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Art Jams / Void News Anchor Jam Contest Thing
« on: Sep 05, 2014, 05:58 PM »

    Hey guys, we want to start doing a short, regular feature in the News posts on the main page where we go over different events, small and large, that happened in your comics over the past month. We thought it would be fun if everybody got a chance to design the lead anchor.

   So draw up your super interesting ideas and put them here! We'll keep submissions open until the end of the month, and anybody can participate.

Art Jams / Colour Jam!
« on: Mar 10, 2014, 02:30 PM »

Sometimes I just wanna colour. Throw it down and just relax. Sometimes I just wanna practice, and sometimes I just wanna chill and take a break from drawing. I think it's pretty fun to colour other people's art, and maybe you will too!

Wanna see your art coloured by all the talented void peeps? Then post some line art for us! Maybe it'll help you think about your art in fresh new ways, and see it in a whole new light.

  • Try to keep the resolution high, at least 300. This makes it way easier to work with.
  • If you wanna post some sort of reference, feel free! Just know that peeps can totally ignore it if they feel like it
  • Use as loss-less a format as you can to keep your lines crisp. Try to steer away from bmp and jpg. Png is okay, and tiff is great. If you use one of the more file-sharey sites, you can also just share strait PS files.

File Sharing Sites

Image Sharing

File Sharing


Colour the stuff you see here and post it! Don't worry about being amazing, I can't imagine anyone that wouldn't be thrilled at having their art coloured! There are lot's of talented (and even professional!) colourists hanging about, so feel free to ask questions and get advice. I'll try to keep a few resources on colouring and stuff in here, though we have some pretty extensive threads on the matter already. Don't forget to check out the Resources & Tutorials subforum in the Void University. Share cool sites/tools you think people should know about, and I'll put it up here!

Angie's Photoshop Thread

Colour Inspiration

Free Art Programs    - GIMP: A free Photoshop alternative    -FireAlpaca: Haven't used this, I've heard it's kinda like SAI?      - Mischief:  Vector based art program

Art Jams / Entervoid Secret Santa!
« on: Nov 10, 2013, 05:28 PM »



Hey everyone, lets get in the holiday spirit by drawing butts for eachother, but secretely! Nothing says Good Cheer and Happy Hanukkah like a secretive butt slipped under the door in the middle of the night!

   If you wanna join in on the surreptious seasonal butt activity,  Just say so here and I'll put you on the list! Here's some fancy rules all bulleted!

-Sign-ups will run until December.

-I'll send you your gift-ee on December 1st

-You have the entire month of December to draw

-Send me your art when it's done at and I'll post it on New Years Day!

-If your Santa is a total lamebutt and doesn't draw you anything, I will totes draw you something (or farm it out to a secret cabal of shadowy artists), so you'll at least walk away with something a little better than nothing . HOPEFULLY IT WILL TOTALLY NOT BE NECESSARY *THE VERY STERNEST OF FACES* >:I

-Those of you who signed up without a character, please state in this thread a few things that would be cool for peeps to draw for you. This year we're having the Santa's choose what they want to draw exactly, but I'm sure your Santa would appreciate some guidance if you don't have a character on Void or in the Incubator.

