NPC System: Void's Supporting Cast

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The caretakers of Event Horizon

The Event Horizon is managed by two sets of beings; the branch that serves those in the world of the living are gargoyles, and the staff in the afterlife branch are made up of the Final Ones.

The gargoyles aren�t much for smiling but they�re very polite and accommodating, everything you�d expect from a 5-star restaurant or hotel. Even if they�re killing you for breaking Event Horizon�s one rule, they remain cordial and classy. Besides godlike petrification, they can also kill with epic level magic or their bare hands, whatever does the job, and they always get the job done.

The Final Ones are a bit less warm with their service. And just as the gargoyles are in charge of killing a living rulebreaker, the Final Ones are in charge of annihilating a dead rulebreaker, by sucking the soul into their black hole faces.

Fun fact: there is a backdoor that connects both branches, but it�s unwise for someone in the realm of the living to stumble into the land of the dead.
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here's another NPC that I didn't see mentioned in the thread

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here's another NPC that I didn't see mentioned in the thread


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so ignoring the pendant since he lost that in my last update, the hunns gang may be used by anyone. they all look like greasers and then Attila here is their leader. he's got a kick as motor bike. I was going to try and submit him as a character but I don't feel like it anymore. he could be a fun character to play with though, so feel free. :)

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have been updated
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The Old Dock's Crowns

The Crowns are everywhere in Old Docks, and occasionally serves as mercenaries for other criminals, or can be seen in the most shady areas of Void... And Bars.

The Spiderkids

Louise 's brood is not only numerous, but also adventurous. The girls roams in the city mainly at night, but also can be seen in daylight, causing mischief, playing with other kids and eating pidgeons....wait, what?
The adolescent ones looks more human than the kids ones, and most have professions.
BEWARE: don't try to hurt them and get away with it: they are in constent telepathic contact with their Maman, who WILL hunt you down and made you wish Freddy Krueger found you first.

the Hotel Fleur de Lys's staff

the maids and Butlers of Louise's Hotel are all experts at Hôtellerie management, have nerves of steel and master class savate practitioners.
they kick asses, serves you nice hot chocolate and tell you "au revoir" with the upmost class.

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Species: Poco
Sex: Male
Weight: 115 lbs
Height: 4'6"

Bio: WallaWalla Spends his time always near water with a carefree jovial attitude, you would be hard pressed to find him in a bad mood mostly because of what he smokes in his pipe. WallaWalla fishes, but like all Opco he does not eat meat but he can trade the fish for things he does need but he mostly just uses his rod to hook seaweed out of the water which is what he mostly eats.He is always happy to give friendly sagely advice but sometimes he is not all there.

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Name: Rachael Cornerstone
Race: Pikin
Age: Early 20's
Height: 2'6"

Rachael Cornerstone is a city pikin that has moved into Void City. She is a total nerd that loves anime and video games and comics and whatnot. She also loves to cosplay as her favorite characters and visits fan conventions at a regular basis. She's usually shy about her interests around people, but when she comes across another geek, she won't hesitate to share her inner nerd to her fullest power.

She also does anime reviews online under the name Otakin.
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Heidi Skarz, a.k.a Miss Skarz

Heidi Skarz was a famous child star of the horror movies industry in the 90's, and made a lot of money out of it.
When reaching the age of 16, she terminated all her contracts and came back ome to Void City to realise her dream: built a library and be it's librarian.

The Creepy Library specialize in Occult, cursed and rare books. But does have normal books as well.

Miss Skarz possess basically all of the powers of the classic horrors icons. That makes her creepy and terrifying as hell.
But thing is: she's totally harmless, friendly and loves to help customers.
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You looking for more magical girls? Well, I've got precisely one of those!

First introduced in this comic I've recently completed, say hello to Vela Citas and Mahar Lika, two (more) students of Lady Vanity's Training Facility!

Vela Citas:

Hometown: Naples, Italy

Overview: Though good-natured at heart, Vela suffers from severe anger issues, and nearly anything can set her off. She tends to kick and pummel her problems away before touching them with delicacy. Due to her insecurities with her lack of such grace or tact, she puts forth a resolute image of intimidation and readiness-to-brawl, but her compassion is easy to win over if you get on her good side. Vela's lack of focus has made her, despite her hand-to-hand prowess, unfortunately rather limited in most magical skills, and as such she's nearly flunking.

Powers: Powerful AoE speed buff, probably other stuff?

