Kaihou Jushi | Characters

Kaihou Jushi | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 1,58 m / 5"1
 Created: June 14th, 2020
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Backstory :
Jushi was born in the city as the daughter of an already aging samurai named Kaihou Yen. Kaihou Yen had managed to establish himself as the owner of a bar in the Japanese district of Void City.
Her parents tried their best to raise their daughter as the upperclass girl she was meant to be – but due to a combination of poor genetic lottery, her mother smoking too much kiseru during pregnancy, the absence of a good education system, the proximity and abundance of alcohol during her teenage years, and the general strangeness of space-time distortion, Jushi ended up a total disappointment.
Her father – who she calls « Kaihou-dono » - tries his best not to remind his associates and retainers that she is in fact his daughter. This means that Jushi is usually left to her own devices. She's hyperactive and easily bored, and so she does what an hyperactive bored person does, and messes things up.

Skills :
Jushi is skilled with swords and polearms, can set up traps and has general knowledge of every skill a samurai has access to. She replaces equitation (horse riding) by bike riding on occasion. She's specially skilled with her giant nagamaki, though she cannot kill or maim anything with it. If she has to use it, she is most likely to hit her opponent as a means to get away, and will likely never engage a foe head on. If her friends or someone she cares for are engaged, she will try to get them out of trouble but is unlikely to put herself in danger.

Behavior :
Jushi is a kabukimono. She wears bright clothing, expensive jewelry and her outrageous behavior is used to attract attention. Sometimes alone, sometimes with other kabukimono, she steals, robs and antagonize everything she thinks she can get a laugh from, and then run away before things become serious.
The large nagamaki she carries has a blunt edge, and though it is still a piece of metal, it cannot cut through people. As a weapon, it is quite representative of her character – threatening but not really dangerous.
Her pranks and confrontations are always on the soft and unserious side of things. She'll rob a guy of his rugged vest only to mail it back once she tried (unsuccessfully) to repair it, or she'll block a bridge with her friends, only letting through people who perform miming. These kind of things.
If things become serious (where people can get killed or maimed), Jushi will generally vanish. She's not courageous at all and she's fearful of getting hurt.

Gear :
Aside the giant nagamaki she carries wherever she goes, she also always wear her haori – her samurai vest with her familial heraldry stitched on. She also carries two jade rings, one around her neck, and one attached to her braided hair. These rings do not have significance, they are just here to display wealth, to attract attention, and because she finds them pretty.

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