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« on: Jun 22, 2019, 12:24 AM »
Been wanting to get a second character into Void for some time now, so here we go!

Name: Jerin Highvale
Age: Unknown, at least a few centuries
Species: Zeronian

Jerin is a Zeronian, an elf from a world so heavily saturated with magic that even Zeronian blood is magically charged. As such, Jerin has a strong affinity towards magic and is heavily resistant to most types.

Jerin’s world was ripped apart by an elder god worshipping cult called “The Seventh Hammer”, who are trying to resurrect their master through the offering of billions of souls. After the destruction of his world, Jerin vowed to wipe their cult out of existence, a task he’s taken to with extreme prejudice. Through his travels through space and time, Jerin has learned they now have their sights set on Void City.
Personality: Cold and bitter. Jerin has a hard time getting along with others and tends to be something of a loner. While he isn’t above seeking the help of others, he hates doing so. He’s quick to snap at people if they’re annoying him or not lifting their weight. Oddly, he’s surprisingly calm and patient with children.
-Master level skill in most schools of magic, the exceptions being the schools that were deemed taboo by Zeronian culture, such as demonic and necrotic. (Probably also Voodoo). Can augment many of his abilities through magic allowing himself above average strength, agility, etc, etc.

-Enchanted Glass Eye: Though he refuses to talk about what happened to the right side of his face (Saving that plot point for later) After losing the eye he had an enchanted one created in its’ place. While under normal circumstances, it allows him to see normally, when he closes his left eye it gives him enchanted vision, allowing him to see auras, see through walls, and see through all but the most powerful of illusions.

-Powerful mind: While Jerin himself has no psychic abilities, he’s honed his mind to be near impossible to access and control. His mind is like a fortress in the middle of a maze, which is in the middle of a bigger fortress, which is in the middle of a bigger maze.

-Over reliant on magic: While not weak, Jerin isn’t particularly strong. He’s knows some basic fighting techniques, but even a moderately skilled fighter would be able to take him down were he ever in a fight where he couldn’t use magic.

-Quick to anger: While he used to be a rather cheerful person, the events of his home world’s fall have left him bitter and angry. Thus, he’s become very quick to bouts of anger and even full blown rage. During these times he’s known to get reckless and take risks he normally wouldn’t take. This has sometimes worked in his favor, but more often puts him in danger.

-Weak to “dark” schools of magic. (demonic, necrotic, so on and so forth)

That’s everything I can come up with for now, I’ll update this more as I flesh him out more. Hope you guys like him! (I know Shen does.)


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