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Unknown thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'7
 Created: Prior to recording
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Weight: Unknown
Eye Colour: Grey blue
Hair Colour: Blond

Fighting Style/Attacks: Unknown carries a med kit with toys she will use with the utmost precision and efficiency. From her thorough background in the medical sciences she possesses similar knowledge to assassins on how to effectively kill a person, but will avoid doing so if possible. While having no special physical strength, Unknown has over the years learned to be quick to avoid conflict and run fast and far. If conflict is unavoidable, then she will exhaust her inventory (unless foe proves to be an overwhelming threat) before resorting to her special attacks. Her special attacks come from having absorbed the evils of humanity. To use them (with the exception of the revenge attack) she must expose any part of her body. Her special attacks are:

Pestilence Rain: The worst of all her abilities, the pestilence rain is a deadly black oily substance that comes off her body and descends down death upon everything in a variable area depending on how much is released. Unfortunately Unknown cannot always control the pestilence rain as it is a result from having absorbed beyond her capacity of others injury, sickness and death.
Virus Canon: The same substance from the pestilence rain can be shot from an exposed hand.
Death Wall: The substance can also be used to form walls for defense.
Revenge: Any and/or all injuries done to Unknown can be turned back upon the sender or saved for another recipient.
Absorb: As mentioned earlier, Unknown can absorb injuries, sickness and death to heal another. The problem with using absorb is that it will fill up Unknown's holding capacity and eventually result in a downpour of pestilence rain.

The nature of Unknown's abilities do not stem from the basis of an eye for an eye, but rather a variable yet exponential ratio that compounds upon itself. For example, for one person saved ten more people must die in that person's place. When Unknown reaches her maximum holding capacity of what she has absorbed it must be purged and that will always mean the deaths of many more people on her hands. After purging, Unknown's holding capacity is greatly increased meaning that while the time until the next purge maybe longer, the volume of substance to be released is much worse. It is for this reason that Unknown will avoid conflict when possible.

Items (as shown on char sheet):

1. Stethoscope - has the ability to show the thoughts and memories of the patient.

2. Extended Reflex Hammer - Used as a blunt weapon.

3. Projectile Circular Bone-saw - Worn concealed on the arm and can shoot metal discs like a discarmor or remain stationary as a close range cutting weapon.

4. Med-kit - Contains an assortment of medical supplies such as gauze, syringes, scapulae, etc...

History/Personality: Unknown's past is shrouded in mystery as anyone who might have known her during her younger years have long since died. She comes as quickly as she goes, befriending no one and not bothering to learn names of anyone she may encounter. According to her the knowledge of a person's name means forging a connection with them. Instead she will use round about ways of describing the individual she is referring to. (see intro for example) Those who have come across her may also note the polite yet severe way about her mannerisms.

It can be ascertained from Unknown's world-weary demeanor that she has lived a long time. From her travels of the world and back again, Unknown possesses a vast wealth of information and has been witness to much suffering. While dancing on a thin line of sanity she will still find compassion within herself to help those in need when possible. However, she may also lapse into the darkness of her own spirit and become despaired from her own past failings and a world so full of pain and sin. In this state of mind, Unknown can become most cold and cruel.


- While Unknown is immortal, (for reasons yet to be disclosed), she is *not* undead.
- The clothes she wears are made of a special material that prevents her substance from leaking out.
- Unknown is a *doctor* not a nurse.
- Unknown has no problems about 'borrowing' stuff without permission (doesn't mean she's a clepto though) or a little B&E to help her hide or escape.
- About the closest thing to describe what the 'substance' is, it's like shouki (see Inuyasha) except in liquid form only.
- Since there's been some confusion, I'm going to clarify on this. The virus/disease aspect of the substance is only one small *component* of what it is. Having resistances to diseases won't help you. The substance breaks down and absorbs *all* organic matter and if it doesn't kill you by hitting you with every virus/disease known to and not known to man it'll do so in other ways. If your fighter isn't organic then he/she doesn't have to worry about this. If your fighter is organic or has or organic parts (such as cyborgs), then there *are* ways to get around the substance but be sure to remember there is also her revenge attack that doesn't use substance. Hey, here's a thought. Try using her personality to your advantage and the fact that she probably isn't going to want to use these attacks anyway.
-The substance does have a freezing point, but it is lower than the freezing point of water. Think T-1000.
-Unknown is also fluent in many other languages particularly European ones.

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