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The weather's getting colder and the holidays are upon us.  So it's time to warm up by competing at break neck speeds through comic battles!

In case you're unfamiliar with the Rumble Roulette, it's randomized match ups creating single 1v1 battles.  Who will your opponent be?  You'll find out and that's the fun part!  The only stipulation this time is we ask that your comics be holiday themed to match the season.

Sign ups are open now and will close on Sunday Dec. 2nd at 11:59PM!  Your opponent will be randomized and the deadlines will be set for two weeks starting that Monday!  Just in time for those year end plans.

So here's an exception to the rule that will be introduced for the first time.  If sign ups are not evenly numbered, we may have to cut off the odd numbered participant based on first come, first serve.  We'll do our best to avoid that but we'll see how it goes. 

1. BoogidiBzdo with Egg Dealer

2. Radji with Kurt and Polterdot

3. Astro Sean with Harvey

4. Crocostyle with Croco

5. MrPr1993 with Grita the Reaper

6.Viperchief with The Mechanic

7.Pepper Jaq with Prisma Thanatos

8.Technicolor-yawn with Click Lyric

9.Corn of the Breads with Ma


News & Events / Crit Club
« on: Nov 19, 2018, 04:36 PM »
Hey guys wanna do more for your community?  Crit club is a group of voiders dedicated to making sure that people seeking out constructive criticism receive it.
Being a member of crit club means talking to your fellow crit club members to organize and plan amongst yourselves to make sure all comics are critiqued, and all requests on discord for crits are met.

You will have a private discord channel to discuss plans and make sure each comic and request are taken care of at some point.
Members on discord will be able to ping you as a group, letting you know that they are seeking an in-depth crit.

This does not mean that people outside of crit club can't crit but that crit club members have made a commitment to crit.

Anyone can apply to be in crit club. To stay in crit club, you must keep up with commenting. If several weeks pass without a word from you, we will inquire if you’d like to stay in or not.

To apply, send and email to

News & Events / VOIDTUBE
« on: Nov 18, 2018, 07:21 AM »
Come one, come all and gather around!

We’re launching a new Youtube channel for the Entervoid community called VOIDTUBE!

What is VOIDtube, I clearly hear you asking?

It’ll be a youtube channel dedicated to related Entervoid videos and tutorials and community videos.  And that’s where you, my dear community member, will come in.  We’ll be asking you to submit videos to show the world your enthusiasm for art and comics.  We’re looking for tutorials, speedpaints, animations/animatics, things you’ve recorded during your own drawing sessions, and maybe even Meet Up videos!

Staff will review videos before uploading them.  Videos that are explicit in gore or sexual content may be rejected and other videos containing inappropriate humor or language may have an age restriction applied.

Direct your submissions to  the best method may be to share your videos on Google Drive but let us know otherwise!

Here’s the link to the actual channel:

Supported file types:
HEVC (h265)

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