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News & Events / Re: Suggest An Event!
« on: Mar 22, 2016, 07:25 AM »
Treasure Hunt.

Like any other tournament, except the characters are competing for some sort of tremendously awesome tangible reward you can hold in your hands, leading to much Voidian chaos and hijinks everywhere.

Think Scarmaggeddon with more greed.

Well, job well done, then.  The prompt was broad enough for interpretation and specific enough to inspire.  I'd call that a success, and any that didn't respond merely lazy ;)

In the process I created a character I like quite a bit, as I find him roughly as reprehensible as Starker but more colorful to write. I think Roflqu and I are gonna bring it on dis shit so pat yourself on the back and or penis in satisfaction as desired.

The prompt made me get off my ass and write something for the first time in like six months

If it's any consolation.

Art Jams / Re: Alan Rickman Tribute Jam
« on: Jan 15, 2016, 01:37 AM »
I just wanted to express my appreciation for a truly brilliant actor.  I didn't even care at first when I was told the news in the form of "Snape died".  Then I found out he played Snape and felt like I got hit in the jaw with a sledgehammer out of karma. 

But whatever, Hans Gruber is a more iconic performance and anybody that disagrees can fight me.  If I could draw I'd draw him trying to shoot John McClane with his eyes popping wide open as the gun goes click click click.  Such a good scene.

"What was it you said before?  Yippie.  Ki.  Ayyy.  Muddafuqur."

Apparently roflqu and I are doing a thing for this

Is this it???  Will I finally get to write and complete a finished piece!?  Is this happening???

(probably not but I'm making this post so I have homies to help me shame him if it doesn't pan out obvs)

Art Jams / Re: VOID SHIPPING JAM [18+]
« on: Nov 22, 2015, 02:54 PM »
I can't be the only one that desperately wants to know what Hiemie drew

News & Events / Re: Suggestions
« on: Oct 11, 2015, 03:32 PM »
I love Colin and Eric's ideas about Annihilation.  A lot.

Art Jams / Re: VOID SHIPPING JAM [18+]
« on: Sep 27, 2015, 04:01 PM »
oh christ, somebody ship Starker with their character plz

I literally don't care who it is.  He's so incapable of traditional human feelings that it would be funny no matter who the other person is.  Talk about emotionally unavailable!

Art Jams / Re: BATTLE HYPE JAM!!!!
« on: Sep 17, 2015, 01:14 PM »
How many comics are on Void where multiple cigar chomping psychopaths all have to press a top secret evil button at roughly the same time to accomplish some sort of nefarious deed?

I feel like even if the answer was "like a hundred" it would still not be enough.

Art Jams / Re: BATTLE HYPE JAM!!!!
« on: Sep 16, 2015, 10:52 AM »
Stop playing with my heart, Underwood. 

Art Jams / Re: BATTLE HYPE JAM!!!!
« on: Sep 05, 2015, 02:29 PM »
Sign on for first time in 5ever.

Random PM from someone just weeks ago perplexes me with the continuing mystery of people knowing I exist

Apparently Underwood comes out of his tomb once in a while.  My character lives on through him, so that's pretty neat.  He looks positively dastardly.  I continue to pine for the chronicles of Ted Bushberry and his noble death.

HIemie is still alive.  What.

Somebody had a Mr. Creamy hype thing but I could've fuckin sworn that HIemie quit Void for real.  What is this business? 

@Geeps: Dude, you've made such unreal strides since I last saw your stuff, awesome work.  I still remember your earliest diamond-in-the-rough-around-the-edges stuff from the invitational a billion years ago.

oh hi guys.  I'm not dead, merely upside down. 

Art Jams / Re: Epic Void Collab Poster
« on: Apr 20, 2014, 09:57 AM »
And obviously Toast and Evil Eye are exceptions to the you must draw your own character rule as they have writer/artist team characters.

haha what people still think I'm relevant (or ever was I guess)?  I should upload like a stick figure with a super mean-spirited ragecomic-esque look on his face or something

Zsa being back is awesome though and I like this idea.  It's gonna be a damned towering piece when it's done that's for sure.  Shine on you crazy diamonds.

Art Jams / Re: BATTLE HYPE JAM!!!!
« on: Jul 16, 2013, 08:57 PM »
It is, in fact, six.  I had that problem too, and I wrote the shit.  Take it up with Joe, that butthole

(jk joe I love you man)

I will concur, also, that Catduchess's thing looks kickass.  I really like the stylized look of it, the washed out color and stylization are doing it for me.  Color me interested

Art Jams / Re: BATTLE HYPE JAM!!!!
« on: Jul 15, 2013, 09:21 PM »
I really like the expressions, for some reason

So did under ever release his furries vs murphys comic?  or did he bail again, the fucker.  If neither, time for another hype image imo js

(yeah I'm not dead, just lacking in interwebs atm)

edit: ah what the hell, might as well shine a beacon on my own hypocrisy in the same post as a callout for unproductivity

coming this century: Starker does something or other, meets someone or other, and some events or other transpire.  Fucks may or may not be given, that's up to y'all I guess.  That and, y'know, not dying before this is finally done I guess

Art Jams / Re: BATTLE HYPE JAM!!!!
« on: May 14, 2013, 08:15 PM »
Dark City influence...?

