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Arena by PyrasTerran
 Gender: Female
 Height: 6'2'' (1.9m)
 Created: October 18th, 2009
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Arena is New Void City's Chief of Police. Taking on the job after Impact Day (Hiemie's reset-ing meteor), Arena brought a revival of law enforcement to the city. She has worked closely with Horizon and Xia on the security of their cities, all for the sake of assuring the safety of her own city. Her reign has been polarizing; while some see her as a savior finally bringing order and peace to New Void City, others decry her as a dictator in the making, her militant methods a slippery slope to a fascist police state.

Kind and caring, but when attacked, Arena does not hesitate to fight back, and can be very aggressive and persistent. When violence is not involved, she can be very friendly. She is an amnesiac, only remembering her name and her own abilities. When feeling certain emotions, the slits in her mask glows different colors depending on the emotion. Then the feelings are more intense they expel harmless streams of light. To those younger than her, she can be maternal, and to those she is attracted to she can come off as intense. She has a temper problem that she does her best to try and keep under control. Arena has an indomitable sense of justice, striving to serve the people despite unpopularity.

Arena can create, control and become sand. Her body parts can individually become sand (or sandstone) to shapeshift into anything non-mechanical, from hammers to claws to tentacles, and be soft and flowing as quicksand, or rigid as rock. As she can control her own body's movement(composed 'genetically' of the very sand she can manipulate), she is capable of flight in humanoid and sand form. Her body can 'heal' any non-magical wound and damage from reforming like sand. She can emulate a certain degree of super strength( able to lift and toss tank with some struggle).

Arena can travel through the Astral Plane (the Dream World) to fast-travel (or "teleport") through the real world. She can teleport directly to people she has met and spent enough time with, even from miles away.

When in the presence of others, Arena gives good dreams. Arena can summon a primal, golden power that bursts forth from the slits of her mask. These Dreamlights cast waves of intense sleep upon an opponent until they are completely knocked out.

Arena is extremely resilient to mental manipulation. Vektrans are almost incapable of attacking her mind.

Arena hails from a world that borders between reality and the dreamscape. Because of a great calamity, this world has disappeared, and Arena is seemingly its only survivor. Shooting through space and crashing in Void City, she begins life anew, with no recollection of her past.

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