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Gwen & Regi | Characters

Gwen & Regi by Gregly
 Gender: F(age14) & M(5)
 Height: short and tall
 Created: March 12th, 2012
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---------------------------OLD BIO---------------------------
Gwen and Regi are best friends. They met a few years ago and began fighting crime together. Their fighting style involves a lot of spontaneous cooperation, but they don't do so well on their own.

Gwen is fourteen years old and is a witch. Gwen's grandmother wanted for Gwen to use her magic to be traditionally evil, but Gwen thought using her powers to fight crime seemed more fun. She does have some evil tendencies, and is still learning her powers.
Since the witch gene skips a generation (or whatever) Gwen's parents are a little scared of her and try to keep out of her way. Gwen doesn't really mind.
Gwen's hat is actually an immortal, magical, shapeshifting cat named White Malkin, but Gwen calls him Paul. White Malkin can change into a variety of small animals or objects, and stays on Gwen's head as a hat while she's out witching.

Regi is a prototype transforming robot being developed to police the city. Regi always strives to perform his job of stopping criminals well, but often makes mistakes due to his incomplete understanding of human nature.
Regi is actually REGI V, the fifth in a line of prototype robots. Regi's mom created the first Regi as her final in robotics at college, and the later versions were all unfit for crime fighting in some way. REGI V is currently field testing and needs to keep his quota up to avoid becoming obsolete.
Regi is waterproof, but his brothers Regis I-IV aren't. Because of this, he has a learned irrational fear of water.
---------------------------NEWER BIO---------------------------
Gwen and Regi in VOID:

Gwen and Regi have been trying to keep the city safe, but there's always more work to do!

Gwen never really got a job with the police, but eventually they just stopped trying to keep her out of the building.
Gwen has made many discoveries about magic during her time in the city, and her own powers keep rapidly developing. She has tearned from her grandmother and other powerful magicians in the city, and can recognize and sense powers in other people.
Gwen's hands were scarred when she touched the poisonous skin of Izanami. Even so, Gwen tried to help Izanami by making her a potion later.
Gwen was partially blinded by an explosion several years ago, (Scarmageddon 2013) leaving her with blurry vision. Her magical 'second sight' aids her as she moves around, but it's hard for her to, say, read something. She can also see through the eyes of her trusty cat/hat White Malkin. (Gwen stopped calling him Paul a while ago.)

It seems that White Malkin has recently gone missing... Gwen woke up one day to find her vision blurred and her magical powers gone... She keeps trying to help Regi as she can, but doesn't want to be a burden now that she cant fend for herself...

Regi is feared by criminals due to his and Gwen's high turnover stopping offenders. But in truth he's a bit of a softy and quite timid. He can loosen up, though, around his friends and is usually more relaxed with his best pal Gwen.
Regi has had limited success with women in void. He has tendency to try to leave if someone shows interest in him, but he can get smitten easily. But ladies seem to want him.
Regi's eye/visor was stabbed by Izanami as she tried to defend herself. Even so, he reluctantly helped Gwen to make Izanami a potion later. Regi's mom has developed a new and improved visor for REGI V. (Hopefully this one will be more knife-resistant.)
Regi had a hole blown in his chest by an explosion several years ago, (Scarmageddon 2013) but that never slowed him down.

Regi has been seeing less of Gwen... He is out of practice working alone and still often makes mistakes... Regi tries to spend time with Gwen when he can... But he wants to continue working hard at his job so he doesn't let his mom down...

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