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Art Jams / CARAMELLDANSEN JAM!!!!!!!! <(^O^)>
« on: May 30, 2019, 10:10 PM »
i kno uve seen the cute new vid going around on the interwebz! if u havent seen it yet just google caramelldansen and ull c. the danc they do is super cute and 4w35ome!!!!!! i kno ive been doing it nonstop in my room 4 999999999999 hours <(^u^)>

but thats not my challeng!!! uve probly already won that challeng neway <(>u<<) wut i want U to do is draw it!!!!! anim8 ur characters like there in the caramelldansen!!

heres invyn n jasper v('u')v !!!!


so tell me what do i need
woah oh oh oh
when words lose their meaning
woah oh ho oh

Like VCAST but not at all and also simultaneously better (but really not at all these two things do entirely different things we're all friends here)
VTHEATER is a unofficial pirate podcast hosted by yours truly where a ragtag gang of voiders read out your comics, live, until it's recorded and posted here, using their very own personal voices! Perhaps it will slightly approximate your image of your comic! Most likely, it won't! But even then, surely you can still appreciate the effort.

Can I join?
Yeah! Just ask me for the link, doors are totally open. Podcasts are recorded with whoever happens to be available.


Ep 001: Pilot (here!)
Ep 002: Klepptown
Ep 003: The Slide Whistle's Gone
Ep 004: This Giraffe Is Important
Ep 005: Stylo Home Cooking
Ep 006: Human Females Needed

Where's episode 1?
Episode 1 is right here!

Featured comics are: Happy Happy Halloween: A Wispy Winterbrook Party
And that's it. It's a pilot.


When you're drawing another person's character, it's natural for you to not get them precisely fit to the creator's original vision. A bit too high of a nose, an inch too little hair, a smidgen too many arms, you just can't expect perfection. But what if that drawing you just did... became the new canon? That's how they were drawn forever... until the next person drew them? And then we just did this perpetually? Well, you'll see the results of that hypothetical right here in this very thread!

This is a game! Here are the instructions!

  • Draw a simple illustration of a completely new and original character. We want something no one's seen before, you can get attached to the design later. At the bare minimum, this should be colored and a full body from head to toe, although you really don't need to spend too much time on it.
  • Send the illustration to the next person in line.
  • 48 hours after we start, the next round begins. We might start earlier if everyone notifies me that we've all finished for that round, so watch out for that. If you don't have a design in your inbox by now, make that visible so we can be disappointed in whomever for flaking, and notify the person two ranks behind you to send you the image they made two rounds ago (for this one round only), so that the chain can continue with just one less member. Hopefully this doesn't happen on round 2, or else I dunno what should happen!
  • Here's the tricky thing! Look at the image you got for 1 minute only. No longer than that! Time it yourself and study it real hard. Obviously, I have no way of ensuring that you don't look again, but come on, you'd ruin the fun!
  • Now redraw that character design however you please, like you did for your original design, spending as long as you want (within the deadline of course).
  • Send that to the next person in queue, and the process starts all over!
  • Once you have drawn your character for the final round (there will be as many rounds as there are participants), instead of sending it back to the start of the chain, send that and every other image you've drawn in the game to me. Once I receive everything, I'll begin posting the results!

This sounds fun, you are thinking. If you're not thinking that, too bad, you're thinking it now.

And here are the signups!

These will be shuffled before the game starts, and the current plan is to keep it the same all game, even if that means you'll always get the same person's drawings.

1. Reecer6
2. Sabu
3. Hellis
4. Skulls
5. Fukur0
6. Desichan

This can be played with basically any number of people, but I'll set a maximum of 8 just to not make things too complicated.

The game will begin May 11th, Friday. Maybe sooner if we fill up real quick-like.

We are now in round 6! Deadline is May 23rd, Wednesday, 11:59PM CST.

I don't know how much of this is me looking for feedback and how much of it is my insatiable urge to show people every step of the process of creating a project I'm liking to get instant gratification before I actually finished it, BUT! Here's the pair I plan to submit!

Basically, Invyn (he/him) is a self-titled warlock who works entirely through drawing magic circles and is characterized mainly by being incredibly apathetic, and Jasper (he/him or it) is his pumpkin minion who is very much not apathetic. In fights, Jasper would probably be the main opponent, while Invyn stays more as support, even though he's technically the mastermind here.

Now, these are characters I've had designed before I found out about this site... but not by very long. Or at least, I've barely drawn them, so they might as well be Entervoid Originals™. I hope then that they seem original enough design-wise!

I assume I'm not intrinsically gifted in the art of comic composition, so I also have the sketches of the first two pages of their intro comic below to be criticized. The speech is all blotted out because, even though I want to show it off, I'm sure spoiling the entire comic before it's posted isn't really the most accepted thing to do here, judging from the stickied read-before-posting post here.

(Before you mention it, the second bubble in the second page points off to the right intentionally, because it's meant to be Jasper saying that. It's not just that I messed up the tail.)

Thanks for looking this over!

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