Art Jams / Re: BATTLE HYPE JAM!!!!
« on: Apr 16, 2013, 09:28 PM »
Coatl you sexy kneegrowth, I love that shit!  Really natural/funny dialogue and it's got a lot of personality in the art style

Art Jams / Re: BATTLE HYPE JAM!!!!
« on: Apr 10, 2013, 08:59 AM »
I think this thread has gone too long without another hype post from under about the murphy's law/furry war

Just sayin'

Art Jams / Re: Welcome to Diov City
« on: Apr 10, 2013, 08:57 AM »
Give us the diamonds, or face the

BIZARROOOoOOoOoOOooo consequences!!!


Art Jams / Re: Void Fanart JAM! UPDATE 8/20
« on: Apr 05, 2013, 07:15 PM »
Good Christ, Under, if you keep up at this pace you're gonna run all the way through Void City and you'll have to rummage through the Incubator for unfinished characters.

Love the medieval fantasy Regi.... and I think I'll be seeing your take on Creamy in my nightmares.  For a month.

Art Jams / Re: Void Fanart JAM! UPDATE 8/20
« on: Mar 12, 2013, 08:48 AM »
Well, I like 'em, Joe!  :crossarms:

The way your human anatomy has an almost stylized portraiture sketch kinda look really lends itself well to his blackhearted gaze.  That last one gave me a chill.

Thumbs up

Art Jams / Re: BATTLE HYPE JAM!!!!
« on: Mar 12, 2013, 08:28 AM »
After some delays, the final part of the battle with Ted will soon be up. In the meantime, have a preview page:

Of all the "this'll get finished as a Beyond Battle!!!!"s that never happened, this is the one I both least expected and most wanted.  Shine on, you crazy British diamond.

also GPS you have improved a shitton in a scant year and I just wanted to say that before I forget

Reviews / Re: So what comics are you reading?
« on: Feb 14, 2013, 11:28 PM »
Damn, Joe, pretty much all of those gave me a super Void-y vibe.  And are you sure you aren't promoting your own work?  Come on man, you are OBVIOUSLY the artist for Salem Brownstone ;)

I am super interested in a few things posted here.  Old City Blues seems like it's right up my alley, Salem Brownstone looks deliciously weird.  That fucking spaceship panel from the last thing there dropped my jaw to the floor.  Def gotta hit up some of this stuff.

Right, so, comics 'n' shit.  I've read some more Batman/'TEC/Shadow of the Bat/etcetc.  Most recently, the Cataclysm arc, which leads into No Man's Land and so forth.  It was decent.  Chuck Dixon is a weird one, that guy.  His sense of pacing and flow is great, but I feel like he always introduces ideas of great depth and doesn't really flesh them out or really tap at their potential.  Also somewhere in there was a really damn shitty comic but I can't remember who the writer was, which is annoying as I can't avoid him in the future.  I think it was Doug Moench?  Not sure, not sure.  Anyway yeah No Man's Land is supposed to be good stuff, so I'm lookin' forward to it.

Gotham Central was a fun one.  Really fun, at times.  The ending annoyed me, though.  When the book opens, Marcus Driver is the face of the GCPD we're given, and I like that, I like that it was a new character.  It helped that it was a good character.  Although there were some familiar faces from past Bat-books that would get their own arcs, it felt like Driver was a sort of informal centerpiece to everything that the story would come back to now and again.  And then.... he just kind of gets sidelined.  He's still there, but his role ranges from supporting character to outright cameo, and he doesn't get anymore character development after like halfway through the book.  The end is the real kick in the ass, though.  They did an infinite crisis issue, and since i was nearing the end, it was like, oh, I get it.  Apocalyptic events to round out the book, that makes sense.  In reality though it was just one issue, and it was back to normal for the last few, and it just made the whole thing feel trivial.  It was nice that the last story was a very good one, but I still have other issues with it.  I believe Brubaker had left this book by now, and that Greg Rucka (his cocreator) had taken it on in full now.  It kind of shows, because the last arc is pretty much exclusively about Renee Montoya (with a dash of Crispus Allen).  That's fine, they're great characters and all, but the ending of Gotham Central should have been more of an ensemble piece.  The ending (Montoya retires) feels abrupt and lacks closure, and not in the good way where the lack of closure makes you reflect on something in a meaningful way.  It's like Rucka decided that since he was in charge of the book now and had written some Montoya arcs in the past, Montoya is now the centerpiece, and the series ends with her career.  For my money, an ensemble piece with Driver as the informal center of everything would have been the way to go, and preferably one that focused on an issue relevant to all of the officers, instead of just one of them (although the last arc tackles corruption, it's very much a personal story about Montoya and to a lesser extent Allen).

