VOID Rules & Etiquette

VOID Rules & Etiquette

VOID Rules & Etiquette
« on: Jul 11, 2013, 11:44 AM »
Void doesn't have a ton of rules, just basic ones that are only in place to keep things fair & happy. I'm sure some of these will be obvious.

The rules are set in stone, while the etiquette portion is strong suggestions.


1. When participating in a comic battle, all involved characters must be drawn in a comic for it to be posted. Failure to include your opponent(s) in a comic will result in an immediate default. Drawing opponents in a "cover" or promo style image does not count.

2. Character designs or comics cannot violate copyrights. Parodies are acceptable, but all content is subject to review by the council.

3. Comic drawing deadlines are final. Any content uploaded or emailed to admins after the deadline is not valid.

4. Once posted for voting, you cannot change your comic or alter any pages in any way.You may over-write what you have uploaded as many times as you want before the deadline.

5. Any vote that is considered unfair or a "cheat vote" will be removed. Cheating is not tolerated and will result in removal or voting privileges, or a ban.

6. Dead characters cannot participate in normal matches, unless a special event which allows them to is occurring when the battle begins (Month of the dead). Dead characters CAN participate in beyond battles.

7. Characters that have lost a scar match cannot enter another battle until their design sheet has been updated to reflect the new changes.

8. Harassment, or hateful language is not tolerated. Harassment of other members will result in a ban.

9. Art and stories in comics must be your own, unless stated otherwise. Collaborative comics are allowed, but they must be set up that way. Your opponent MUST be aware if they are being challenged by a team or individual. Having someone thumbnail, pencil, ink, color, write, etc. without disclosing that information is considered cheating.

10. In order to cancel a battle, all artists involved MUST agree to the cancellation. All involved parties must inform a battle manager stating that they agree to cancel the battle.

VOID Etiquette

1. It is strongly encouraged that you do not post your comic elsewhere online while it is being voted on. Posting it after the voting is complete is perfectly acceptable.

2. Try to be fair to your opponent while voting is happening. Posting a link to your comic elsewhere and asking people to vote for you is poor sportsmanship.

3. Leave all personal arguments to private conversations. Making a comic with hurtful intentions towards a fellow artist is in poor taste.

4. Extremely biased voting is not only unfair, but it is also against the rules. Give artists the scores that they deserve.

5. Please be aware of your schedule. Drawing multiple battles at once, or drawing while you know you are busy will more than likely result in poor work. No one wants their opponent to default, or cancel a match when they are well into the time period. Make sure you are able to do your best work!

6. Critiques are not personal attacks. Pointing out areas that need improvement is meant to help your growth as an artist. All members are encouraged to give critique in a respectful and helpful manner.

7. Be respectful of others artists' creations and work. All genres and styles are welcomed on VOID.


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