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Art Jams / Pet Jam!
« on: Aug 06, 2017, 02:58 PM »
Draw some hypothetical pets for Void characters! Does your character already have a pet? Great! Draw them doing cute pet things! If they don't have a pet, make one up! :D

Shizana doesn't have any pets, but there are plenty of animals from their home planet that would make great pets:

And if the Beowulf ever gets a case of giant space-ticks, Shizana will most certainly adopt one:

[18+ mostly for themes and the occasional topless Mom!Shizana. Though these sketches are still ongoing, so who knows what might end up happening.]
Zee and I have secretly been sketching ridiculous sketch-comics about Grey and Shizana and we've decided that it is about time we shared them with the world!

There are a lot of these, guys. A LOT. So I decided that it was worth making a new thread for them rather than flooding them into art jams.

Let's start with the alternate-ending for the "Washed Up" collab:

And the stuff that inspired the date for Valentine's Day:
It started with the idea for the date for science...

And then we liked the idea of Shi baring his feelings to an oblivious Grey:

But actually, the biggest theme in this ship is Shizana's awkward tsundere crush on Grey, because Shi kind of likes Grey, but Zana hates his guts.

(the ever oblivious Grey interprets this as a hug)

And then there's Shi trying reeeeeally hard to internally prevent Zana from trying to murder Grey when he tries to say good things about the Badguys:

Here's some random ones:

Oh man. There's so much more. I'm gonna organize it in a couple different posts.

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