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Dear Void Council, (copied from an email I sent you guys a week or so ago.)

Ive been a member of Void for a long time now. My main, Dreds, has seen his fair share of battles. I have always been a fan of the site and its ability to inspire creativity and collaboration among artists. Minus some drama here and there, Entervoid has always been a place of positive and constructive criticism for everyone. I have been considerably absent from the site for several years mostly due to my endeavors as a self publisher. I co-wrote and illustrated an RPG called Battle for Oz in 2014 and have been working on its sequel book for about a year now. Battle for Oz is a modern telling of Oz with elements of horror and fantasy based on L. Frank Baum’s public domain books. It uses the award winning RPG ruleset, Savage Worlds system, published by Pinnacle Entertainment and was very well received both in Kickstarter and in print.

Outside of the sequel to Oz, I have been working on a Superheroes RPG in the background and have every desire to make it my next book. To that end, I wanted to approach you- the owners and creators of the Entervoid site- with the idea of creating a collaborative superhero RPG using the Savage Worlds system set in Void City. I love the idea because it will give those that play the RPG an online source to reference for substance, content, and ideas for their games as well as drive a new demographic to your site. My publishing company would own the rights to the RPG itself and any artist that submits a character to be featured in the book would be turning over rights to that character to be used SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSES OF THE RPG and retain all other rights and ownership of the character outside of that. All artists that submit characters would have creative input on how their character is portrayed and their role in the RPG narrative. And you, the owners of Entervoid.com, would have creative input on the overall narrative itself and how VOID City is portrayed.

The basic setup for all Savage Worlds RPG setting books are as follows; The books all reference the Savage Worlds core book for the basic rules and in the case of a Superhero RPG, the Savage Worlds Superheroes Companion book. Each setting book outlines the specific races available in the setting and any additions or eliminations in character creation as outline in the core book, including the setting specific rules for building a superhero character in the superhero companion book. This section would also include some ideas on the type of characters a players could build appropriate to the setting. The book then gives a specific breakdown of the location, in this case Void City, and maps and descriptions of important places and NPCs that could be encountered there. Then the book the details a game master only section that would provide the GM with information, encounter tables for game building, and a plot point campaign that outlines an adventure to take the characters through. The plot point campaign is a series of adventures meant to be played in 3 to 4 hour game sessions that would highlight specific NPCs, both allies and adversaries, as well as touring the important places in the city. Finally, the book would have a bestiary that stats out important NPCs, creatures, and common folk that the GM can use in the game.

My initial ideas for using Void City as an RPG setting are the following;

1. Set the game in a modern day Void City, outline characters that Void artists submit to be featured in the book as both allies and adversaries to the players, and create a plot point narrative that pits the players against some world ending threat similar to the Armageddon event we have every year.

2. Set the game in a depression era Void City as a Noir like superhero setting using the same hook as above.

I would welcome any additional ideas if the project is green lighted and we move forward with it. If you give me the permission and license to use Void City as the setting for the RPG, my next step would be to create a forum post describing the project and soliciting submissions for characters for the RPG. All artists that submit characters and are featured in the book would receive a writers credit in the book as well as a free PDF and print of the book. I would also make space in the book for some actual comic art featuring the characters and narrative of the RPG. Any artists that submit and are hired to collaborate with me on this comic would be compensated for their art based on contribution and Proffesional skill level. The book will be published using Kickstarter as the funding source but I have sufficient resources available to me as well as experience that will allow my to set a low production cost. Probably about $3500, and I do not anticipate the book having any problems getting funding considering that there are very few strong superhero setting books available for the Savage Worlds RPG that are worth a dam, I can maybe count two. I will include links in this email to both my book, as well as the Savage Worlds RPG and Pinnacle Entertainment for you to review. I realize that this is a monumental proposal full of what ifs, and, how tos, so you are welcome to contact me by email or phone with any questions (919-720-2736). If you don't think this is a good fit for Entervoid, I will certainly understand and hold not ill will if that is your decision. I personally am very excited at the prospect and believe that the many talented artists that contribute to Entervoid would be equally excited.

Thank You for your consideration,

Dan Smith (drawdan is my member name on the site)

My book can be found here,

Pinnacle Entertainment can be found here,

Savage Worlds RPG core book

Savage Worlds Superhero companion book

Two good superhero settings that use the Savage Worlds RPG. The first one is published by Pinnacle themselves, the second is an official licensee, like I am.


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Re: Entervoid RPG
« Reply #1 on: Apr 15, 2018, 06:49 AM »
It's a fun idea.  I'd like it if one of these projects actually succeeded someday lol.  This needs to go through Toast first though as the founder and head honcho who maintains the site.  I also think that true to the nature of Void, settings should be pliable.  And leading plots up to Armageddon storylines is fun.

Re: Entervoid RPG
« Reply #2 on: Apr 15, 2018, 10:19 PM »
I think this sounds supercool personally.

Re: Entervoid RPG
« Reply #3 on: Apr 22, 2018, 08:22 AM »
Ive tried to reach out to Toast with no success, If anyone sees him maybe tap him on the shoulder for me...lol.

Re: Entervoid RPG
« Reply #4 on: Jul 09, 2018, 02:25 AM »
ooh sounds like an interesting idea, would be great to see it come to fruition :)

Also great to see you're still active on here (wanted to battle Dread one day haha) and your personal creative endeavours are taking off :D
Pee Pee...Pee Pee Vagina!

Re: Entervoid RPG
« Reply #5 on: Jul 09, 2018, 07:27 AM »
I thought he said he contacted you about this. I'll remind him.

Ive tried to reach out to Toast with no success, If anyone sees him maybe tap him on the shoulder for me...lol.

Re: Entervoid RPG
« Reply #6 on: Jul 26, 2018, 04:55 AM »
I thought he made fantastic gains with MK-677 and said he contacted you about this. I'll remind him.

Ive tried to reach out to Toast with no success, If anyone sees him maybe tap him on the shoulder for me...lol.

Very interesting idea indeed. Has there been any new development about this project btw?
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Re: Entervoid RPG
« Reply #7 on: Oct 21, 2019, 06:17 AM »
No, Im still waiting to hear from someone that can give me the greenlight on this project. I am still very interested in the project.

Re: Entervoid RPG
« Reply #8 on: Oct 22, 2019, 05:46 AM »
Wow this sounds really cool. Keep us posted Drawdan :)


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