her \"super\" strength puts a lot of strain on her heart, so she cannot continuously fight for long with it. In the event that she has a spasm, she\'ll take in powerful pain killers to numb the pain. At this point if she is still fighting, her alternate persona will take over. This persona desperately struggles to live by destroying everything.

The blade \"Crimson\" has an odd shape because it serves another purpose.

Because of the nature of her body if anyone dares to sleep with her, they\'ll die of poisoning. It\'s not an immediate effect, but it can take a few days to several weeks. Even her kisses and sweat are loaded with a sweet (weak) poison that have varying effects. She is highly conscious of this and is not likely to get very intimate with anyone.

More of her other info can be found here: http://entervoid.com/board/index.php?topic=7724.msg111782#msg111782

Check Artist profile for a summary of events thus far. XD

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