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Art Jams / Re: BATTLE HYPE JAM!!!!
« on: Apr 09, 2009, 06:32 PM »

Kinda a quick cover, but it's definitely something.

VOID Characters and Comics / Re: Challenges Thread
« on: Apr 11, 2007, 10:16 PM »
Name: Azriel
Time: 2-4 weeks
(depending on my schedule at the time)
Battle Type: All but death

PM for contact please. :3

Reviews / Re: So what comics are you reading?
« on: Jan 21, 2007, 03:06 PM »
Hey Loki, that looks like quite an interesting series :0 Scan some pages in- I'm up for a read. I'm dazzled by the backgrounds.

Aye, will do, I salute any willing fans of this series. >:D

Reviews / Re: So what comics are you reading?
« on: Jan 21, 2007, 02:02 PM »
Blacksad -- I don't know, a lot of people have never heard of it, but I got some hard copies from my illustration teacher in French and it took me a little while to find some of it in English. Worth it however: classic noir themes, like what a black and white movie would be in color (and with anthros). Beautifully written and everything.

Resources & Tutorials / Re: Creating a Tridimensional Character
« on: Jan 02, 2007, 02:56 PM »
Name: Asthrin
Real Name: Asper Thel Rinvae

1. Sex/Gender

2. Age
Arguable since his birth date and year are unknown, also since he apparently ages slower. They've agreed that years aside, he looks physically around twenty six, though he's been on the world around twice as long.

3. Height/Weight
5’6” / 80 lbs due to the helium in his body and hollow bones

4. Color of Hair/Eyes/Skin
Black hair / Violet eyes / Brown, tan skin

5. Posture
Stands up straight, apparently confident in his abilities, but he never seems to be relaxed, always tense in the shoulders and such.

6. Appearance (Good-looking, over/underweight, clean, neat, pleasant, untidy; shape of face/head/limbs)
Not outwardly in appearance except for his eyes. He is underweight because of the helium sac in his body, which allows him to breathe fire as well as have a lower weight in order to fly. He is well built in the shoulders and the arms from flying, not so much in the legs. Almost always has a look of distaste or detachment towards him. He has unruly hair and cut as well as usually unshaven stubble,  but he generally keeps a tidy outlook. Short for a guy, he's really around 5'4", but walking on his toes helps bring him up to 5'6"

7. Defects (deformities, abnormalities, birthmarks, diseases)
He's not extremely healthy since he was born the runt of his large family. Weakened heart makes most strenuous activities hard for him to come by, the only thing he really risks is flying.

He's always been mentally unstable, having never mastered what it takes to be a born shapeshifter. From a carnivorous bloodline, he suffers from bloodlust, though he has severed this with pills, though that has only strengthened a lot of his mental instabilities. He has complex hallucinations to thank for it now.

Surgery on his spinal cord leaves it a very weak spot for attack and he can't lift up too much heavy stuff.

8. Heredity (inherited traits from character's family)
Violet eyes runs in his family, seeing as eye color is one of the only things to establish that he isn’t altogether human – the violet eyes comes from his father’s bloodline and while his body type is more like his father, facial features come more definitely from his mother.


1. Social Class (lower, middle, upper)
Financially wise, he would appear upper class, but a lot of his money is spent on medication, paying for his surgery, his over country license, a safe haven for his family during the war and also to help out his governor and best friend, Sebastian, over in their home country during the war. This drains most of his funds, he's really comfortably around lower middle now.

2. Occupation (Type of work, hours of work, income, condition of work, union or non-union, attitude towards organization, suitability for work)
Surgeon – since most of the operations he does are illegal, they cost a lot and he only does 2-3 a month. He probably isn’t the best for the job, seeing as he does have a blood condition. He works only around 24-30 hours a month depending on how hard the operations are. His operations are generally implants of arms or legs, by techniques that are learned only to a few people. He also can transplant things like eyes and memories, if the client wishes to pay enough. Having the technical term of “thief surgeon” since he steals the parts from others, he also steals objects on his client’s requests and people, but he never deals with assassinations.

