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Clarke, Christopher | Characters

Clarke, Christopher thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'0
 Created: December 29, 2010
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Lieutenant Clarke, Christopher
Code Name: Barricade
Status: AWOL

Last known residence : N/A

Born In the Advance American Concentration Association military branch.
Father: Leo (Deceased) (Rouge)
Mother: Donna (Current Operative but placed behind a desk and heavy observation)

Christopher is considered a high priority threat to the AACA. He was placed in the P.V. division (Powerful Valor), but according
to his fellow soldiers P.V. is considered the Potential Villains division. A cover up by the government to use problem children with
extra abilities to be used in combat and for projects that are otherwise deemed too dangerous for our registered soldiers. Originally
placed in the Hero status, was changed to the P.V.'s because of his fathers sudden turn on the AACA. He went rouge when Clarke
was 19 years old. He was taken into custody and deemed to difficult to secure. So he was executed and burned. His fathers abilities
were that he was pure marble and almost unbreakable, and his mothers abilities were to walk right through walls. She has been sealed
away in area where she cannot mentally focus enough to walk through her "prison". Clarke was placed in the P.V. status because
of the thought like father like son. Clarke had a twin brother who died 3 months ago was claimed to retain powers beyond
comprehension, but he did not survive his own potential, was driven mad and eventually was found dead from drug overdose.

Powers: Clarke has a mixed bag of his parents powers. He has the ability to become as heavy as a building and or as light as air molecules. Clarke can also become as dense as Marble or wispy to walk through walls. All in all he can control his molecular structure.
The red eyes were a technique he learned studying duplication techniques. His iris is red with a yen yang symbol with in it. He can duplicate any natural technique that doesn't involve supernatural or natural powers such as eyebeams or magic for some.

Clarke is street smart, but not a genius, extremely observant and creative and a mouth like spider-man at times.

trained in military fighting combat, he's more like a Jason statham.
Clarke has a horrible respect for authority due to his military status.
He is weapons trained, survival trained, and use to harsh conditions.

Didn't come to void with much and dressed for the occasion winter or summer and will do what it takes to survive.

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