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Cracked Cup, Main
Spoiler: show

"Alright, here's the plan. You run back in there and desperately plead for her aid to stop the fiendish Kobold that just robbed you on your way out. I can lead her away for a few blocks, long enough for the rest to make their departure."

Outside the Cracked Cup:
Spoiler: show
"Ugh, Damseling? Really?"

Lai Shan's dismay was palpable. Not because she thought the kobold's plan was bad; on the contrary, it was because the plan was optimal. It was, however, an act that she found in poor taste, and had grown rather tired of.

"Alright, you'll have your distraction, simple enough. I should warn you though that there's a considerable chance that you might draw the Queensmen as well. Just be prepared to get those little legs running, you'll know the signal when you hear it."

With that, Lai Shan rose to her feet, cleared her throat, and...


Expertly, she stumbles in through the doors of the Cracked Cup in a flustered panic.

"S-someone, HELP! That horrid little kobold stole my precious pendant!"

As per the role, she quickly craned her head left and right, until she locked onto Anna and clutched her shoulders with her hands.

"P-please! You have to stop that thieving scamp!"

Lai Shan and Chorden, disguised:
You break for the entrance in your barmaid disguise, past Luis and the new man at the table, right past the three White Jacquets, and right into a familiar tiefling--Anna Star, a very recent but friendly acquaintance and potential business partner.

Cracked Cup, Main
Spoiler: show
There was about a whole second of frozen time as Lai Shan glanced over the boisterous tiefling's features; her bright eyes, eager smile, comically large sword, and then her greeting began to register. There was only time to think...

"Oh no."

Lai Shan puts on a weak smile and shuffles past Anna nervously, walking outside the bar, around the corner, and into an alleyway where she kneels down to set the "basket" down.

"Chorden this is BAD." she whispered. "The new girl looks ready to start a ruckus!"

Cracked Cup, Back Room -> Bar
Spoiler: show
As Chorden scampers into her arms, Lai Shan looks back to Truman one last time.

"See you on the other side, chief."

With a wink, she leaves through the door and into the bar. Mimicking a face of hurried concern, she briskly walks the basket from the back room to the front door, careful not to bump anything or anyone.

Cracked Cup
Spoiler: show
Lai Shan leaned over to the door to peek at the outside.

"It doesn't look like they're here for a search. We have some time, let's plan this carefully."

Lai Shan made a count of everyone's relative positions before returning to the table.

"I can easily sneak out without problem and I can even take Chorden with me, though I wouldn't want to leave the rest of you behind. I trust there are those of us who are adept at making inconspicuous exits..."

She nodded at Truman, ever the capable scoundrel.

"...but I admit concern for those of us who can't."

She glanced over at Aaron and the still somewhat tipsy Delric.

"And to complicate matters, there is still our inebriated watchdog outside. I hope he trusts you enough to take that coffee, Aaron, or else his impulses might cost us this chance."

Luis, short-nerved as he was, always proved an obstacle to effective planning. But Lai Shan was already a step ahead.

"Thankfully we are in a bar, and no one would think twice if someone were to, say, suddenly burst into loud, boisterous song. Nothing grabs attention quite like the melody of drunken stupor."

Lai Shan reaches into her purse and produces a jade-colored velvet beret that matched her emerald-colored dress, adorned with a diamond-shaped brooch embedded with a crystal that seemed to shift colors each time it was kissed by the light, and a long white plume. As she fastens the hat to her head, she snaps her fingers and in less than a blink, she suddenly takes the appearance of a bland tavern girl with fair but blemished skin, dirt-brown hair, a simple cotton dress and a dirty apron. With another wave of her hands, a wicker basket suddenly appears in her hands, with a tall stack of dirty washcloths. She invites Chorden to leap into her arms, using the illusory basket as cover.

"Chorden and I will take our leave. Now then, who here has strong singing lungs?"

Using Hat of Disguise to disguise Lai Shan as a human tavern girl.
Using Minor Illusion to create Illusory Washcloth Basket.

Cracked Cup, Backroom
Spoiler: show
Lai Shan side-eyed her lizard companion. It was easy to forget that the Kobold's considerable talents were perhaps only matched by his greed. Not an unwanted trait, nor a trait uncommon to this lifestyle, but a negotiation faux pas nonetheless.