-Art totally doesn't have to be butts i'm just joking i'm so sorry

Participant                                                            Participant Status
1:       G.Lo                                                        CHEDDASMITH
2:       Lefred                                                     DUKE OF KRUNK
3:       Majikura                                                  M.C. COLLA' POP
4:       Sugha
5:       Animeshen                                               GOD OF EXPLODING STARS
6:       Atomicfish                                               TRUE BROBARIAN
7:       Sid_Bane                                                 CUPCAKE EXPLOSION
8:       CrimsonKumiho                                          A GODDAMN WIZARD
9:       Gregly                                                    EARL OF NORTH BROHEIM
10:     otakutaylor                                              BEEF ROCKCHEST
11:     Ten Dead Kings                                        DUDE MASTER
12:     Jackster                                                  PARTY ELEMENTAL
13:     NRG                                                        MAXX B.A.C.
14:     A Bad Idea                                               BLINGBOT
15:     CrackingSkulls                                           PRINCIPAL COOLBUTT
16:     SeanJude666                                            CASTLEFIST
17:     Kozispoon
18:     Nothin                                                     HIGHFIVE SOMMELIER                                         
19:     Orion                                                       BROGRAB MASTER
20:     Angie                                                      RIGHTEOUS BRO
21:     KENT                                                       "TWO COLLARS" JACKSON
22:     Evi                                                          PAPA HEADLOCK
23:     Sabulive                                                   OLYMPIC MAC DADDY
24:     MyHatsEatPeople                                       ROCK KNIGHT
25:     Wu AT-AT                                                SAINT PIMP
26:     Slagglle                                                    BADONKAMONK
27:     DeathlySilent                                             BOSS CHIEF
28:     PyrasTerran                                              2KOOL4SKOOL
29:     Wolcik                                                      TONY MCSLICKMOVES
30:     Miss Jetster Goddamn Fukken Jay                  NACHO-LAZER
31:     Mrnoitaull                                                  KISS MERCENARY
32:     Becs                                                       MOON PRESIDENT
33:     ColdShoulderAve                                       GLITTER MACE
34:     Tofubeast                                                MURDERFACE
35:     ProfessorZach
36:     Evil_Encounter                                          DONK SORCERER
37:     The Sketch Fighter                                     DEUCE TIGRES
38:     Barnzi88                                                   CHEAH-CHEAH-CHEAHBEAH
39:     pineapple pocky                                         DJ CHOCOLATE MONEY
40:     Julz                                                         ORIGINAL HOMESLICE
41:     Red                                                         LOAFSPLOSION
42:     Hobbittastic                                              MUSCLE PRIEST
43:     Zest
44:     The BenT One                                           TRILL INSTRUCTOR
45:     Cherubas                                                  FLOW LIKE BUTTA
46:     Crafty                                                      EL PARTIDO MUERTE
47:     Mo Rice                                                    THE LOVE HUNTER
48:     Con                                                          WAFFLE STOMPER
49:     KevJB                                                       UNICORN WEARING SHADES
50:    Slade                                                        FISTAVORE
51:     Pi                                                            DUAL BREW STYLE
52:     Fern                                                        SWAG LORD
53:     Bobo                                                         GHOST HUGS

« on: Jul 14, 2013, 12:00 PM »

Click for full size

One half of the BvB team. Red has the matching character, and a better description of what's going on

     Bea has a tendency to obsess over things easily, throwing her entire life and all her attention into different dreams and goals what seems like every other week.  She quickly grows bored of any undertaking the moment she thinks she has any sort of handle on it, and quickly shifts to something new. As a result, she's an insufferable know-it-all and a snob. Bea cannot stand being proven wrong about anything.

      After wasting her rent money on her latest obsession for the 5th time, she was kicked out of her apartment, and was forced to find a new place. Bea decided to sign a lease with Bird before actually meeting her. Now, even though they hate each others guts, they're stuck together.

    Bea is also a massive dork, and tries way too hard to sound/be cool all the time.

So anyone who saw my Go For Broke a long time ago knows these pages, and I'm finally doing something with them. This was the first digital comic I did, and there's a lot of awkwardness there since I had no idea what I was doing, and it's the first time I tried doing something a little more cartoony, so there's that weirdness too. I'm definitely going to redo the design sheet, since I ended up exaggerating Bea's silly fauxhawk tuft thing way more in the comics and liking it, and I'm wondering if you guys think I should redo the comics as well, and how/what I should change about them. I totally need to wait until after SDT and finishing my fundraiser stuff, but it'd be nice to know what I should be thinking about.

        If there's one thing that helps me be productive and keep my mood up when I'm working, it's listening to other people talk. With the tourney coming up, I'll consume so much of it that I'll easily go through anything and everything I can find. If you guys could post any sort of media in here where the subject matter is mostly peeps talking (maybe with a short desc of what it is and why you love it) that'd be amazing. Podcasts, radio shows, comedians, interviews, books on tape; anything all about talking!  I can't speak (hur) for anyone else, but I'll certainly be incredibly appreciative.

A Prairie Home Companion

         A radio show done in the style of old-timey radio shows of the past. It's incredibly hokey in the best way possible, and the host Garrison Keillor has the most amazing voice ever. It features alot of recurring characters, like a pair of traveling cowboys, a harried private eye, etc etc.