Mahar Lika

Hometown: Lucena, Philippines

Overview: Despite the gaudy getup, Mahar only has a measely sixteenth of Spanish royal blood on his (dead) father's side; his real claim to fame is that his (single adopted) mother is the CFO of a major multinational banking corporation. This gratuitous economic status gives Mahar a general unconscious indignation for his peers; it takes some serious competence for him to talk to you on an equal level. This attitude has lead to him becoming a constant teacher's (or instructor's) pet, despite his abysmal grades in most classes. His rationale is that his intense focus in studying deceit magic (a branch of magic that notably he is genetically unable to actually do in any major application) forgives his failings everywhere else.

Powers: Getting dressed instantaneously (an incredibly vital power for any magical team), shielding, probably other stuff?
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NVCPD Captains

Ceralius King

Captain King is the first Captain promoted under Arena's management. Though he's gruff and not one for humor or levity, he's kind hearted with an unparalleled moral compass.

King has enough strength to send a tank over a skyscraper, and his skin is tough enough to deflect bullets. A swing of his tail or a well placed charge can spell the end for most foes.


Captain OTOBOR is the head of an all-robot precinct as well as head of the Robot Division of the NVCPD which helps maintain all robot officers. Although robots have the cleanest average records of any officers (do not panic under pressure, can make snap judgements without falter, do not value own lives over others), there is still alot of distrust brought down on them. OTOBOR finds it advantageous to make jokes to help lower others' guard and earn their trust.

As a super fighting robot, OTOBOR has all the abilities you'd expect of one: strength, armor, jet packs, wheels, extendo arms, plug into electronics, and nanobite hands that can morph into various tools. EMP shielding protects his most vital hardware and software.

Jonathan Adler

Even in this new age, bad cops still exist, and Captain Adler is as corrupt as they get. He's been on the force for a decade, and served under McBastard before Arena took over. Arena knows he is dirty and his hands thick with blood, but his family name (Adlers hold seats in the courts and the city council) and slant legal loopholes keep him on the force. He always manages to have a fall guy prepared to go behind bars in his name. Many have tried to take him down, from criminals looking for payback to vigilantes and rogue cops trying to bring him to justice, and all have failed.

Abilities: Unknown

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Corey Jason Ground, Born May 7, 1989 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Once revered as a celebrated hero, a recent incident has begun to spread suspicion about this former mercenary.  He has before been seen with a tall man calling himself "Lenny", but their friendship is constantly put to the test.  He appears to be hiding something, which may impact how everyone, even former ally Jessie Valley, sees him...

Chelsea "Gusthead" Eugene, Born June 24, 1999, in Maryborough, Australia
The only daughter of a powerful wind mage.  Chelsea likes to cause trouble amongst the other students at Vanity Training Facility (notably, by performing very questionable acts using her wind powers).  Despite this, she also has a strong sense of justice and will lay down the law if the situation calls for it, making her a reliable hallway monitor if there ever was one.  Chelsea can generate gusts of winds of varying strength, which can be used to emulate a typical windy day or a fan, trap her opponents, or slice things (though what she prefers to slice with her powers is best left up to one's imagination).  Whatever goes on in her mind is also best left to one's imagination, but aside from this, she's very competent and also happy to help others.

"Lenny" Ivanovich, Born November 17, 1986, in St. Petersburg, Russia
Lenny grew up having to learn how to defend himself and to thwart the various crimes in his hometown.  He found that the best way was to simply gather information about the criminals and give this information to interested vigilante groups.  This earned him the nickname "Human Camera", as well as the honor of being a frequent target of those criminals.  As a former mercenary and ally of Jessie Valley, Lenny preferred to use his skills for recon instead of direct action, but when push comes to shove, he has his trusty semi-automatic shotgun and cluster grenades at the ready.  He has zero tolerance for deliberate acts of evil (though taking another's life or stealing is judged on a case-by-case basis), and will inflict the most possible harm on those who commit them.  Lenny's most distinguishing features are his being tall, and his massive mohawk atop a buzzcut, which many dub a "fauxhawk".  He refuses to disclose his real first name because of an embarrassing incident where he was teased about it being too girly.
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Here we are with my first NPC for void!

Name: Dr. Felicity Flora
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'0"

Info: A scientist who's part of NVCPD's science division. She's shy. However, she seems to be hiding something...

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Name: Frank Smith
Race: Pikin
Age: Early 30's
Height: 3'5"

Frank Smith is a city pikin as well as a friend of Rachael Cornerstone. Moving to Void City alongside Rachael, he hangs out in her apartment as her roommate. He also works in a comic book store.

Despite the fact that he looks like a mountain pikin (which Frank gets asked a lot), his family tree shows no ancestor who was one; his family members were all city pikins.