"We can draft up a proper contract once we finalize the details of the operation, then we can begin talking payment." Lai Shan added, with a raised finger. "After all, there are additional operation expenses to consider; props, bribes, alcohol..."

She trailed off the moment she noticed Truman's attention elsewhere. Truman was a professional, and especially distrusting of strangers; if his eyes were off the client, something more urgent must have come up.

"Something the matter, Mr. Truman?"

Cracked Cup backroom:
Spoiler: show

Lai Shan:
“People may talk, but people don’t know the whole truth about Rugo,” Delric responds. “Recently, he provided a delivery of healing potions to the Julicko House, an orphanage near the Olde Docks. However, those potions turned out to be tainted, and the kids aren’t doing so great now. I believe Rugo knew he was poisoning those kids, and he didn’t care. I just can’t figure out why…”

“Business sabotage is definitely needed, possibly public shaming if we can manage it. Rugo’s a resourceful and experienced man, and I don’t think a direct confrontation will go well for you. Actually, the best way to hurt Rugo is to hit his bottom line--steal his potions. All his potions. Destroy his equipment if you can. He’s well established in his district but this would set him back a great deal.”

Delric looks between you and Lai Shan. “I agree, I don’t think assassination would the the best course of action, at least in this case.”

Spoiler: show
"Set back, perhaps, but criminals are desperate, and you can't keep a desperate man down. The goal is to eliminate him definitively, yes?"

Lai Shan raised a hand to her chin, quickly fabricating schemes and plans in her head.

"It won't be enough to simply destroy his supply. We need to run him out of the underworld entirely. If assassination is off the table, then we must destroy his reputation. He will be hated, detested, mistrusted, and no one will ever deal with him again. His very existence will be a mistake."

Lai Shan's tone seems to have taken on a more serious candor.

The Back Room at the Cracked Cup:
Spoiler: show
"Korell? That tonic peddler?"

Lai Shan touched a finger to her bottom lip, overselling a gesture of thoughtfulness, perhaps mockingly so.

"I hear that name shared amongst the ladies in the salon. Something about 'rejuvenating oils', or 'purifying bath salts', or 'essential rubbing vinegars'. Regardless of how legitimate his products may be, his brand holds quite a bit of repute. It would be difficult to make such a man disappear without disrupting public security."

Ideas began to spin themselves in Lai Shan's head. Public figures were often a challenge to remove, but not impossible.

"Did you have a particular avenue in mind? Assassination? Business sabotage? Public shaming? Blackmail?" 

Lai Shan turns and rises from her seat, eager to hear of this new job. She strutted ahead of Chorden and Delric towards a (hopefully) unoccupied room. As she passes by Delric, she stops for a second to glance over her shoulder.

"The answer, by the way, is that the foxes leave the prairie to hunt waterfowl by the lake. There was no way for you to know that, of course, but I like seeing what people try to guess."

With a sly wink, she heads off to go claim a room.

The Crew in the Cracked Cup:
Spoiler: show

“Help me?” he replies to Lai Shan. “Perhaps, yes. Did I hear Figg correctly—you’re friends of Mr. Braddock?” The elf raises his hands, open palms out to ease Luis’s anxiety. “A dear old man. Clever, for a human. Do you happen to know where he might be? I’m putting together something of a crew, and Braddock would prove vital to my work…”

Lai Shan glances over to Truman in the corner of her eye, noting his watchful gaze. It wouldn't do well to bluff right now, but perhaps she could coax more out of their new acquaintance.

"Clever indeed, he never quite tells us what he's up to! But he did mention an old friend with plans. After all..."

Lai Shan leans in her seat, staring at her fingernails in an almost dismissive manner.

"...the foxes did leave the prairie yester eve..."

She glanced back to the elf in the corner of her eye, awaiting the second half of the password*

Spoiler: show
There is no password.

His fur bristling, and tail erect, Luis aggresively showed his teeth to the approaching elf. He was still not calm and his (assumed) drunken stupor wouldn’t help the cause. He lowered himself at the level of the table, leaving only his eyes sharply fixed on the mer.
Hoping no one would mention anything about him, so he could start a fight with the just as intoxicated visitor.

Lai Shan was just about to take a seat when the staggered slump of the drunk Shifter seemed to suggest he was ready to pounce at the approaching elf. And he wonders why no one ever treats him as anything other than a mutt, she thought to herself. Sighing, she turns in her seat and leans on the back of her chair to face the man. Better to at least attempt civility than to assume the worst.

