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While I might offend some people I will not apologize for my personal opinion as a fellow content creator and only wish for a civil discussion about the topic is possible.

I understand that I haven't been the most active member of Void with college ramping up and my other actives taking charge however, this is a trend I have discovered on almost every forum of creating characters or role playing as existing characters. While I whole heartedly encourage and enjoy crafting relationships between characters (wither it be canon or crack) I cannot help but be somewhat frustrated with shipping too quickly. For example, several new characters from the invitational and other wise, having submitted a single comic or not, seemed to develop pairs/shipping before a moment of character development has been portrayed. In other forums, such as dA, this problem effects numerous member's urge to participate if they feel extremely left out or with little means of character development.

Of course if your character has to sleep around or kiss everyone for a plot related things (you're the last of your race and need to reproduce scenario) then I don't mean to bash that sort of creative drive. On the other hand, when this mass shipping or pairing with no character interaction or little interaction within a small number of comics occurs many people feel less motivated to develop a strong backstory and flesh out a character. As such I'm left wondering if I should even work on fleshing out my character and thoughts or should I just hop on the bandwagon and have my character's shag every attractive character in sight. Perhaps there is a way around this system or perhaps my concern will fall on deaf ears as everyone continues to ship whole heartedly but, I am losing motivation to even complete jams or participate in Discord with little promise of my character gaining anything or growing as a character.

THE INCUBATOR / Abigail Lynnhaven; The Journalist
« on: May 24, 2015, 09:03 pm »
This is definitely some unfamiliar waters for me so I thought I'd just jump right in. My friend, an old VOID user that may be coming back as well, introduced me to VOID about a month ago and I've been a bit busy to really do much or figure out what kinda character I wanted to bring in. I decided I'd run with an OC that kinda got left in the dust before really doing much so I figured it be best if I kinda showed how she has developed in the last little while. Originally she wasn't going to have any super powers or abilities in the world she was intended for which explains her more average appearance however, I figured I might change her up a bit.

Abigail Lynnhaven (Also known as Flash or Abby) was, and is, a journalist for some famous newspaper press called "The Daily Buzz" for which she reported all news to deal with the heroes/villains/ super natural happenings in the world. However, the more I played around with her character the more and more I was liking the idea of her having some powers since both her parents have some kinda of super natural powers themselves. She is basically the Flash in a sense, with super speed and being slightly stronger than your average lady Abby could be a hero whenever she wants... If she ever decides to become a hero that is. With this new approach I decided to freshen up her character a bit, even though it's still far from done, and might even come up with a super heroine costume for her in the design sheet.

Anyway, I was hoping to get some help with maybe design ideas and general anatomical help before making a definite design sheet and making some solid roughs for the intro comic pages. Thank you and sorry for the mass of text!

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