Lilyfeather | Characters

Lilyfeather | Characters

Lilyfeather by Animeshen
 Gender: female
 Height: 5'3
 Created: December 30th, 2012
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Lilyfeather, age [15][16][17][18][19][???] 22, is a magical girl that fights for rainbows and magic and love and friendship and all that sparkly shoujo stuff! She loves nice things, pretty and cute things. Unfortunately, her only magical power is the ability to summon zombies. Horrible, horrible zombies. Lilyfeather (real name Ebony Bloodrot) got hers from her parents, who are evil; her mother, a death-worshiping necromancer, and her father, a general in Hell's army. Lilyfeather is annoyed by her gross power, and tries to "cute" up her zombies by calling them Sugar Plum Fairies and giving them bows and makeup.
Because she grew up around zombies and necromancy, she has a skewed outlook on life and death. She's more annoyed than creeped out by it and other evil things, but she does have a burning hatred for demons. Her father sold his firstborn child to demons for power and now her life belongs to Hell.

Triggers: because of Halloween 2016 (see also: "Fractured Memories") she will have a panic attack if someone takes her wrist. Her wrists cannot be/are never totally bare.

The cat is called Mr. Pants and he feeds off evil. He is a demon with an ashy, smoky second form. His claws and teeth are bigger and sharper than average cats, but he doesn't fight unless Lilyfeather is being directly physically threatened. He hates that pink bow.

Age 15: Intro story - Infernum Expectans
Age 16: Valentines Party 2016 - Dolly vs Lilyfeather
Age 17: Winter Holiday Comic Party 2016 - Graveyard Smash
Age 18: Lilyfeather vs Jerin
Age 19: The Devil's Due - Difference a Day Makes
Age 22- Timeskip nonsense starting with Difference a Day Makes-

About her powers and the zombies: She has constant inherent control over the zombies, who are loyal to her and in some ways adore her, to the best of their abilities. If an opponent is bit or scratched by a zombie- don't panic! They will not become a zombie just from that. BUT if she is near a dead opponent, no matter how recently, she can and will reanimate them.

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