"May I help you, sir?" she beamed with a casual smile.

Lai Shan gently snags the back of Luis's collar as he strides by.

"Easy there, pooch. The lizard's right; all of us here know what it means to commit to the job. The last thing we need right now is you getting your fleas in everyone's soup."

She sighed before finishing her mead. "Besides, I think it's disrespectful to assume our associates are already done for. They knew what the worse case scenario was, and I'm sure they've taken the proper measures. Have some confidence, you're rather fatalistic for a supposed healing man."

Lai Shan stood up and circled around the table, sure to meet the eyes of all involved.

"Now I know it seems we've hit a low point, but that's just the nature of the game, isn't it? You win big, you lose big, you climb up from the dirt to taste that sweet reward that you damn well know you earned. Besides, we didn't walk away from that entire ordeal empty-handed; we braved the Medusa's maze and escaped with our lives! Isn't that worthy of note?"

Lai Shan was busy nursing a flagon of mead; not normally her drink of choice, but choices are slim in a back-alley tavern, and the sweetness of the honey only reminded her of the crates full of vintage honey-wine back at the library. The lithe elven charlatan was perhaps too flashy and overly-dressed for the locale, but Lai Shan literally doesn't know any other way to dress. She took another sip and crossed her legs.

"Mr. Truman is right. Two of our own are unaccounted for, we'd best find them, or what became of them. We're not so cruel as to cut our losses; even brigands understand the virtue of family."

She set her drink down and leaned over the table, resting her chin on the backs of her hands. "That said, we have several avenues ahead of us. The Jacquets may have taken the library, but what charge is Lady Reed guilty of? Even if they found the painting, its actual value isn't even worth the cost of retrieving it. And if the Jacquets dare to try the Maze, well..." Lai Shan tilted her head and smiled.

"If you need anyone with their ears to the pavement, I can gather what information I can. There's not a single gilded fence in Voidheim that can keep me out, you know."

Art Jams / Re: 2017 Secret Santa!
« on: Nov 18, 2017, 04:11 PM »
Oh Secret Santa, I just can't quit you.

Sign me up with Baku.

But if anyone is cool enough to know who Judith, Beverly or Jackpot are, that would be cool too.

Lai Shan/Seth/Sharis with Ashen, Room 14:
Spoiler: show

Lai Shan:
You trance first and then take on watch while the others rest. You rest in the hall undisturbed, which is not to say it is uneventful. Throughout your rest there is the constant pulsating breeze down the hall, and the sound of crickets in the black room from which the orchidmen emerged. It sounds like Chronia has resumed playing her guitar (badly), something begins shuffling in the next room north.

Lai Shan, Room 14

Spoiler: show
Lai Shan had stood up to stretch when she heard the shuffling to the north. Could it be a foe? One of her allies? Maybe another one of the maze's weird denizens? In any case, it wouldn't do to have the others' wake from their rest prematurely. Lai Shan had to deal with this before the whole room is compromised. Quietly, she heads north, peeking carefully through the door to see what lies beyond.

News & Events / Re: -[Under NEW Management Tournament]-
« on: Sep 16, 2017, 07:32 PM »
A Bad Idea entering with Itami

Also I'm throwing Baku the Explosionist into the roulette.

Lai Shan, Room 14

Spoiler: show
"Has it really been that long? I hadn't realized. It becomes difficult to discern the time without the light of the sun."

Lai Shan sets down her satchel on a nearby table and brings out the rations again.

"I've got some snacks if you guys need to eat something. Should be enough for all of us if we share."

Lai Shan, Room 14 [COMBAT, ROUND 3]

Spoiler: show
Lai Shan Attacking with Shortsword vs Orchidman = (12)+6 = 18 [HIT!]
Shortsword Damage = (3)+4 = 7 piercing damage

Using Step Of The Wind (1 Ki) to Disengage as a bonus action

As the remaining orchidman vomits excessively on Sharis, Lai Shan leaps forward, driving her blade deep into the side of the orchid's 'head'. Knowing the consequence of a fatal strike against the creature, Lai Shan pulls her blade free and in a swift blur, darts back with a flip and a tumble, landing gracefully at a safe distance before the orchid erupts.

Lai Shan Wisdom Save vs Acid = (18)+2 = 20 [SAVED!]