3. Education (amount, kind of schools, marks, favorite subjects, poorest subjects, aptitudes)
Home schooled for two years fully, private school for one year and schoolings on his occupation done hand to hand by his adopted mother as well as whatever else he needed. He was a quick learner home schooled, but not so much in the private school – so he got bad grades, was eventually kicked out. He was poor in math and English, but subjects that are more hands on and verbal, like history and science he excelled more in.

4. Home Life (Parents living, earning power, orphan, parents separated or divorced, parents' habits, parents' mental development, parents' vices, neglect, character's marital status)

Asthrin never knew his parents though in fact they are alive. From a clutch of eight in a time when war is frequent and food is scarce, half of the clutch was dropped off to die. Asthrin was one, being one who obviously couldn't pass on too many positive traits to the next generation being the runt of the litter. He survived though, and endured through what can only be counted as luck from having been kicked to the side in a place not out in the open, by accident, while his other three siblings were picked off by flying scavengers. This bought enough time for him to get picked up by those who meant him no harm. This was in Asia where most still believed and revered the dragon and though times change with famine and disease common, he found himself hitching rides that eventually led him west. Times were harder there when apparently orphaned children were not pitied. A woman who wasn't exactly human and knew exactly what violet eyes meant was the person he would soon call his mother.

Asthrin was adopted by the mother before her son and daughter were born, but they all appeared the same age because his apparent slow rate in aging. He was taught in strides, though he was an obvious introvert and didn't take keen to sitting down long enough to learn, let alone eat. He was known well and befriended many in his small town, taking the occupation of surgical thief along with his mother. He became the provider of the family, not wanting his mother to deal in such a dangerous occupation after his adopted father died. He kept most of his blood lust conditions a secret, consulting a doctor that came from his best friend and governor, Sebastian. This led to the surgery on his spinal cord to keep him from shapeshifting any longer and though things change and he did eventually have to leave his old home for government and family reasons, he intends with a full heart to go back.

5. Race

Dragon  -- A dragon that can take human form

6. Religion and/or Nationality
Asthrin really has no time for religion, or he tries not to dabble with it.  He’s not entirely sure or learned with souls and the like. However, he does acknowledge that there probably is a God, and he holds no grudges, seeing as he is aware that God is probably a higher figure than he and that God has kept him alive for so long, he can only be thankful.
Nationality human wise, he was born in Asia, and his human form is a mixture of Asian and European attributes.

7. Place in Community ('leader among friends', clubs, sports)
He’s highly respected in his work because he rarely has a slip up on his jobs. Since he works underground in the black market, he really isn’t known very well out of the scenes of Void and since those that he works with are the same, he rarely socializes with any of them. He has a few companions, being his brother and his partner, though neither live in Void, seeing as he moved from his old hometown. 

8. Political affiliations.
He's not learned on political affiliations having just gotten a handle on human life. The rise to power of his best friend, Sebastian, is really the only thing that concerns him.

9. Amusements/Hobbies (books, newspapers, magazines he/she reads, etc.)
In his spare time he usually browses markets and different parts of the city. He likes to know the city like the back of his hand since if all possible, he might need it in order to survive. He likes flying and well, eating if anything else he likes trying new foods. He spends the majority of his time, however, talking to his complex hallucination, when it is there.

10. Time Period/Era (social structure and how it pertains to your character)
Back in the day when animals that could take a human form lived side by side with humans, things were alright for the time being. However, Asthrin lives where those creatures, the demibreeds, are nothing but lost knowledge to humans. He feels lost in this world, really. He doesn't understand the slang terms used in Void, like "furry" and since back home shapeshifters could easily give birth to a child halfway between their animal self and human self, he is quite accustomed to them and would never agree with the torment that has become of them. He doesn't understand the difference between furries and shapeshifters, being a shapeshifter himself, he sees furries generally as equals.


