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The Extinction Event is a site-wide event with the ultimate co-owned character.

Oleander is a free-to-use character that is owned by you, and everyone else. Their backstory has been created, but the rest is up to you to create through comics.

You can draw a battle as Oleander’s artist, or you can fight against someone else drawing Oleander.

How Oleander fits into your character’s story is up to you. Maybe they have been friends for years before extinction. Or perhaps they killed someone close to them? Are they trying to stop them, or simply survive? How will the story end and what will it mean for VOID?

Oleander can be in several battles at once with many different characters. Imagine an Armageddon threat, but we get to see all of the individual stories happening around the city.

Is this a tournament? What’s the point?
It’s exactly not a tournament, it’s more of an “event”.
The point is to have a collaborative and collective storyline told by the community from many different angles, art and writing styles, and ideas.

Void has no set canon, but we as a community often incorporate events, such as Armageddon and Election Royale, into their character’s stories. Tournaments are often limited to a certain number of entrants, so this is your chance to jump right into the main event, on your own terms.

How do I participate?

There will be 3 phases:
- Dawn of Extinction
- Impending Extinction
- End of Extinction

Matches will start May 10th
Sign up to be randomly put into a 1v1 match, either as Oleander, or against them.
Comics will be 1v1 standard matches

Sign up in #extinction-signup on Discord
Post the following information, and you will be randomly assigned an opponent:

Character: [Your character] or [Oleander] or [Either one is ok]
Drawing time length: You can set your preferred drawing time, putting a range is best. For example: “I’d like a 2 week drawing time but up to 4 weeks is ok”.

All Dawn matches will start at the same time.

It's up to you to chip away at their life bar to bring them to the final phase. You can jump in and fight at any time in any way that you like!

Matches will be set up by request, in pretty much any arrangement you'd like. Collaborative comics are encouraged. For example, you and another artist could team up with two of your characters to fight against two others drawing Oleander. Post in #extinction-signup on Discord if you are seeking out a partner for this round.

Once Oleander's HP bar reaches the end, we will enter the final phase.

The final comic will be a collaborative comic with all users who want to participate.

Team up together to put an end to Extinction and craft the ending of Oleander's story together. A private channel will be made for participants to plan the comic together.

·:·.☽✧    ✦    ✧☾.·:·.

What is the HP Bar about?
The HP bar is shown on the site, and can also be seen in #extinction-updates
It shows Oleander's current HP. When it is depleted, that means the final phase will start.

How do we attack the HP bar?
Drawing comics will attack Oleander and deplete her HP. Oleander starts with 200 HP.

1v1 Matches
Oleander Win: 10 HP
Oleander Loss: 15 HP

2v2 Matches
Oleander Win: 25 HP
Oleander Loss: 35 HP

3v3 Matches
Oleander Win: 40 HP
Oleander Loss: 50 HP


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