Lai Shan flicks her sword to the side, shaking off the strange plant juice before returning the sword to its scabbard.

"Phew, everyone alright?"

Lai Shan, Room 14 [COMBAT!]
Spoiler: show

1d20+6 Lai Shan Attacking with Shortsword vs Orchidman = (7)+6 = 13 [HIT!]
1d6+4 Shortsword Damage = (6)+4 = 10 piercing damage
1d20+6 Lai Shan Attacking with Unarmed Strike vs Orchidman = (15)+6 = 21 [HIT!]
1d4+4 Unarmed Strike Damage = (1)+4 = 5 bludgeoning damage

Hearing Ashen's cry(?), Lai Shan feels the urgency to strike down Ashen's assailant. Lai Shan coils back, leveling her blade and tucking her elbow back before thrusting her blade deep into what would normally be the nape of the creature's neck. In one fluid motion, she withdraws her sword, exposing the open wound, steps forward and strikes the back of the creature's head with a powerful palm thrust, tearing open the wound and prying open the creature's neck from behind. Unexpectedly, the orchid creature sprays a geyser of acidic nectar from its severed neckhole!

1d20+6 Lai Shan Dex Save = (2)+6 = 8
1d10 Ouch acid burns = (4) = 4 acid damage

"Ow! Ugh!"

The scalding acid sears Lai Shan's overextended arm, but she shakes it off and returns to her fighting posture, looking out for her next target.

Lai Shan, Room 14 [COMBAT!]

Spoiler: show
1d20+6 Lai Shan Attacking with Shortsword vs Orchidman = (5)+6 = 11 [MISS!]
1d20+6 Lai Shan Attacking with Unarmed Strike vs Orchidman = (11)+6 = 17 [HIT!]
1d4+4 Unarmed Damage = (4)+4 = 8 Bludgeoning Damage

As soon as the Orchidmen close in to strike, Lai Shan springs into action, flicking her sword loose from its scabbard with an elegant flourish. Skidding to Lady Ashen's side, she cuts past the assailing Orchid with a horizontal cut that only scrapes off the creature's membrane. Using her turning momentum, she plants her heel into the soil, spins around leaning backward as she raises her back leg to let loose a devastating back heel roundhouse, aimed right at the Orchid's head!

Lai Shan/Seth/Sharis,with Ashen, leaving Room 27:
Spoiler: show
Leaving through the Southwest door brings you to (Room 12), a small den with a table and short wine cabinet. There are few bottles left here, and one sits on a tray on the table. The tray is tarnished silver.

. (Room 48) is covered in flowered vines and large leafy bushes.

Lai Shan, Room 12
Spoiler: show

"Gentlemen, I regret to say that I've misread the situation."

Lai Shan sighed as she leaned against the table.

"I thought at first that this place was a prison, lined with traps and guards and closely guarded treasures and the like. But after my last few curious encounters, it would seem as though an entire society exists within these walls."

She turned to Ashen with a scrutinizing look.

"You wouldn't happen to know any more about the residents of this place, would you?" she asked while laying down her satchel to fetch her waterskin and a folded bag of rations; nuts, dried fruits, jerky, and other non-perishables.

"I don't know about you guys but I am famished. Anyone want some?" Lai Shan asks while munching away.

[OOC: Lai Shan is using the Rations she obtained from the Escher Room as well as her full Waterskin.]


Lai Shan/Sharis/Seth, Room 27:
Spoiler: show

All of you feel a sudden pang of hunger twisting in your stomach, like you haven't eaten in a few days. There doesn't look like much edible food in this place. A pitcher of honey and a half-eaten bowl of nuts sit on the nearest low table.

Fracture-of-the-Bone nibbles at Chronia's wrist while she speaks, drawing a little blood with its fangs. She winces, bites her lip, and tries to stay focused on the conversation at hand.

Lai Shan:
Chronia has a hopeful look. "Yes, maybe you won't have to kill her."

"I so rarely get to leave this chamber, there are a number of things you could do to get on my good side. First, I don't know if you've noticed, but I am naked." She stands and turns around fully, her only ornaments being gold and amber jewelry. "Mortal clothing can only last seconds on my skin before it's rotted away. I hear the Reptile Empire had the particular knowledge of magical weaving. Perhaps this knowledge survives in their Archive? If you were to obtain some clothing of such divine quality that it would withstand my natural entropy, I'll gladly shed a Tear for you."

