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GO FOR BROKE! / Bii's WIPs and Finished Artses
« on: Jan 05, 2014, 02:24 AM »

I'll (re-)introduce myself real quick.   Y'all can call me "B" or "Bii". I used to be active here a billion years ago.  I don't do comics anymore, but, I like to draw and paint and create other such visuals. I'm still very much in the learning process with art.  So bear with me!

Anyway, I got the "OK" to post my work here!  Yay!

This thread will contain my works in progress, finished pieces, and of course--your commentary and feedback!  I will be updating with progress once a week on Sunday...probably really early in the morning, like I am right now.

For this first post, let me say that I was really enamored with the idea of the Pokemon XY challenge.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish all the pokemon on time...or come even close... but I still plan to do it, as it is great practice!  So,'ll probably be seeing a lot of Pokemon from me.  n_n;

My friend "sponsored" the pokemon below, and requested Amaura and Aurorus!  It was her birthday yesterday, so this was also her birthday present!

This is a work in progress!  It's Onix.  Still really "dirty"!

AND UMMMM THAT'S ALL FOR NOW.  See you guys next week with another update!  Thank you!

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