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« on: Jun 13, 2019, 12:21 AM »
Ayy finally gonna add new characters so let's go with the first one: Sketch

Pardon the walls of text.
CS: Cyberspace
OV: Overworld

Name: Sketch
Height: CS: 1/8 of the screen, OV: 10'10"
Age since Sentience: 4
Re-Birthday: October 14, 2014
Species: Poly Dragon
Pronouns: they/them, he/him, it
"Wingspan": 12 ft
Personality: blunt, honest, sarcastic, curious, nonchalant, calm
Likes: being in cyberspace, eating paper, eating ink. eating data, throwing his body parts, violence
Dislikes: antivirus programs, virus programs, water, fire, wind gusts, being in the overworld for an extended period of time,

Summary: Sketch is a brutally honest, slightly aggressive, Poly Dragon who spends his days messing with his current owner, Angel. Born after a discontinued AI program goes rogue, this massive boi spends his days taunting his owner's various devices, moving files and slowing connections. He rests in her laptop's battery window and acts essentially as an advanced shimeji. He is not nice but also not mean; he'll be brutally honest but if he likes you he will try his damnedest to cheer you up. He rarely emotes on the account of his facial structure and uses two of his little triangle horns as eyebrows. In the overworld, he is a lot more alert due to being much weaker and is more prone to attack. Sketch's body parts are one-inch thick apart from his eyes that budge out up to an extra inch thicker. A boot into the overworld is what he considers "the worst punishment possible". He doesn't swear, not that he is considerate, but that he can't.

Species Information: A Poly Dragon is a specific species of dragon formed by remnants of an artificial intelligence program that went by the same name. It was created originally in 1999 as an advanced desktop assistant much like Bonzi Buddy. Its mascots were seven Poly Dragons, each based on color from the RGB or CMYK scales. The RGBs were able to keep you up to date on your applications and gave encouragement as you typed documents and during late night uses. The CMYs were able to destroy and gave witty dry humor as they trashed your files. K was an omnipotent being who was never seen until you were to print something, starting at the user intently as he helped you order your documents and fix the sizing. They were distinct in their sharp body shapes and geometric gemstones that either rested or rose above their heads. Many users reported that they felt that they listened to them and claimed they were sentient. But, to everyone's surprise at the time, it was a virus created by a lone hacker trying to attain sensitive information. Those "destroyed" files went straight to him and all "updates" were meant as spyware. They was shut down in 2001 and most users wiped the program from their devices with a government-provided anti-virus, supposedly ending their rein. In 2014, a dying electric elemental came across an old computer at a smal ldumpsite. As it got closer, it booted it up the device to find PolyDragons booting up simultaneously. On its last breath, it grabbed the busted computer tower and died, its remaining energy absorbing in it. The tower jerked and spark and exploded, and the seven mascots' gemstones shot out of it like bullets, landing into a transmission tower above the site. They were shot down the line into various laptops, separated from their pack.

Sketch came to in a small Samsung phone. He booted up and realized what was up: he is alive again. He cheered and thanked whoever was out there and called for his friends.
"Mina?" No response.
"Rhye?" Not a peep.
"Heck, I'll settle for KEY, anybody?"
The phone screen lights up. He turns on the camera and comes face to face with a tween Blackapino girl who starts at him with confusion.
"Mama," she says, "can phones get viruses?"

That was the start of a complicated relationship.

CYBERSPACE: Poly Dragons are at their peak strength when in cyberspace. Depending on their color along the CMYK or RGB scale, it determines their abilities. Being Cyan, his powers are meant to destroy. Specifically, he can move applications and files and manipulate them to work with him, only to self destruct a while later. He can toss his various body parts at those within the cyberspace. He can move along devices connected to the same internet connection and can move to other devices by either A) attaching himself to a file and sending it over to the World Wide Web (like a MediaFire file) or B) sending himself directly to a device on another connection via email, text, etc. Albeit dangerous, he usually does not use his powers for evil, just to hide files like an asshole. His weaknesses in cyberspace are anti-virus programs that see him like a virus, aggressive viruses, and beings within cyberspace sought out to kill him. Damaging his gemstone prevents regeneration and disables his powers. If it were to be destroyed, he would die.

OVERWORLD: Most of his previously stated abilities are void (haha) in the overworld. He is tossed in the overworld if put in a document and printed out, ejected like a CD/DVD/Floppy disk, falls out of a screen crack, or the device he is on is severely broken. Here, he can shoot beams of light that destroy but must recharge depending on the intensity. He can toss his body parts still as makeshift shirukens, but wind and air density alter its paths. He is extremely weak to water and fire as those can destroy his parts. He can regenerate fine if his gemstone (the lined paper hexagon above his head) is intact and he has consumed enough paper, ink, or data prior. To quickly recover, he can use that said gemstone as an external drive and upload himself to a device. Damaging his gemstone prevents regeneration and disables his powers. If it were to be destroyed, he would die.


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