Nagy Tamasz | Characters

Nagy Tamasz | Characters

Nagy Tamasz by JCee
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'1
 Created: August 13th, 2019
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Name: Nagy Sebesteyen Tamasz
Age: Early thirties
Language: English, Hungarian, Hindi

A young Hungarian bartender of Romani descent who chose to leave behind his family caravan and go travelling on his own. Hailing from a long family-line of powerful mages and fortune-tellers, he instead chose to use his magical talent by setting up a bar and create 'Potion Cocktails'.

Suave, charming with a bit of a cheeky humour streak, he's always happy to lend an ear and listen to his customers. He wishes only for Moonhaze to be a relaxing and self-purifying environment, a mini getaway for those who want a small reprieve from their daily life. He takes his customer's enjoyment and safety very seriously, and won't tolerate any troublemaking in his bar. When dealing with rowdy customers, he takes a ‘diplomatic’ approach by making a ‘trouble-mixer’ which he gives to the culprit, saying it’s on the house. It effectively knocks them out, making it easy to remove them from the premises.

His specialty drinks, as Tamasz puts it, is "Magic you can drink". Alcohol mixed with mystical properties that are safe to consume. The recipes for these drinks are part of a wider, well-guarded Romani family secret. Each one he creates are imbued with special properties that can help temporarily boost certain attributes (e.g., if you need a drink to help boost your confidence, speed or smarts, you got it).

When he's not doing bar-work, he does tarot/palm-reading and charm selling on the side.

Tamasz refuses to make a potion that targets/controls the matters of the heart, such as: heartbreak, jealousy, and love, as he believes that there are some things you need to actually resolve yourself that magic cannot. As he puts it, he only makes temporary boosts/perks, not permanent miracle cures/solutions.

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