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THE INCUBATOR / Arts&Goodies character's
« on: Aug 18, 2017, 10:16 PM »

Yale A.

"Compared to the stuff I have seen, nothing I do can be called magic."

Backstory: In a prohibition era New York, Yale A. was a Street Magician who got dragged into a task force fighting the occult. They were really good at getting rid of the occult magic all the cults around it. Within a year they had gotten rid of nearly all magic in the city. In a raid of the final hideout Yale did something careless, even by his standards. He jumped into a portal, which sent him to Void city.

Personality: Yale A. is motivated mainly by his curiosity and learning more about the things he is curious in. He is primarily interested in all kinds of magic and always wants to find out more regardless of whatever horrific truths it may lead to. He is outgoing and generally friendly person and is never afraid the weird random questions on his mind. He also doesn't get scared easily, when you open as many pandora boxes as he does you become numb to fear pretty quickly.

Skills: While he does not use any magic directly (his shotgun Showstopper is slightly enhanced), he is a veteran when it comes to fighting those with magic. His tricks he learned as a street magician are all slight of hand and deceiving the viewer. In combat he uses this with quick reloads and quickly drawing his gun out of his suitcase. He is also an excellent marksman with his shotgun able to reliable hit targets up to 100 yards away, as well as being able to keep a steady shot while on unstable footing. If he's able to

Showstopper: His signature weapon which is a pump action shotgun that can hold 4 loads before needing to be reloaded. The only enhancements to it are to stop it from jamming as well as being more durable so it doesn't break if he needs to use it like a melee weapon.

I still have a little more for the reference sheet, basically the text but I also have a close up head shoot that i do have inked but need to color. I do also have a bit of scripting for his intro story.

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