This American Life

      Another show that gets featured on NPR. They're incredibly well done short stories/interviews about people all around the US. It's incredibly heartfelt, and the audio is amazing. It's like those amazing HD video's of nature, but for audio and for people. They pick up a lot of environmental sounds during the interview, but weave it in in such a way that it just adds to the whole experience.

Stuff I Have Yet To Listen To, BUt Have Picked Up To Listen To Later.
If you guys have any expeirance with this stuff, please feel free to post about it!

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

The SuperEgo

spit spat, time to chat / Post Your Tumblr!
« on: May 27, 2013, 03:47 PM »
   Hey everyone should post their tumblr here so I can follow them and see all their awesome art and feel bad and cry! Post the tumblr's of other void dudes too, so that even if they don't come here I still get to weep over their stuff!

Here's a list of everypeeps tumblrs, that way you don't have to scrub through the thread to find new amaaaazering artists to follow. Warning, some of these might have NSFW stuff on them sometimes, so be ready tumblr explorers!


Puzzlething's art   -
Puzzlething's reblog   -

Becs' art   -
Becs' everyday   -

GPS-Device's art   -
GPS-Device's everyday   -

Seevah's art   -
Seevah's comic   -
Seevah's reblog   -

MyHatsEatPeople's everyday/art   -

Red's everyday/art   -
Red's kitty charity   -

Charlie's everyday/art   -

Angie's everyday/art   -

Energy's art   -
Energy's everyday   -

Knomer's art   -

Jackster's art   -
Jackster's everyday/art   -

CrackingSkulls' reblog   -
CrackingSkulls art   -

Kent's art   -

Aspenavius' everyday/art   -
Aspenavius' comic   -

A Bad Idea's everyday/art   -

Elge's everyday   -

Kuro's art   -
Kuro's reblog   -

Aluísio C. Santos' art  -

Evi's art/reblog   -

Miss Jetster Jay's art   -

PyrasTerran's everyday/art   -

Shen's everyday/art   -
Shen's animation   -

Atomicfish's art  -
Atomicfish's everyday   -

Pocketmouse's art/reblog   -
Pocketmouse's comic   -

Kinu's art   -

Ten Dead Kings' reblog/art   -

Crafty's art   -
Crafty's everyday   -

Minky's art   -
Minky's everyday   -

The BenT One's reblog   -
The BenT One's art   -

Jiisuri's everyday/art   -

Bobo's everyday   -

Gregly's art   -
Gregly's comic   -

Stplmster's art   -

Tofubeast's art   -
Tofubeast's everyday   -

Sabulive's reblog/art   -

Dr.Salt's art   -

MisterMint's art/reblog   -

UmbrellaFrog's art/reblog   -

DeathlySilent's art/reblog   -

Nothin's art   -
Nothin's everyday   -

Hobbittastic's art/reblog   -
Hobbittastic's comic   -

Wu AT-AT's everyday   -

Pi's writing   -

Neen's everyday/art   -

Chao-One's art   -
Chao-One's everyday   -

Sean's art   -

DAPshow Studios   -

Orion's everyday   -

Qyzex's art   -

Nawhle's reblog   -

Kozispoon's everyday/art   -

CrunchMcbuttsteak's everyday/art  -

Nibble's everyday/art   -

Bittermause's art/everyday   -

AVT's art everyday/art   -

Van Dorn's everyday/art   -

Syraxis everyday   -

Stefan's art   -

Demonsta's art   -
Demonsta's everyday   -

ColdShoulderAve's art   -
ColdShoulderAve's everyday   -

Michaelharris's art   -

DynamitBear's everyday/art   -

Fanneyjack's reblog   -

Le Fred's art   -

Cbrubaker's art   -

Rob's art   -

GO FOR BROKE! / PuzzleThing's Drawererings
« on: Oct 27, 2012, 01:03 PM »
       Hey dudes, I draw/paint stuff! Here's a bunch of stuff from my sketchbook, and some digital stuff. Some of it is older, some way more recent, but I'm sure any criticisms you guys come up with will be totally valid and super helpful. I've been catching a lot of really bad habits recently, and I could definitely use fresh eyes to help.

Here's a few digital things since I'm trying to not suck at that.

 And lastly here's a intro comic I did for a new void character that I never submitted. It's the first completely digital comic I did, and it'd be waaaaay worse than it already is if it wasn't for Angie's tutorials and Red's help.

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