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Art Jams / POP! Figure Jam
« on: Mar 16, 2017, 10:09 AM »
So, I am bored out of my mind at work and while doodling I looked at my awesome Jar Jar pop figure and decided to draw one for Colorado! I'll repost when I do an actual good one while not at work, lol.

And then Sootball suggested I start a "POP! Figure" Jam! So... I did! I'd love to see your OCs as pop! figures!!

Edit: Bonus drawing of me Colorado hard at work


GO FOR BROKE! / L'art de Dumorte
« on: Mar 05, 2016, 11:26 AM »
Hello all!

Just wanted to share some crap I draw as I test new mediums and learn to use coloring software! :D

(Also some oldies but goodies.)

First time using Ink Brush.

I scanned it and fixed it up with GIMP. Wanted a Western/Sin City feel to it.

My friend drew this after seeing it in google images. He inked it and I colored it.

Posted this in Pokemon Jam. My OC tag teaming with Hawlucha!


Tuco (pen)

Angel Eyes (pen)




THE INCUBATOR / Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!
« on: Feb 18, 2016, 12:57 PM »
UUUHGGH... HYPERVENTILATION ENSUING... breathe breathe... okay.


So... I'm working on my first character for the website. I am not a skilled artist like all of you but I enjoy drawing and doodling and sketching. My mediums are pencil and pen & ink (if i'm feeling brave). I don't own any fancy art gadgets or software so my drawings are totally done monochromatic on notebooks lol.

Well, without further ado, here is my character (in progress)!

Occupation: Luchador
Name: Tito Generico
Working Name: El Codorniz Colorado
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 220 lbs
Age: 27

Bio (Updated 3/14)
Friendly, sociable, at times oblivious and happily ignorant, Tito finds little to complain about. Not even the condition (Hypermobility Syndrome) he was born with.
As a child, his escape from reality was watching wrestling on television and in person. It was love at first sight. So much so that it became an unhealthy obsession (with psychological effects) and a life goal to become a wrestler. At age 22, the dream had finally come true.

Tito was vigorously trained by Mexican Luchadores for 5 years during which he was a fan-favorite jobber (wrestler who routinely loses).  Even so, he still doesn’t understand a word of Spanish. In fact, he is under the impression that his luchador name, given by his first promoter, means The Silver Hawk. He is very proud of it.

As a wrestler with immeasurable resilience, exceptional durability, and hypermobility, he quickly became the go-to Jobber in the wrestling industry. He is particularly proud of his glorious man-bun and had a luchador mask specifically crafted to house the beautiful bun and leave it unscathed after every match. Due to the mask's unusual shape, and his unearthly pain-tolerance leaving his body nice and red after almost every single match, he earned the work name El Codorniz Colorado.

He sports a “LUCHA” tattoo across his right shoulder which is the symbol of a prestigious Lucha Guild. Luchadores Unidos Con Honor y Amistad (Luchadores United Coinciding with Honor and Amity).

Non-Recorded Psychological Evaluation:
•   Perceives the world as a giant wrestling arena.
•   Tends to see those he focuses on as a luchadores. (Mostly noticeable during confrontations.)
•   Rarely removes mask. Claims that it is part of him.

Mask Anatomy:
•   Yellow symbolizes immortality, optimism and cheerfulness.
•   Blue/Turquoise symbolizes loyalty, integrity, and clarity of mind (ironic?)
•   The colors also represent the California quail.
•   Conical Cap symbolizes the quail’s plume (and houses Tito’s man-bun)
•   Trim: Bird-like features that symbolize the quail.

“When I put on the mask, I'm transformed. The mask gives me strength. The mask gives me fame. The mask is magical. When I remove the mask, I'm a normal human who can walk right by you, and not even get a "hello". Usually with the mask on, everything is positive. Without the mask I'm a normal being who has his problems, who cries, who sometimes suffers…  And this human being sometimes sacrifices a lot to give the this other identity life” – El Hijo del Santo

"Have an up and coming superstar that needs to be fed a wrestler? Need a luchador to entertain your blood-thirsty fans as table fodder? Want to hire a luchador that will work for next to nothing and give you all he has in return!? Then El Codorniz Colorado is your man!" - Promoter

2/18 Character Update:

2/19 Character Update, plus scan, and post-it Chibis!(?):


2/20 Update: Page 1 of comic. It's currently a work in progress! Plus more!

First time digitally coloring stuff!

Second attempt at using GIMP

2/21 Update: Working with the coloring tools in GIMP

Cleaned up CS a bit. Still gotta do something about that hair.

Updated coloring on page 1 comic. (unfinished)

2/23 Update: touched up the mask design + some top rope action!

Update 3/7
Intro pages edited to fit 4 pages. (None are finished)

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

All feedback is appreciated. ALL OF IT. I WANT to get better!

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