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Marbell Denamiliss thumbnail  Sex: male
 Height: 6' 3
 Created: Prior to recording
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Marbell Denamiliss is the swords man that many kingdoms call upon to win thier wars. he has fought many battles provailing victorious in everyone. till a day came when two kingdoms declared war upon each other, not for land, or power, but for Marbell himself.
Marbell declined to help either side, unaware of the consequences. The two kingdoms sent out both of thier armys to kill marbell in his village, but not being able to find him there, they killed off his family and burned down the village instead.

Marbell is able to manipulate plant life that he has physical contact with. He is highly flexible, adaptive and creative in combat.
leathal in hand to hand combat.
Marbell is soft spoken eccentric, and nonchalant.

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