Still, overall it was a very fine book, and a brilliant concept. 

The Walking Dead.  This is a funny one.  If anybody listened to the episode of the Vcast I was on, I talked a bit about Kickass and generally didn't have anything very good to say about it, or Mark Millar's writing in particular.  Talked about how it felt like it was too up its own ass in trying to be gritty and shocking, and as a result not really hitting the notes it was going for by way of being too over the top to be grittily realistic and yet too gritty and bleak to be much fun either.  Some of the lines of dialogue characters say just makes me cringe.  You "see the writer" way, way too much.  This is what I was expecting from TWD when I read about the series a bit.  So many events sounded shocking for the sake of as much.  I was dead wrong.  In context, the story always earns these moments, and they are treated with grace and maturity.  The characterization of the characters is excellent, with the possible exception that people yell too much.  Note that that's a personal pet peeve, as arguments can be such a crutch, a friend of mine made the valid point that people are probably barely held back from venomous arguments all the time in such a world.  I'm glad i'm caught up on this book, because the TV show is such utter shit.  I feel fortunate that I was able to experience the story in its true form before too much of it was ruined for me in bland, toothless, terribly written show.  I would definitely recommend this comic.  The slow death of all civilization is compelling as all hell

A buncha Daredevil stuff.  Guardian Devil, Born Again, The Man Without Fear, Yellow.  Think that's all of it at the moment, about to read the miller run and then brubaker/bendis's runs.  GD was a weird one, I enjoyed a lot of things about it, but at times I felt like Kevin Smith was bumbling around the story, particularly in the big payoffs to everything.  That final conversation with Spidey and DD in particular did nothing for me at all, it felt like unjustified, preachy gibberish to me.  TMWF and Born Again are good stuff.  The whole "descent into madness" angle in Born Again felt way too easy and cheap, but I still liked these stories a lot.  My main problem is that in BA, it feels like it starts to meander and not really go anywhere at the end.  There's no real sense that DD has recovered and is taking the fight to the Kingpin, it's just kinda, he's back, here's a supervillain, let's do this.  Daredevil's "victory" at the end there doesn't make much sense to me in the context of his struggle with the Kingpin.  TMWF I have no real issues with, it's a story with a good flow and good characterization, and it doesn't feel like Miller was ripping himself off with Batman Year One.  DD Yellow was good stuff, and the Jeph Loeb TIm Sale connection continues to impress.  I thought the Owl's plan was kind of weak, though, and WHY IN THE FUCK DOES HE MAKE OWL SOUNDS?  SERIOUSLY.  WHY.  THAT WAS SO DUMB.  Other than that -- and I suppose how the whole Foggy/Karen/Matt thing was introduced and subsequently went nowhere --though, was diggin' it.  The Purple Man was deliciously smug.  My favorite scene in this book was one of my favorites in any comic ever, however.  The three musketeers go to Matt and Foggy's old college watering hole to play some pool and drink.  When the opponents at the table see Matt, they laugh their asses off.  Crack jokes at him for being blind.  Then Matt sharks the hell out of them, while telling one Helen Keller joke after another.  It was fantastic.

I like Daredevil.  I relate to the character for similar reasons that I do to Batman, but the character feels a lot more human and less of a pathological automaton than Batman.  He makes mistakes, he allows himself little pleasures on occasion.  That makes Matt Murdock easier to connect to.

Anyway that's me, of the last while anyway.  Oh, I read some Green Arrow too.  Year One was fun.  The Longbow Hunters was excellent.  The Miniseries was ehhhh alright, a decent plot and so-so execution elevated above itself by Ollie Queen's very enjoyable character.  What a distinct voice that guy has.

« on: Feb 13, 2013, 03:00 AM »
I'm going to counter that.  I think if someone is willing to go that route, you should keep yourself available for this tournament.

ah ha, I'm touched.  I'm also very late.  I don't think I'd have changed my mind though so it is immaterial.

G'luck to all, some sexy matchups out there already.  I make no promises about my objectivity when Tinman/Hiemie are fighting other than that I'll try my goddamnedest.  You have been warned.

« on: Jan 24, 2013, 09:10 AM »

Actually in hindsight this is the worst kind of thing for me to enter.  Errbody wants to do their own writing --or at least some of it -- so it's not like I can just be like "yeah I'll do that part", and not having a secondary artist actually really is a significant handicap when everyone else will


Art Jams / Re: M-M-MURDER JAM
« on: May 07, 2012, 04:56 PM »
Ricky Mooney

Patience.  He'd always been a space monster of patience.  What else can one learn in several million years of life?  One day, he would eat the blue rock and all of its silly denizens.  But, first they needed to develop into a proper meal, and this damned space bird was ruining everything!  Its gentle swaying, its amassing of the blue rock's cerulean lifeblood.  With each peck, it drained at the soul of his fledgling snack. 

Ricky never cared for meal stealers.

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