"Or, if you like, you could hunt for some information for me. There's a certain...someone in the Maze who used to leave me love letters daily. It was one of my very few joys in existence." She sighs.

"I don't know what I would've done to upset her, but I've sent letters with no reply. I'm just curious, is all. If she's really done with me, then she's as fickle as they all say. Maybe her steward Torgos would know the truth--he's always been honest with me. His office is East in the Almery."

Lai Shan, Room 27
Spoiler: show
Though unexpected, Lai Shan couldn't let the sudden sting of hunger ruin her smug posture, else the posture lose all of its power.

"Lost letters, you say? You know, I met another resident on the way here; scaly bespectacled fellow, fond of bandages and questions, seemed to be of the literary sort. I wonder if she knows anything about these misplaced missives?"

Lai Shan rose from her seat, looking oddly determined.

"But more importantly, your clothing situation is most dire! No proper lady should be denied the gift of fashion!"

Having made up her mind, she turns to leave the room. But not before checking the hourglass one last time.

"Come Sharis, Seth! We go in search of fashion that transcends the ravages of time!"


Sharis/Lai Shan/Seth, with Ashen, Room 27:
Spoiler: show
Chronia grows increasingly excited as you tell your tales. With every flex her expression dances between curiosity, surprise, and delight. She is well drunk by now. Her breath falls from her lips like cold mist, and she wipes her lips.

"You're truly just as amazing a Triton as I would've believed," she commends you. "I'm so glad to hear the Tritons devote themselves to heroism, and to noble goals. I think it suits them, and...well as penance goes it should alleviate their guilt in the eyes of history." She smiles. "We don't all get that chance. I hope you do get to make up for your people's mistakes..."

"And to be sure, the rescue of the famous Three Goddesses would be such a feat, worthy of your great power. But there are a number of problems, and I doubt your quest will end how you think it will end."

Ashen begins to protest, but a clearly annoyed Chronia motions for her to be silent, so she obeys. "Enough of you, Priestess," Chronia hisses.

"My sisters and I have pretty strange relationships with the world around us. I'm sure you felt something when I left my room. I can hardly travel the Maze without disrupting the flow of time. Zamia, beloved by all, and Charity, the ender of strife, have similar situations. And even if we did make it back outside, I only fear everything would start back up again. The Triarchy, reborn?" She spits. "No, we're better than that now."

"Also, you really think you can kill Psathyrella Medusae, anyway?" She looks worried for you. "Oh, sweet hero. Armies have tried. Gods have fallen in the attempt. No, don't underestimate Ella. That's always the first and last mistake."

"But...perhaps you won't leave empty handed? I have something to grant a noble warrior, in return for a favor. It is said my tears have an affect craved by mortals. Have you heard of the Tears of Time?"

Lai Shan:
The hourglass men observe the room calmly.

Beyond them on the far North wall is a half-shattered glass curio cabinet stuffed with aged books and knick-knacks.

Lai Shan, Room 27
Spoiler: show
One last cursory glance around the room revealed no items of particular value. Disappointed, Lai Shan returned her attention back to Chronia just in time to catch her warning about the Medusa.

"If you say she's that powerful, we'll definitely heed your advice. But power in excess often forgoes guile, and the plenty of us are gifted with wits sharper than any blade. There's no need to slay what can instead be outsmarted!"

Lai Shan crossed her legs in her seat, as if to punctuate her boast.

"Tell us about this favor, yeah?"


Lai Shan/Seth/Sharis, with Ashen, Room 27:
Spoiler: show

Immediately, she beamed a friendly smile. "I'm glad you'll have us Ms. Torn, I'm very excited to be here! Everything I've seen in here so far has been far beyond my wildest imagination. I would love to see more!"
[OOC: Lai Shan rolling Insight to discern Chronia's possible intent: 1d20+2 = (13)+2 = 15]
Lai Shan:
Chronia is slightly taken aback by your enthusiasm, but returns your smile. "Oh...okay. That's a little weird. Most people are sobbing messes by the time they reach the center of the Maze. Still, it's nice that you're not like that. I mean, I'm glad." She smiles a little nervously.

To your keen and experienced eye, you see the woman bare, and not just physically. She seems lonely and eager to entertain visitors, and she's more than a little tipsy. She searches your face and each of your party members' faces. For every smile she sees, her own grin brightens.