Frank is a total goofball and can sometimes be a dumbass. His interests are comic books, video games, cheesy B-movies, MST3K, and cartoons.
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Marie's Underlings: Agents Franck Supio and Lilotte Loup

Name: Agents Franck Supio and Lilotte Loup
Race: Meta-Human and unidentified werewolf
Age: 37 and 25

Franck Supio is a veteran member of the police, one of the few who kept their Police insigna when Arena took over. A hard man with a rigid sense of justice, but loyal to the Arena administration. He's a meta-human who can channel enegy trough his tattoo to temporally boost his endurance. 
Lilotte Loup is a more recent recruit, and the perfect balance for Franck's seriousness. She's energic, joyfull, and optimistc. She's more of a thinker than a fighter. She had a rough time getting her colleagues to stop calling her "the fluff-puppy" because of the fluffiness of er werewolf form, which is based more on speed than strenght.
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Samira's Family

Name: Hannah Williams
Age: mid 40s
Occupation: Professor at local community college
Hannah has a rough start in life, being a troublesome child to get attention in a large family and falling in with the wrong crowd. After having her first kid during high school with her current boyfriend at the time, she realizes she needs to clean up her act for the sake of her future children and managed to get a job later in life at the Void Community College, teaching English literature to students. She's known to be a hardass with her students and an even harderass on her kids, not wanting them to grow up the same life she did.

Hannah's dealt with a lot of loss and hurt in her life, the most recent one being her eldest daughter's. She hasn't been aware of Samira's death and believes her to have ran away from home. She still hopes for her to come back some day.

Name: Lassie Williams
Age: late teens (at death)
Occupation: High School Student
Samira's eldest sister, born from one of their mother's previous relationships during high school. Known to be a kind, motherly girl, her mother heavily relied on her to take care of her younger siblings, especially the youngest one, Eli. She didn't get along with Samira. At all.

She disliked transforming into her hyena form and barely used it except in dire situations. She's also dead and is missed by her mother and brother.

Name: Eli Williams
Age: 15 years old
Occupation: High school student
Samira's younger brother, sharing the same father as her. Known to act tougher than he actually is and is prone to being put in his place a lot, especially by his mother and Samira. When he's not in school, he's usually with his friends, getting dared to do stupid tricks and stuff like licking a pole during the winter time and putting hot dogs into people's pockets. His wardrobe majority consists of hand-me-downs from his mom and sisters, sometimes tailoring them into his own style.

He wants to grow as big as his mom and sisters one day and knows he could only grow to average size at best.

End Samira's family

Name: Nepheline Tucker (Nelphie)
Age: 24-25 years old
Occupation: Barista at Wulf Tea
Nelphie has recently moved into Wulftown after the whole DEUS incident, hoping to start a new life after all the mess that's happened in Void City in recent years. Growing up in Void has made her indifferent to most situations an outsider might question and raise concerns over but also built up a no nonsense attitude, determined to drive away anything that might disturb her chance at peace and a normal life (or anything that dares disrupt the boba shop she works at). Her outward demeanor is harsh and blunt but she shows an awfully soft and warm side to anyone she cares about.

She also smokes. A lot.

She's also currently engaged but planning the wedding is rough and hard due to expenses and the fact its Void City.

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Gidget is a friend that is powered by positive energy, not that she needs the incentive. Originally a nurse bot that developed a personality of her own, She now travels around and brings joy to the people. She has come to Void CIty because, let's face it we can use all the support we can get. The pods on  her hips contain a slew of attachments and tools of her trade, should she need them.

And hugs. lots of hugs

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Eulgs are a species of deep space whale like animals poachers harvest them for fat which is used as cheap ship fuel.

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The Crew of the Mirth Cutthroat

Harriett The muscle designed by Rittz

Q'mel the Spotter. Designed by Nothin

Hrny The pilot. Designed by Technicolor Yawn

Plexus the Captain. Drawn and designed by Zee

The ship is the Mirth Cutthroat

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Garland Steelestring

Garland was exiled from Opalhaven many years ago after breaking the rule of creating beings with artificial intelligence. During his exile he has made a living laying low in Void’s quiet cleaners, the Bureau of Disposal and Mortuary. There he has slowly climbed the corporate ladder and now has a comfortable position as a Chief of Staff, well liked by the directors he has this position pretty much for life. This leaves him in charge of the morgue for all those who die in the various death tournaments void hosts. He does his job well and leads a quiet life having a secretive life and not spending time in public places. However he will occasionally feel compelled to “help” some of the unfortunate souls who died in these tournaments. Combining his knowledge of automatons and combining it with the knowledge of various magic he “helps” by giving them a new life in the Dollhouse, which is his secluded mansion on the outskirts of Void.

If you have a dead meta character you want to have a terrible after-death experience feel free to have Garland be the one that does that by turning them into an automaton doll.


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