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Hey! I know I haven't been on here for a really long time, but I figured I might as well let ya'll know that I have a post-apocalyptic/horror comic being published through 215 INK. 
I still plan on putting the latest issues up on my webcomic site- (, while past issues will be put up for sale on Comixology. Issue 1 is currently out now, with Issue 2 to follow up on the 28th.

Issue 3 is presently going up on the webcomic site, so feel free to follow it there, if you want. 

Also, if anyone has any advice on how to promote this further beyond the typical social media venues (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) it would be most appreciated. I am not that great at self-promotion and I honestly need all the help I can get. Thanks.

Well, I've been working on my webcomic "Old Bones & New Meat" and I've pretty much gotten a site to host it on-
Currently Chapter 2 is going to come to its close shortly and I will be starting up Chapter 3 relatively soon.

I also have a Patreon-
Not only by donating you will help me out, but I will also give 15% donation to one of the charities listed on the page.
Charities so far include... 

1.) Rosebrooks- a shelter in Kansas City for battered women & children.   

2.) Purrfect Pets a no-kill cat shelter.   

3.) American Red Cross ... It's the Red Cross. :I
4.) Wounded Warriors Project- service dedicated to helping wounded veterans.   

More info will be on the Patreon page itself.

So, if you can contribute that would be pretty awesome. Signal boosts would also be appreciated. 
Also, on another note, since I'm really passionate about this and want this to go places, would anybody be able to give me advice on getting the word about this thing out there?


spit spat, time to chat / Advice on getting a comic published
« on: Jan 26, 2014, 06:33 PM »
After doing some thinking, I'm going to see if I can rework my Old Bones & New Meat comic and submit it for publishing. 
I figured this would be as good of a place as any to ask for advice on trying to get a comic published. Really, almost any advice that can be given would be appreciated, but there are a few specific questions that I'd figure that I'd throw out there.

1.) Where are some good places to get connections/contacts for people working in comics?

2.) Which comic publishers should I work on approaching with my ideas?

3.) Digital publishing vs. traditional publishing- pros & cons for both.

4.) Any resources on self-publishing or industry publishing?

5.) Where are some good places for initial inquiries?
I would love to hear what ya'll have to say. Thanks.

GO FOR BROKE! / Ceallch makes arts
« on: Feb 26, 2011, 10:59 PM »
Posting some various other arts. Feedback and crits are appreciated.

Yes, I'm a Tom Waits fan.

Artsy-fartsy school assignment stuff involving references to various cultures and their funerary customs.

Character that I drew for shits & giggles. I've decided to try and make a children's book out of him.

Obviously will not be making a children's book out of this image.

Image I did a while ago for Halloween. Old, but it still interests me.

Also I have a tumblr for WIP webcomic stuff-
Again, feedback & crits are welcome, if anyone feels the need to do so. 
I might be posting sketches of comic pages at some point, as well.

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