As she enters her room, she chucks the candle stub in a wooden bucket with similar melted candles. "Come inside," she urges you.

Chronia Torn's huge room is a warm cocoon of rotting silk and reflected light from chandeliers 50-feet up. Everything is beautiful and bright and falling apart. You see screens made from stacked glass and polished bricks of semiprecious stone. The floor is pale quartz sand, inch-deep over the rotted remains of granite flags. There are low lumps of abraded stone and the remains of sculpture, the only art to last.

Chronia takes a seat on a small couch near the center of the room. Beyond her is a small spherical structure to the Northwest, where Fracture-of-the-Bone resides. The back of the room is guarded by two large figures. Two sinewy men with blue-black skin stand at attention, 7-feet tall from shoulders to toes. Upon their shoulders sit 2-foot tall hourglasses containing red-quart sand. They are armed with a long khopesh in each hand.

"Tell me everything about everything," Chronia says as she sits, and offers you all cushioned stools close to her couch. Not too close, however. She drinks straight from a bottle of dark red wine.

Ashen introduces your group as her saviors. She especially notes the fact that Sharis the Triton personally protects her, and two of the other adventurers are a gob with magic and a felinoid-hybrid. She is quite proud of these facts. Chronia doesn't seem as interested in that.

"A lot has changed, Priestess," Chronia sighs wearily. "The Triarchy is no more. All your accumulated power holds no currency here."

Lai Shan, room 27

Spoiler: show
Lai Shan puts a finger to her chin and tilts her head quizzically, feigning ignorance.

"I'm afraid there's not much to say, my lady. Our world is awfully dull. To be truthful, it is the reason we ventured into this maze in search of adventure."

She takes a moment to glance around the room. She makes a mental note of the hourglasses' current volume of sand, so that she could reference it later.

"However, Sharis here might have tales to tell from deep beneath the tides. Why, his entire odyssey is ascribed onto his very body!" Lai Shan claimed excitedly, trying her best to sell up the decorated ocean man.

Lai Shan/Seth/Sharis, with Ashen, Room 25:
Spoiler: show

As you gather the scattered treasure, a figure from the North appears in the hallway, barely illuminated by a tall handheld candle, everything around you slows down. Words left unsaid hang on the tips of your tongues, and time itself seems to pause in respect for her arrival.

A tall, curvy young woman with white-blonde hair appears at the farthest end of the North hall, wearing cascades of glistening gold and amber jewelry, and nothing else. She holds out the candle in front of her to get a better look at the group of you.

"Hello? Are you new visitors?" she asks curiously. "I am Chronia Torn. What are you doing out here?"

Ashen Chanterelle immediately drops to her knees, lowers her face, and presents her holy symbol, which Chronia clearly recognizes. "You're traveling with one of ours? So you're all pilgrims, then? If so, please, come inside a moment, before more scarabs escape the private collection." She points East to the Almery, and North to her chamber. By this time the once tall candle is already down to a waxy stub in her hand.

Waiting behind her is a stubby little chalk-white creature, roughly bulldog-shaped but with a flat piranha-like face and a ridge of spines on its back like a lionfish. "Come, visitors! Fracture-of-the-Bone won't bite unless asked politely." The stubby piranha-dog snorts happily and goes to each of you to sniff a hand or leg.

The wind in the hall continues to move Westward at jagged intervals, and child-snake Gibba has already disappeared East in the purple darkness, gibbering to himself.

Spoiler: show
Lai Shan eyed the new 'host' up and down. There's no where she could possibly be hiding a weapon, which means she's either harmless, or possibly the most dangerous threat in this maze.

Immediately, she beamed a friendly smile. "I'm glad you'll have us Ms. Torn, I'm very excited to be here! Everything I've seen in here so far has been far beyond my wildest imagination. I would love to see more!"

As the group is prompted to proceed forwards, Lai Shan hangs back behind Ashen. As the piranha-pug makes its rounds sniffing each of them, Lai Shan takes note of it and of Chronia's diminishing candle and makes a few mental notes:

Be on alert for sudden temperature changes, don't let the lady touch you. Also, apply new perfume before fleeing.

[OOC: Lai Shan rolling Insight to discern Chronia's possible intent: 1d20+2 = (13)+2 = 15]

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