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This is it! The true meaning of high stakes!

Salutations, VOID City! It's great to be back after some misadventures on the other side of the galaxy, let's just say that I'm no longer welcome in the Klendathu system. But moving on from my troubled love life, we're just in time for the Speed Death Tournament finals! The road to this point has been fraught with danger and bloodshed. In possibly the most shocking turn of events, Monday's prized leading man, the enigmatic Agent Black, fell to Sixtem's Clash and Pistol in the semi-final round. In an unbelievably close fight to the finish, the amnesiac assassin lost by only 14 points, bringing an end to one of the most popular and storied characters in VOID's history of comic carnage. Agent Black may be gone, but his legacy will live on forever.

But we can't mourn too long, lest we forget there's still a fight to be had! Sixtem's been tearing a war-path through VOID City since his return to the site early last year. After taking the Death Royale crown just a few short months ago, he's looking to add yet another Grim Reaper title belt to his collection. But our very own dark horse candidate might have something to say about that! Puzzlething must have revenge on his mind, and now has the chance to avenge the one loss on his record, his own hair-thin loss during last year's SDT! Will Puzzlething's Marigold take tournament gold? Will Sixtem add another championship ring to his collection? Will I ever stop asking rhetorical questions? Well, stick around, folks! The best thing about the Speed Death Tournament is that the answers will be here before you know it!

Speaking of Will, EnterVOID has the very special opportunity to interview professional comic artists Greg Pak and Emma Rios! Thanks to the initiative of our very own William Duel, you all have the opportunity to ask these seasoned vets just about anything you've ever been curious about! Hopefully, this doesn't involve questions about wear they live or what they're wearing, but even then at least everyone else can see what a creeper you are! Greg Pak is a Marvel writer for titles like World War Hulk and Iron Man, and also wrote such acclaimed films as "Robot Stories," "Fighting Grandpa," and "Asian Pride Porn." Emma Rios is a penciller at Marvel Comics, and has worked on titles like Spider-Man and the Cloak and Dagger miniseries. If you can believe it, she was just picked up randomly by Warren Ellis after he discovered her on Flickr! Get your questions for either and both in on their respective forum topics, and make sure you get them in pronto! Click HERE for Greg Pak's questions, and HERE for Emma Rios.

As we wrap up the Halloween celebrations, don't be surprised to find yourself caught up in the holiday season. The EnterVOID Secret Santa Art Jam is back and is secret-er and Santa-er than ever! With more than twenty artists and counting, be sure to check out the forum thread to sign up and take a look at the roster! If you're feeling extra generous in this time of thanks and giving, why not sign up as a back-up artist so no one gets stuck with coal on Christmas morning? Last year's jam was a huge success, let's do our best to bring even more cheer this time around!

And I just noticed that it's November! Do you know what that means (aside from mustaches and falling leaves and poultry genocide)? The 30 Character Challenge has arrived! Over the course of the whole month, the challenge is to design a unique character every day, for a total of 30 by the end of it. It might be too late to register on the official site, but that shouldn't stop you from jumping in and doing it on your own! Check out the forum topic here, and direct questions you may have to Kuro, who completed the challenge last year and will be participating again for 2011.

This is TT signing off, I'll catch you wonderful people next week as we reach the climactic showdown of SDT2011!

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