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ABILITIES: shapeshifting poisonous Phobos membrane/bone armor, constantly exudes variety of noxious poisons, explosive regeneration/healing factor, super strength (when arm released), limited shapeshifting of remaining organic parts; able to form variety of exoskeletal forms around herself for heavy combat; able to relinquish control of infection concentrating on either her arm for enhanced strength or her head for enhanced poison-based attacks

(physical stats approximate equivalent mass of existing matter – her physical form is merely a shadow being cast from an extradimensional source; almost like a hole burnt through a sheet of paper through which matter flows)
Height: 5’11” (with bone spear in head)
Weight: 420 lbs (including mass of poison, bone, and armor suffusing her body)
Age: 1312 years old
Faves: staring at pieces of bismuth, having fun, hangin wit dem boiz, dismembering herself, poisoning people
Dislikes: cute things dying when she tries to cuddle them; losing her head (literally, or really any part of her original body); squares; not poisoning people

DEDHED is a person-shaped hole in spacetime, through which a dimension of poison and bones and polluted earth exists. Using their sticky strands of noxious hair and explosive growths of bone and osseous material, she is able to reach faraway combatants, fashion new limbs and alter her form, and poison her surroundings almost irreparably simply by being present in an area. Dedhed has access to a vast variety of different poisons and substances, ranging from destructive to recreational; her modus operandi is delivering a debilitating dose of psychedelic terror by coughing into someone’s mouth as they speak to introduce themselves before attacking them physically.

Dedhed has no brain or conventional consciousness; it is more like a wandering tornado or mudslide; it exists and happens to destroy things by existing. Kindof dumb. Easily distracted and utterly alien, Dedhed is only marginally sociable; she is mostly nonverbal except for tics, growls, mewls, and hisses which she fashions into a crude nonsense language while emoting with her body to communicate, like a noisy-ass, filthy mime. Quite capable of being friendly, understands cooperation, just has inhuman, amoral motivations, which only coincidentally involves killing things. Able to be outsmarted easily (which isn’t much of an accomplishment outsmarting a brainless person), but possesses an absurdist animal cunning that catches opponents off guard, placing them in dangerous situations after they are lulled into a sense of superiority/security.

Dedhed is a former human infected by an extradimensional black poison called Phobos. Phobos appears in various physical states and causes destruction/ossification of organic matter and rapid degeneration of the inorganic/artificial. While victims subjected to it are usually turned into mindless, Phobos-soaked abominations of poisoned stone and exhumed skeletons (if their physical form survives at all), Dedhed is somehow able to maintain her physical form. Usually chooses to present themselves as a humanoid woman, though she is able to alter her appearance and anatomy from simple disguises to complete transformation of her body into monstrous alien entities, both by enveloping herself in Phobos and any nearby matter tainted by it. Able to be dismembered and quickly reattach or regrow lost parts, though they are rarely ever perfect replacements, which is why Dedhed is so fond of her remaining organic parts. Signature move is the reverse noogie, where she removes her head and beats an opponent with it like a mace.

Most of this noxious poison is generated from Dedhed’s empty cranium, from which long, gooey strands of poison constantly issue forth; Dedhed wears this neverending flow of venom-like hair, and can retract it into a pixie-cut style when she needs to suppress her abilities to interact with others. The Phobos infection is mostly concentrated in Dedhed’s cranium and right arm. She is able to release control over her infection, which causes her bone arm to bloat in size and go berserk, literally charging at enemies while dragging an ecstatic Dedhed by her dislocated shoulder, as it launches itself at opponents like a venomous missile.

While released, she is also able to convert her remaining organic parts into pure Phobos, resulting in a sleek, pitch-soaked skeletal form that is amorphous and possesses the ability to shapeshift. Dedhed is also able to split herself into two smaller, younger constituent bodies, BB and PZN; these forms represent different aspects of her infection and personality (?), BB personifies the bone aspect and PZN the poison.  Mischevious, curious, and utterly without compassion, BB and PZN are just as dangerous as the adult Dedhed, albiet with more situational powers and abilities.

Lastly, Dedhed is known to blow bubbles of poison spittle when feeling silly.

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