Dolly Dandellion | Characters

Dolly Dandellion | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 18 inches
 Created: June 8th, 2006
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Dolly Dandellion, also known in the city of Void as just "Dolly", is a Pikin, an anthromorphic species that is said to be a mixed breed between a rabbit and a squirrel.

Dolly came to Void City after a fight with her brother, Renny, about the truth of their parents' death that Renny has kept a secret ever since. Dolly ran away from home and miles from the forest, where she suddenly got lost along the way, yet she stumbles across a city. Upon her first visit, she came across a talking teddy bear by the name of Mr. Squishington, which they came great friends. But this visit with her new friend would become her last. On June 2006, she was murdered by Fik (who goes by the stage name "Hot Chick") after entering a stadium holding the Speed Death Tournament at the time. Promising to avenge her, Fik covered her deceased body with his cloak. After damage was taken upon the stadium (see Harriet Glauben vs. Hot Chick), it was officially closed down and a new stadium was built somewhere else in Void City. What became of Dolly's body and the cloak is unknown, but sources say it's still there in the old stadium now in ruins.

Two years later, Dolly was mysteriously revived as an angel thanks to the first ever Month of the Dead events, and she now lives her life as she would have when she was still alive. After being brought back to life, she gained magical girl powers thanks to the magic wand Milly created for her (see Dolly vs. Milly). She also became fast friends with Leviathorah, who she keeps as her pet. (see Dolly vs. Leviathorah)

Known Facts:

- She claims to people that she's a vegetarian. While true, this is mainly because she's a herbivore.
- Her signature flower originally belonged to her mother when she was her age. She wears it on her head in memory of her.
- She was age 5 on the day she died. After being revived, she'll be unable to age like everyone else because she's dead.
- She has angel wings, even without her magical girl powers. With them, she can now fly freely throughout the city. One special thing about these wings is that they're also retractable, which means she can hide them completely and make them reappear whenever she pleases. But most of the time, she hides them specifically because they get in the way of things.

UPDATE 10/20: Last Halloween, Dolly bumped into Lil' Lily and things went haywire to the point where Lily made a deal with her; because angels and anything from heaven are highly valuable in Hell, Lily plans to drag her down to Hell and sell her as an eternal slave for money, unless she finds a substitute that would match the same amount of value as her. Dolly now struggles to think of a plan to get out of this mess.

During the Summer Beach Party, she meets up with Lily again. After Dolly chucks a beach ball at her, Lily gets revenge by shaving her tail. She had to walk around with an embarrassingly naked tail for a few months until the fur started to grow back; not by much though.

October is now here and Dolly is scared of Lil' Lily coming after her, for she is now all alone with no one around; not even Leviathorah, who has went missing for months prior. She decided to stay with Lilyfeather and Satin in their dorm room at the Vanity Academy for the time being.

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