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 Created: January 16th, 2024
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Both Victik and the Part-Grassrider come from a separate world made up of different bug races, all with a medieval fantasy level of technology and medicine. After three months of being quite literally attached at the hip, they had managed to transport themselves into the world of Void… without any of the knowledge of how to traverse it. All they need to do is to worm their way to an Earth society and maybe, just maybe, they’ll find a way to be separate again. All they need to do is to traverse the endless empty dunes of the Void Lands on their way to the city. Easy, right?


Victik is a member of a kingdom populated by parasitoid wasps - wasps that lay their eggs inside of other bugs so their larvae could have something to eat once they hatch. Unlike Earth’s parasitoid wasps however, the ones from this dimension can inject something other than just eggs - they can implant their own souls. This is a very complicated - and painful - process for most wasps, as it wraps their soul in an egg-like shell and kills off their original body, but their soul can live on, bursting out of their host’s body fully formed a few months later in a new body. This, however, is a complicated process with massive chances for error, such as their soul decaying within their host’s body, their host dying before their body could reform, or only having a part of their body coming out, dying while physically attached to their host.

Grassriders, on the other hand, are a non-sapient bug species with a similar level of intelligence to horses. They’re speedy and reliable grazers, commonly utilized for transportation in many kingdoms, including Parasitoid Wasps. The Part-Grassrider (as in, the person), however, is 1/5 human. This strange anomaly, a mix between Grassrider and a species entirely unheard of in her world, had gifted her with a pair of clumsy arms, a horrific visage, and enough intelligence to know that she was unwanted.


Victik is a vain, dim witted, and cowardly knight, having achieved his original position at the Royal Guard by nepotism alone. Wether it’s a physical fight or social confrontation, Victik always avoids anything that might harm him or his image, even if that means betraying others. This makes him uncannily adept at recognizing that someone may be bad news for him… unless they flatter him first. He also takes extreme stubborn pride in his appearance, still regularly polishing his armor and introducing himself with his old rank in a place that couldn’t care less of who he is or what he was.

The Part-Grassrider, on the other hand, is a mild mannered and gentle soul, if a bit stubborn and blasé. Despite living in an old cattle pen for most of her life, she was able to learn how to speak, as well as teach herself the very basics of reading and writing. She’s extremely curious about pretty much everything, just as likely to question the meaning of life as she is to wonder if the dirt beneath her can grieve. Even though she knows full well that most would consider her to be an abomination, she can’t help but be a bit naive, especially in such a new environment.


- The Part-Grassrider refuses to pick out a name for herself yet, and would find it insulting if anybody else tried to give her one themselves. She wants to chose her own identity, waiting until she finds the perfect name.
- Victik is in complete and utter denial about the Grassrider being part human. He just thinks that she’s an odd Grassrider and nothing else, believing her to just be a bit delusional.
- Weirdly enough, Victik never really goes out of his way to disrespect the Part-Grassrider outside of petty insults. He addresses her formally as an equal, but still not as a friend.
- The Part-Grassrider’s neck can change length, but only slightly.
- Victik views humans as being a basic, primitive species, refusing to believe they could have any form of basic technology (even though he’s never seen one). The Part-Grassrider, however, has the exact opposite misconception, thinking that even basic human garbage is highly advanced technology or magic.

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