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VOID University / Clip Studio Paint -- CLAIMED!
« on: Dec 07, 2018, 03:45 PM »
Update: The code has been claimed!

BTW, I got the code in a Macheist Bundle that as of this update has two more days left on it. CSP is currently not on sale, so it might be a decent way to get a version of it for $25. Otherwise, go ahead and wait for another sale. They happen fairly often.

This counts as a "resource," right?

I happen to have an activation code for Clip Studio Paint Debut. I already have CSP EX, so it won't do me any good.

This is my software of choice and I highly recommend it.

DM me if interested. First come first serve.

Resources & Tutorials / Oekaki Supple
« on: Feb 11, 2016, 06:56 AM »
This is something I bumped into while perusing the Google Play.

It's an Android app called Oekaki Supple. It's primarily in Japanese, and only the first few notes have been translated into English so far.

You can also see these notes and more in Japanese on Pixiv

It's a set of anatomy pointers for artists, many of which specifically address common areas of confusion and flubs that I've seen even more experienced artists make.

(I did a bit of looking and I'm pretty sure this hasn't been posted here yet)

THE INCUBATOR / Flutterbyes' Incubator cha cha cha
« on: May 01, 2013, 10:05 PM »
SO after the excitement of LSDT I'm clearing out what was here before (Hahaha, you can't see the character that FP was basically a robotic version of), trying to come up with a more permanent character... which is hard. Flower Power was a product of my current primary comfort zones and possibly the apex of my meager creative ability.

In the chat earlier today I was throwing around the idea of turning one of these bug motif fairies I drew a while back into a character, probably this one:

She's a wasp motif fairy. I'd imagine she has a certain amount of fairy power and glamour, and the ability to be "normal" sized, but she's mostly an aggressive biker fairy who's been exiled from other fairies and her gang, so she's out of her element and doesn't have quite the backup she's used to getting when she picks fights.

A number of aspects would be wasp-related, but they're not actually a wasp, just wasp motif.

If you're wondering why there isn't a bee motif fairy, it's because I'd already been drawing a lot of bee girls for a while. In fact, I was toying for a while with a character based on this doodle.

PIZZA DELIVER-BEE! Melissa Mellifera is a pizza girl from a big family who.... something something... pizza.

Yeah that's why I didn't go through with it, but I felt like mentioning it here because it still sounds cute to say.

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