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Cy and the Lads
« on: Apr 21, 2019, 09:18 AM »
Hey all! Here's the design sheet and description for my first character! My main concern is whether or not this is of acceptable quality ;u; I'm currently unable to line things digitally so I hope this is alright. Will be adding the sketch of my introduction comic later!

...Okay for something that's under 800px wide this seems super big OTL

Anyway here is the bio!

Gold is a young shapeshifter who ran away from home, and is currently living with a friend growing increasingly frustrated by his behaviour. He’s an adept thief, compulsive liar, and generally slippery fellow, but he isn’t evil by any means – underneath it all he’s just suspicious and scared of people. His confidence lies in his criminal abilities and appearance, though the latter has been tempered by the injuries he’s received to his face. He’s also well aware that he looks younger than he actually is, and often plays it up to avoid suspicion (or consequences) when committing crimes.

His primary animal form is a cat, and spending a lot of time as one has influenced his appearance and personality; his movements are at times uncannily quiet and fluid, his teeth are a tad sharper than they should be, and he can stare for minutes without blinking. It’s very easy for him to switch between feigned innocence and quiet creepiness.

Shapeshifting info:
Gold is able to bring aspects of his cat form to his current self, such as slit eyes to see in the dark, or take a halfway form (though this is rare). The halfway form is literally halfway, not like an anthro-cat or anime style catboy, but a blend of features that probably comes across as more eerie than anything. Animal forms take colours from the clothes he is wearing as well as his hair, so if he were to throw a black cape over his clothes, he would appear as a black cat with some smears of red.

Finally, he can turn into other humans or change his features, but the only time he does this is to disguise himself so as to not get caught. He cannot change into any animal – he has had to choose and practice the forms he currently has.

Misc. notes:
The white and gold patches on his cat form aren’t “strict”, they were just my attempt at portraying the colours found on red Somali cats. As long as he is mostly red, and keeps his scars, that’s fine! Additionally, the jacket he wears is a bomber jacket. Its stiff appearance in the ref is a result of style.

Re: Cy and the Lads
« Reply #1 on: Apr 21, 2019, 09:08 PM »

I want to fight, good luck with the intro! You mentioned wondering if this is acceptable quality, and I'd recommend joining the discord and trying to get some input on say the intro stuff there, when you get a chance! Getting in at times takes a bit, but we're all here to support eachother, and im really excited for your character! I honestly think you really make the non digital lines work great with your colors, and im hype to see more from you!

[img width=357 height=150]

Re: Cy and the Lads
« Reply #2 on: Apr 21, 2019, 11:30 PM »
That looks pretty good for your style and while i'm not on the approval committee I would say your technical art abilities when it comes to characters is clearly good enough, since you clearly understand proportion and stuff.
However there are more things you will need to show in your intro to make sure you get accepted. The main thing is to make sure to show that you are able to do environments and backgrounds. i would also say if you can use a program and get a free font to use over handwriting to make sure it's all readable.
also here's an example of the lower end of art that can be accepted:
You already show more competency than me when it comes to characters so I'm pretty sure you can make it just make sure to do environments and backgrounds for your comic. Also you can always directly DM someone form the approval committee before submitting. that's what I did to make sure my 3rd attempt got accepted.


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