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THE INCUBATOR / Percy the Psychotic Psionic
« on: Apr 23, 2013, 02:08 PM »
Hey guys. Like I said, I'm planning on getting back into things around here and I decided to kick things off with a new character of mine that I really enjoy. Here are some sketches and a rough description which may change.

"The only difference between madness and genius is SUCESS. Although I tend to blur that line a wee bit."

Name: Percival P. Priscillian (aka Percy, Triple P, That Damn Psion)
Age: Unknown (always answers a radically different age if asked, but is very, very old)
Height: 6 ft
Weight: Pretty light
Occupation: Whatever he feels like at the moment

Slightly Edited:
In simplest terms, Percival is chaos incarnate. A raving lunatic with far too much power that has existed for ages and traversed numerous dimensions. He is responsible or has played a part in many of the most climatic and world-changing events in the multiverse simply because he is capable of doing so. Despite his power, he mostly enjoys to simply pester those he takes a liking to and disturb the peace. At most times he is nothing more than that one annoying crazy friend (more like nuisance) who just won't go away and makes things even worse with his psychic abilities. However, at the worst of times, and I mean WORST, he is a chaotic harbinger of destruction.

On the surface, Percy is a psychotic, obnoxious, wise-cracking, bumbling maniac drunk with his own power. And that is exactly correct. But if one to look past that, Percy is a pathetic shell of a man driven by the single urge to leave his mark wherever he goes and to never be forgotten. He hardly takes anything seriously and lives to simply cause trouble of many kinds. Surprisingly, he much more easily befriends others than he make enemies, although whether or not this is better is debatable. He will gladly retell any of his past adventures to those willing and unwilling to listen except for how he became the way he is. He can't quite remember how but he knows he doesn't want to. He also speaks with a RIDICULOUS Scottish/Irish accent.

Being a psion, Percy has a variety of powerful abilities. His favorites are telekinesis, levitation, and psychic energy blasts. His other abilities are mostly utility-esque and he only seems to remember them when it is convenient. His greatest weakness is his own lack of sanity. The potency and effectiveness of his powers fluctuate as much as his mental state. A lot of the time Percy may not even bother with his powers and flounder about like an idiot. Surprisingly these embarrassing displays work in his favor a lot of the time through sheer luck. He is also incredibly frail and will bitch about a simple paper cut for attention. Then again he will laugh off losing a limb, claiming it to be a "flesh wound." He is also known for breaking the fourth wall.

After a recent fall from grace, Percy has abandoned a large majority of his power to jump dimensions looking for some fun. His sights have now turned to Void. Being a bizarre little city collecting all sorts of oddities in the multiverse, he sees it as a perfect place to raise some hell and relax for a while.

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