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So, during the 2012 Void Invitational Tournament, we had a thread called the Welcome Committee that basically sought to highlight the individuals of the tournament that were knocked out so that they could fight more and be integrated better with the site, thanks to the efforts of our veteran artists and regular artists.

We don’t have an Invitational right now, but we have new members from the last two years that haven’t had any battles or only one battle. That needs to change. So, here's a PSA to you everyone that was unaware. There's some people in need of battles, again!

According to the leaderboards at the time of my writing this, we have 62 active characters, give or take.  I think we can spare some people to fight these folks. This list does not include anyone who’s got an established character on the site already and made someone new, this is exclusively a list for those new members with one and under battles period. I'll be starting with members who joined in 2013.

If for whatever reason you wanted to be added to this list and you’re not already, let me know and I’ll put you down for it. If you don't want to be on this list because you're busy or disinterested in battling at this time, then just say so and you'll be removed, no problem. And if you’re new yourself, don’t be afraid to challenge anyone!

What a handsome list of people, huh? If you're an active member who's willing to challenge any of these people or are willing to be challenged by any new people, then you can also sign up here and I'll make a little list. Or better yet, take the initiative and shoot one of these people a challenge or a private message! Don't get a response after a week? Move on and try someone else!

There's no guarantee that every one of these people are around, but it can't hurt to try, right?

What if you can't challenge because of other engagements in your life? That's alright, too! Just get critiquing and voting, because we all could use more of that on here.
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Stickied for viability.
Kittens wearins mittens

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bangarang, come back and fight me

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@Angie: I think you mean visibility :P

I just wanted to add that if you know any of these artists or are in contact with them, don't be afraid to chat them up and ask what's up and whether they want to come back and participate some more!

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bangarang, come back and fight me

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Lot of happy characters still around, folks! Don't forget that we have a great list that exists here.


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