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Django thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6ft even
 Created: June 19, 2005
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Real name: Ennio Morricone
Age: 30
Blood Type- A pos

Bio: Django is a solider sent from an unknown government(All his equipment comes from different nations[Some of it antiquated] to cover up this fact) trying to see what Void City is up to and gauge level of threat they are to the gov't. To do this job to the best of his ability, Django has been outfitted with an experiment suit of armor. Based synthetically on a mysterious fighters unique DNA, the armor is totally flexable(Like a second skin) while being able to withstand tremedous force excerted upon it. all normal and some high caliber bullets cannot penetrate the armor and it is fire-retardant, non conductive to electricity, and can stand up in most elements. The suit is also symbiotic in a way that it will react to the wearer's thoughts such as activating a feature when the user thinks it or the opening to the suit appears when the user wants out, etc.. Last thing, the gloves and feet of the suit can stick to most any surface when the user wants to.

Equipment: Besides the suit, the headgear Django wears can double as a Night Vision and thermal reader aswell as a G.P.S among a few other features. It is controlled mntally.

The Backpack Django wears is a holster for his weapons and a "energy parachute/hangglider". It is also controlled mentally through the suit.

Skills: Django is trained in the various military combat styles of the world, and boxing. He uses whatever he needs to win a fight, this includes fighting dirty.

FUN FACTS: -Django's codename was choosen becasue of his love of speghetti westerns. The agency he works with knows about this and named him after one of his favorite movies.

-Django is a soldier through and through but he does not agree with his Gov't on everything.

-Since this may be his last mission ever, Django brought his favorite guns with him and a couple of them are revolvers.

-Django's utility belt consists of mostly ammo clips and an Ipod.

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