1. Moral Standards
While he is in some risky business, he does have some moral standards. He tries to not kill any donors of body parts, if all possible and for this reason takes no assassination jobs. The one thing he has pity for it seems, are children, seeing as his  he himself had never had much of a childhood. He agrees with “natural selection” in which only the strong survive and are able to pass on their genes, so for this reason has no remorse when he takes body parts from others who were not strong enough to resist him, but he does not believe in senseless killing.

2. Personal Premise/Ambition
He’s trying to pay off the house that his mother and his sister live in, as well as his own in Void and his license to be able to live in such a place. He’s basically just trying to pay off everything he has to survive, the cost of living in the human society is large, but he is trying to avoid war back in own home, where the demibreeds live separate from humans. Trying to help his companion who had helped Asthrin get out of the war, he spends most of his money not lavishly on himself.

3. Frustrations
Being away from his hometown. He doesn't really like it in Void, especially when he was just getting used to being around those he actually knew. Having to start over is running cuts deep into him. His hallucinations getting more frequent can't be something he is entirely happy about, either.

4. Temperament (choleric, easygoing, pessimistic, optimistic, etc.)
He’s often detached from his world, if anything he appears on an emotionless state and often easily put into fits of anger if bothered too much by a stranger. He doesn't make too many new companions and those he does make are kept at a distant, as his job is a risky one. His thought process is easy going in a "whatever happens, happens" mindset.

5. Attitude toward Life (resigned, militant, defeatist, etc.)
He’s living just to accomplish those few ambitions that he has that he might be able to give his adopted mother something before she or he dies, to pay her back for everything – even though what she had given him no one could quite pay. He lives just to live, just taking everything a step at a time and trying to survive. He's lasted so far when he should've died, so he is sure that is good enough for him.

6. Complexes (obesessions, inhibitions, superstitions, phobias, etc.)
Asthrin is extremely superstitious perhaps because he is a little naive. The tattoos on his arms are extremely old spells that are supposed to lock in and kill inner demons, which is to him, his other half. The proclamation of death in an old language often turns those who can read it away from him. He's absolutely terrified of his other half, enough to have it surgically "removed" in a sense.

7. Extrovert? Introvert? Ambivert?

8. Abilities (languages, talents)
Asthrin knows a wide range of medicines and their techniques. He is proficient in acupuncture and body points that could shut off pain and use of those body parts for a time being. The thing he knows like the back of his hand is anatomy, if nothing else. He's fast at stitching and he knows how to use a piece of wire to chop of body parts like a chain saw.

He can breathe fire and fly, thanks to hollow bones and helium in his body.He's a proficient fighter, but he tries not to fight since he is medically not up to par.

9. Qualities (imagination, judgement, taste, poise)
Generally Asthrin is straightforward, he hates answering and asking question unless it is necessary, like it deals with his work. He doesn’t socialize a lot since he is somewhat of a social retard from the different people he had been raised by and the different ways. He has a "whatever" attitude, and doesn't like judging people seeing as he came from low rungs on the social status.

10. IQ
He's apparently not book smart except in what deals with his profession. He's smart enough though, just a little bit above average.

11. Time Period/Era (periodic ways of thinking, and how it applies to your character)
The time period makes him feel sort of detached from such a world, since he feels he does not belong to it. The humans and furries all around him leave him with an alienic sense of feeling and a need only to survive and live life day by day. He's in an alien world really, having just opened his eyes for the first time when he started living in Void away from a somewhat sheltered and routine home life, though before finding a home his world had been hectic. It's kind of like prying apart stitches he wished were staying put.

« on: Nov 13, 2006, 06:04 PM »
Hi I usually go under the name online as Master Loki or Blacksandpiper. My real name is Keziah Uriel (no kidding) and I'm... young. I found this place after I joined a tournament much like Void -- except it only occured once a year on a comic book website. My friend referred me here since Void is 100% of the time. Tried to get on together -- but he didn't make it so I'm mainly waiting for him.

I live in California. My comic's name is Origin. I'm a straight A student studying to be a surgeon and I'm Filipino.


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